Thailand: Sailing Southbound

Thailand: Sailing Southbound

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Paradisiacal beaches, beautiful weather and unspoilt nature is the order of the day on this cruise. This cruise is packed with relaxing visits to laid-back destinations like Phuket, Ko Hong and Phang Nga Bay. As you wonder along white sands, you’ll have time to admire the breathtaking natural landscapes before unwinding with a drink in hand. Plus, keen divers will have the chance to explore beneath the waves as well as on land.

Sail on a stunning 4 masted sail cruiser around some of Thailand’s landmark islands and including a visit to Malaysia’s Penang, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. We sail on Star Clipper, a modern cruise ship in every way, created for luxury-loving passengers who also love the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships.

There is plenty of time for snorkeling and swimming in the warm clear blue waters and for exploring the islands we visit. Phuket is a holiday paradise with the lively area of Patong providing the up-beat resort life with its many shops, restaurants and bars, leaving the rest of the island to show off her natural beauty and unspoiled culture.

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Thailand: Sailing Southbound
Vessel Type: Tall Ship Length: 109.7 m Passenger Capacity: 170 Star Clipper is a gorgeous four-masted ship just 360 feet long and carries only 170 guests in pampered comfort. Star Clipper is a true clipper ship, reflecting her proud heritage in every inch of the polished brass and gleaming brightwork that graces her decks and superstructure. Step aboard this striking vessel and you’ll be greeted by a new generation of sailing culture. Here, the grand traditions of the past, which characterise what sailing is all about, exist alongside the comforts and amenities found on the contemporary cruise liners of today. Star Clipper is a modern ship through and through, welcoming luxury-loving passengers from all over the world who hold the legacy and customs of the grand era close to their hearts yet yearn for a new and exciting adventure. Life aboard is very relaxed, much like travelling on a private yacht. You’ll never feel restricted or disorientated as the staff work tirelessly to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable. AccommodationThere are six categories of generous staterooms; giving you plenty of choice when deciding which one suits you best, whilst the expansive decks give the whole ship an uncluttered feel. In fact, you’ll find that, due to the small number of passengers on board and the spacious surroundings, Star Clipper offers more outdoor space per person than most conventional cruise ships. The interior design of Star Clipper again harks back to nautical days gone by. Famous sailing ships are remembered in paintings that are hung on the walls, while teak and lustrous mahogany rails are richly reminiscent of Star Clippers’ proud maritime heritage. She has an exquisite dining room, in which you can eat when and where you like, and a convivial indoor-outdoor Tropical Bar and Piano Bar, multiple swimming pools, and an Edwardian style library where a Belle Époque fireplace glows with a warmth that reflects the friendliness and enthusiasm of Star Clippers’ hospitable officers and crew.


Day 1 - Day 1: Phuket - Patong Bay, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, lies in the Andaman Sea and is joined to the mainland by a causeway. The landscape is one of lush green hills, coconut groves and rubber plantations, with a coastline dotted with a dozen spectacular beaches. Phuket is a holiday paradise with the lively area of Patong providing the up-beat resort life with its many shops, restaurants and bars, leaving the rest of the island to show off her natural beauty and unspoiled culture.
Day 2 - Day 2: Ko Butang or Ko Adang, Thailand
These islands are close to the Malaysian island of Langkawi and are characterised by towering rock formations and beautiful beaches. Crystal clear seas team with marine life, ideal for snorkelling and diving or simply enjoying a relaxing swim.
Day 3 - Day 3: Penang, Malaysia
“The Pearl of the Orient” lies off the northwestern coast of Malaysia and is linked to the mainland by one of the longest bridges in the world. The capital, Georgetown, bears the stamp of a mixture of foreign influences and boasts a 65 story skyscraper called the Komtar, a complex of department stores, restaurants, theatres and squash courts. In total contrast, this beautiful island is home to one of the finest Buddhist temples in south-east Asia, Kek Lok Si Temple.
Day 4 - Day 4: Ko Adang, Butang Group, Thailand
The Butang Group of islands is about as far south as you can go on the western coast of Thailand. Protected by the Ko Tarutao National Park, this 61-island archipelago is only a stone’s throw from the Malaysian border and way, way off the radar screen of tourist groups. The only habitations on Ko Adang are the Park offices and since there aren’t many visitors, the pristine beaches and deserted coves are all yours.
Day 5 - Day 5: Ko Rok Nok, Thailand
One of the 15 islands that make up the Lanta group, just off the East Coast of Thailand, these islands are part of a National Marine Park.
Day 6 - Day 6: Phang Nga Bay & Ko Hong, Thailand
The sheer-sided sea mountains that rise vertically out of Phang Nga Bay form some of Thailand’s most spectacular scenery. The islands in this region feature wonderful white sandy beaches and superb coral reefs.Ko Hong (“hong meaning room”), part of the Ko Hong archipelago is so named because of its large internal lagoon. One of the prettiest bays in the area, huge monolithic rocks provide shade all day long on a beautiful white silica sand beach.
Day 7 - Day 7: Similan Island or Ko Miang, Thailand
The Similan Islands, or Nine Islands as they are also known because of their number, nestle in the Andaman Sea to the north of Phuket and are world-renowned among diving enthusiasts for underwater sightseeing. Accessible only by sea, The Similan Islands are stunningly beautiful with scenes straight out of your dreams of a tropical paradise.
Day 8 - Day 8: Phuket, Patong Bay, Thailand
Disembark in Phuket.

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20-03-202127-03-2021USD $2,570Category 6
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20-03-202127-03-2021USD $3,915Category 1
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    • Sail the Andaman Sea
    • Exquisite beaches
    • Snorkel in crystal waters of Thailand