Nile Valley and Greece by land and sea

Nile Valley and Greece by land and sea

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Balance the best of land and sea with a fascinating small-group journey through Egypt and the Aegean coast. Explore the famed and mysterious tomb of King Tutankhamun, travel to Abu Simbel’s monumental temples by plane to marvel at the sheer scale of these stunning structures, and experience not only the charm of Nubian hospitality, but also some delicious traditional cuisine. Cruise the Aegean Sea aboard the M/Y Harmony G and take in the perennial favourites of the Cyclades as well as charming hill villages, secluded beaches and an unusual rock-hewn monastery. By exploring this slice of Mediterranean paradise from both angles, you’ll get a true sense of the land and a wholesome experience, without having to worry any of the detail. Sit back, as it’s all smooth sailing from here.

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Nile Valley and Greece by land and sea
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  • A four-night river cruise is the ideal way to experience the Nile. Rest and relax on the sun deck and in the pool while local riverside life streams by.
  • Cairo's Khan al-Khalili Bazaar is an essential Egyptian experience, and you'll have plenty of time to lose yourself in the colours and aromas of this fascinating marketplace.
  • Witness the spectacular colours of Santorini’s famous sunset bathe the caldera as you enjoy a picnic and glass of bubbles from onboard your state-of-the-art yacht.
  • Discover the mythology behind one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece – Delos –and let a local guide give you a fascinating insight into its history.
  • Tour the Turkish ruins of Ephesus and discover the fascinating relics that remain of this vibrant ancient city including the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


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Cruise ship (4 nts),Hotel (3 nts),Overnight sleeper train (1 nt)


Overnight sleeper train,Plane,Train,Van