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…the Arctic is definitely a region worth exploring. The countries that make up the Arctic each offer their own unique opportunities for travellers. Approximately 4 million people call this region…

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Arctic Wildlife Safari

…taken of the circumstances presented to us by Nature in this wild and remote corner of the Arctic. Polar bears and other quintessential Arctic wildlife can be spotted anytime, anywhere…

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Arctic Odyssey

…Josef Land, part of the Russian Arctic National Park, is a nature sanctuary. Polar bears, walrus, endangered bowhead whales, and other Arctic wildlife can be spotted anywhere, anytime in and…

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Arctic and Antarctica

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…in the wildlife and history of the sub-antarctic, these spectacular voyages offer the ultimate Antarctic experience. Antarctica with Peregrine If you choose to travel to the Antarctica on a Peregrine…

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Three Arctic Islands

…for wildlife spotting, this adventure takes in varied destinations. If you want to experience the Arctic in all of its beauty, then you must venture to these Three Arctic Islands….

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