Chiang Mai & Elephant Experience

Chiang Mai & Elephant Experience

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See a different side of Chiang Mai on this short but sweet three-day adventure. From your base in northern Thailand’s most vibrant city, visit the ChiangChill elephant reserve to spend the day hanging out with gentle giants and learning how this organisation supports the protection, conservation and lifestyle of free-roaming elephants in the region. Observe the daily patterns of these elephants from a safe distance, seeing how they graze and socialise with each other. You’ll also be treated to a cooking class, where you’ll collect some local produce at the morning market and then learn how to use it, from a local cook who will let you in on all the best kept secrets of Thai cuisine.

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Chiang Mai & Elephant Experience
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  • Meet elephants in a responsible environment when you hang out with the gentle giants of the ChangChill reserve, watching them eat, relax and socialise.
  • Enjoy a live lecture from local guides to learn more about the elephants, the reserve’s sustainable tourism practices and conservation efforts in the area.
  • See a different side of Chiang Mai, with authentic experiences and nitty gritty details all worked out for you. 
  • Head to a cooking class with a local cook, who will teach you how to collect the best produce from the local market, then show you how to cook some of the most delicious Thai cuisine, which you'll enjoy together for dinner.
  • Soak up this vibrant city with loads of free time and the flexibility to choose your own adventures, like wandering the street food markets in search of the yummiest local dishes.
  • By travelling on this trip, you’ll directly support our Intrepid Foundation partner, EcoThailand Foundation. Donations help educate school children on important environmental issues like climate change, nature appreciation, conservation and sustainability.


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Day 1 - Chiang Mai
Sa-wat dee! Welcome to Thailand. The most vibrant city in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has many famous temples and an interesting old city area. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 7 pm with your local guide. If you arrive early, head out to explore charming Chiang Mai. The friendliness of the people, the interesting old town bound by moats, and the many fascinating temples enthrall travellers from around the world. After the welcome meeting, you 'l have free time tonight. Make sure to sample some delicious traditional northern Thai food in the vibrant night markets – the signature dish is kao soy, yellow wheat noodles in a curry broth, traditionally served with chicken or beef.
Day 2 - ChangChill - Chiang Mai
Today is set to be one to remember as you visit the ChangChill elephant reserve – a truly special experience. Drive out to the reserve and learn how this organisation supports the protection, conservation and lifestyle of free roaming elephants in the region. You’ll observe the daily patterns of these jungle giants from a safe distance, seeing how they graze and socialise with their other friends. The expert local guides will give you a live lecture on the elephants as well as the reserve’s sustainable tourism practices and conservation efforts in the area. Enjoy some refreshments near the elephant’s mud pit, then be treated to lunch in a riverside sala (pavilion) alongside your giant friends, who will be enjoying a meal too. Return to Chiang Mai for an evening at leisure.
Day 3 - Chiang Mai
This morning you'll be treated to a Thai cooking class. If you're a foodie, then you’ll love this one! First, explore the local market with a local guide who will teach you how to select the best produce and where to find the key ingredients for your dishes. Then, head to your class and learn how to use them (and what to use in their place if you can’t get them at home), picking up some well kept secrets on making delicious Thai cuisine. As well as taking your own comprehensive recipe book home with you after the class, you'll of course feast on the fruits of your labour for dinner. after, your trip comes to an end. There is no accommodation included tonight. If you'd like to stay in Chiang Mai and explore the city further, just speak to your booking agent.

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Hotel (2 nights)


Mini bus,Songthaew