Indonesian Island Cruise

Indonesian Island Cruise

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There’s no question that Bali’s a beauty, but just beyond Indonesia’s popular holiday island there’s a vast new world to explore. Join Peregrine on a small-ship adventure cruise to some of the most enchanting isles of the Indonesian archipelago: the tiny paradise of Saringi, the incredible crater lake of Satonda, unspoiled Banta, Komodo dragon-filled Rinca, and quiet Moyo, where hidden cascades lie in wait. Before returning to Kuta, stop on Lombok proper for a taste of traditional life on the mainland around gorgeous Senggigi Beach. With the comfort of four-star accommodation and the mobility of small ship, this Peregrine adventure cruise is Indonesian island-hopping at its finest.

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Indonesian Island Cruise
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  • Visit a selection of remote and seldom visited islands – not only Rinca and Satonda Islands, but little gems such as Banta Island, whose beaches are usually totally deserted.
  • Make the most of magnificent snorkelling opportunities, keeping your eyes peeled for tropical fish and Indonesia’s famous sea turtles.
  • Escape the tourists of Komodo Island by visiting Rinca Island, where Komodo dragon-spotting is a much more natural experience.
  • Unwind with a dip in Satonda Island’s incredible crater lake – just one of many superb natural wonders to be found in this wondrous archipelago.
  • As well as visiting Senggigi Beach, witness the age-old traditional of Indonesian sarong weaving and take a hike to see rural life unfold along the rice fields.


Travelling by sea is a fantastic way to explore, but it brings some challenges when weather conditions are not ideal. The itinerary may be subject to change, based on winds and sea conditions which may render anchorage and landing at some stops difficult. We reserve the right to change the itinerary for the safety of passengers and the ship. Shore excursions are subject to shore and weather conditions and are based on a minimum participation. Each days' schedule will be posted by the cruise co-ordinator listing necessary information such as arrival/departure times, meal times, days activities and other information. This is given as a guideline and is subject to change.

Day 1 - Kuta
Om Swastiastu! Welcome to Bali. You can arrive at any time today and one of our transfer representatives will collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel.
Day 2 - Bali
Spend the morning at your leisure in Kuta before transferring to Port Benoa this afternoon and board the vessel at 4 pm. Meet your leader, attend a welcome meeting and a get briefed on safety, then set sail for Saringi at 6 pm. The night is spent at sea.
Day 3 - Saringi & Keramat Islands
After anchoring at your first destination, take a short walk to a look-out point to survey the island, then enjoy snorkelling right off the beach. Bedil is a stunning island covered in coconut trees, with more wonderful swimming off the striking beaches. Spend the night at anchor.
Day 4 - Satonda Island
Depart early and sail to Satonda Island. Take a short walk to the crater lake in the centre of the island’s dormant namesake volcano. Enjoy a refreshing dip in this natural pool. Catch a spectacular sunset then cruise overnight to Banta island.
Day 5 - Banta Island & Rinca Island
Arrive in Banta Island in the morning. This spot is largely uninhabited and seldom visited, so there's a good chance it will be just you and your fellow travellers here to enjoy it for yourselves. There's an optional hike to partake in if you're feeling active. Lunch today will be in classic island style – a barbecue on the beach. In the late evening, set sail to Rinca Island, one of the larger islands within the spectacular Komodo National Park.
Day 6 - Rinca Island
Join local rangers for a walk, heading out in search of the famous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Rinca is far less touristy than Komodo Island, so dragon spotting here is less staged and more natural. These captivating creatures are often much larger than they look in pictures, sometimes growing to as long as three metres. After an active morning, the group will find a quiet beach for a swim and some time to relax. Afterwards, sail overnight to Moyo Island.
Day 7 - Moyo Island
Arrive in Moyo Island in the late morning. This usually hard-to-access spot is another fine example of one of Indonesia's smaller, forest-clad isles. It's not hard to see why Lady Diana dropped anchor here for a holiday in 1993. After lunch, walk to a local village and continue with village guides to the Jitu Waterfall for a cooling swim in its natural pool. After dinner on board, set sail towards Lombok, the sleepy giant that lies to the east of Bali.
Day 8 - Bangsal
Dropping anchor in Bangsal, visit local sarong weavers to see how this traditional Indonesian garment is crafted. Embark on a hike through rice paddies, where rural life ticks by at a relaxed pace. With some free time at beautiful Sengiggi beach, seek out some lunch in one of the many local warungs (small local eateries). Afterwards, it's off to visit a nearby Hindu temple, Pura Batu Bolong, though it's fairly small, the temple strikes an impressive pose against its ocean backdrop. Finally, return to the boat for a leisurely farewell dinner, and sail overnight to Bali.
Day 9 - Bali
After an early arrival in Bali, farewell your shipmates as the adventure ends after breakfast.

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