West Papua & Asmat Tribe 8 Day Expedition

West Papua & Asmat Tribe 8 Day Expedition

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Discover pristine coral reefs, swim with whale sharks, and encounter the enigmatic Asmat tribe on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to East Indonesia’s most remote destinations
Starting in the vibrant town of Kaimana, the expedition heads to Triton Bay and Namatote, known for their incredible seascapes, coral reefs, and whale shark sightings. After a day of discovering forested limestone cliffs and prehistoric art, journey east into the uncharted Asmat region – home to one of Indonesia’s most enigmatic indigenous communities. Head deep into the jungle on private speedboats to discover local villages and interact with members of the Asmat tribe. Finally, cap off the expedition at Momon, a forested island known to harbor the spectacular Kitikiti waterfall.

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West Papua & Asmat Tribe 8 Day Expedition
Vessel Type: Yacht Length: 198 feet / 60 meters Passenger Capacity: 30 Built/Converted/Refurbished: 1968/2006/2019 Presenting a brand-new cruise experience in the pristine East Indonesian Archipelago, Aqua Blu is a long-range explorer yacht sailing the region’s most prized destinations, including Komodo National Park, Spice Islands and Raja Ampat on unforgettable 7- and 12-night itineraries. Where modern luxury meets naval heritage With a grand legacy as the former British Naval Explorer HMS Beagle and later as the private yacht of a European aristocratic family, Aqua Blu is a compelling maritime statement. A 2019 refurbishment overseen by Dutch yacht design maestro Cor D. Rover brings the vessel to world-class cruising specifications. Guests can expect to embrace an distinguished sense of history and seafaring evolution when they set foot on this one-of-a-kind cruise ship. Inside the four-deck, 15-suite Aqua Blu, Cor has tastefully paired with a brass-and-ivory interior theme with generous and inviting indoor and outdoor social spaces, including a sun deck. Unlocking access to the Earth’s most intriguing destinations Faster, further, greater safety and comfort — Aqua Blu’s naval pedigree makes it the perfect vessel to navigate East Indonesia’s vast seas. Having attained the highest international classifications (RINA, SOLAS, ISM) in safety, the vessel is additionally equipped with Quantum Zero Speed stabilizers for optimal comfort at rest or while sailing. Aqua Blu’s range stands heads and shoulders above that of its peers in East Indonesia. Able to cover vast distances in a short span of time — and in any sea condition — the vessel enables explorers on board to experience the most varied, enjoyable and rewarding coastal cruise itineraries in this wild and stunningly beautiful region of the world. On Board Living and Social Areas Sun Deck with Outdoor Seating, Lounge Sofa and Barbecue Bridge Deck with Jacuzzi, Outdoor Lounge Area, Spa and Exercise Zone Forecastle Deck with Outdoor Dining and Seating Area, Indoor Lounge Bar, Library and TV Room Main Deck with Outdoor Seating, Salon and Dining Room


Day 1 - Day 1 Indonesia Kaimana
 Arrive to a warm welcome in Kaimana. Board Aqua Blu and enjoy a delicious dinner onboard, curated by renowned chef Benjamin Cross. Settle into your cabins and bid farewell to the harbor as you set sail from the port town of Kaimana.
Day 2 - Day 2 Indonesia Triton Bay
 Head out early in the morning for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with whale sharks in crystal-clear waters that make up Triton Bay. This region features sublime dive sites, home to a wealth of rare marine life and reefs decorated with some of the finest soft corals in the world. Over on land, the scenery consists of forest-covered limestone cliffs and prehistoric artwork high up on the rocky walls.
Day 3 - Day 3 Indonesia Sailing The Arafura Sea
 Spend the day exploring the luxurious Aqua Blu and enjoy its variety of social spaces – a jacuzzi, spa and exercise area, sky lounge bar, and a sun deck offering panoramic views of the vast seas. Gain a deeper insight into Indonesian culture through cuisine from world-class chef Benjamin Cross, who draws inspiration from the region’s fabled spice routes.
Day 4 - Day 4 Indonesia Agats & The Asmat
 Arrive in the uncharted Asmat region – a remote part of West Papua which very few have ever had the opportunity to visit. On board private speedboats, we head down the waterways and deep into the jungle to visit traditional villages inhabited by Asmat’s namesake tribe. Known for their rich heritage and traditions, the Asmat people have a complex social and religious system with a focus on ancestor worship and the use of rituals to maintain the balance of the natural world.
Day 5 - Day 5 Indonesia Agats & The Asmat
 Today, we continue our exploration of Asmat and gain a deeper insight into the lives of the locals. Along with our expert guides, guests will have the chance to visit the Asmat tribe’s communal houses, which serve as the center of Asmat social, religious, and political life, and are used for significant cultural events and rituals. There will be time to observe the tribe’s unique arts and crafts, and witness their traditional dances.
Day 6 - Day 6 Indonesia Sailing The Arafura Sea
 Another day at sea offers the chance to relax, unwind, and share stories with your fellow explorers about the two incredible days spent in Asmat. Our knowledgeable guides will be around to answer questions and share more about this remote region which remains largely undocumented. To get yourself back in form for another day of adventure, indulge in a traditional Balinese massage at our onboard spa.
Day 7 - Day 7 Indonesia Momon And Cape Papisol
 Arrive at Momon in the morning, and head out to see the spectacular Kitikiti waterfall. Guests who are feeling adventurous may jump into the ocean and swim to the waterfall’s plunge pool for a refreshing, cold shower. Momon also features fantastic snorkeling and kayaking spots along the jungle-fringed shoreline, as well as the chance to spot endemic kangaroos in the wooded areas. Over on Cape Papisol, guests can embark on an up- river hike through the forested outback for a stunning view of the Bomberai Peninsula.
Day 8 - Day 8 Indonesia Kaimana
 After a hearty breakfast, bid farewell to Aqua Blu and disembark in the port town of Kaimana.
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Itineraries are subject o change. 

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    • Explore the best of East Indonesia on board the luxurious Aqua Blu.
    • Sail the region with our expert guides and embark on twice-daily excursions including snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and enjoying sundowners at private beaches.
    • While on board, relax in a spacious suite or make yourself at home with social spaces such as the spa & exercise area, jacuzzi, sky lounge bar, and sun deck.