Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Great Barrier Reef Cruise

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The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world, consisting of 2900 individual reefs spanning 14 degrees of latitude and stretching 2100 km from north to south. We cruise through the reef over 10 nights in comfort and luxury, from Cairns to Brisbane or in reverse.

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Great Barrier Reef Cruise
Vessel Type: Yacht Length: 53.5 metres Passenger Capacity: 32 Built: 2020/2021 At Island Escape Cruises we are passionate about preserving the beautiful water in which we are travelling. We have built a yacht which goes above and beyond the future global standards for emission, but we want to go further. The elimination of single use plastic is our goal. Onboard each guest receives a reusable water bottle which can be refilled around the yacht and taken with you as a souvenir. We have installed an advanced wastewater treatment system onboard enabling us to have zero impact in sensitive areas. Our new yacht complies with SOLAS and is fitted with state-of-the-art stabilisers, fuel-efficient diesel-electric propulsion, and catalytic invertors that reduce NOX emissions to air up to 90%. With this innovative technology and our 15 years of experience, Island Escape will set a new standard, making her one of safest, most environmentally friendly and comfortable yachts of her class. To further reduce energy consumption, we have installed a waste heat recovery system that uses waste heat from the engines to make hot water for your showers and the galley.  We want to leave any destinations we visit in the same or even better condition than we found it to make sure future generations will have the chance to experience it as we did. Therefore, we have fitted our yacht with a dynamic positioning system, which allows us to be stationary in areas where the use of anchors would damage the seabed. The Art Of Dining Relaxation, exceptional food and carefully selected wines are an essential part of your vacation. Fresh sea air not only clears your mind, it also makes you hungry. Our chefs are dedicated, ensuring that every meal is magnificent. Local seafood, maybe even some that you caught yourself, is featured daily. You´ll enjoy locally sustainable specialities and even an opportunity for the chefs to prepare some of your own fresh catch. All Inclusive We strive to give you a relaxing lifelong memorable experience on-board our yacht. All food, drinks, activities, unlimited Wi-Fi and services are included in your fare. Our Suites With only 32 guests on-board our yacht is spacious, yet intimate enough to give you a truly exclusive private yacht atmosphere. All seventeen suites are designed by Tillberg Design of Sweden and come with ocean views. Our premium Owners suite and six Horizon suites are located on the upper deck and have floor to ceiling panoramic doors to your balcony. The spacious Ocean Suites are available in king, twin or single configurations.


Day 1 - Day 1 Brisbane
Passengers who arrive in Brisbane on early flights or have an early hotel check-out may drop their bags at the yacht by 11am and may explore Brisbane until we are boarding from 4pm. Freshen up and be on deck when we sail at 6pm. Our welcome dinner is served as we become acquainted while sailing to Moreton Island.
Day 2 - Day 2 Moreton Island
Around Moreton Island 15 ships were deliberately sunk to create a break water and an amazing man-made reef structure to delight the snorkellers. There is more surfing for those wishing to try again today and the lighthouse has great walking. Back onboard this evening for sunset drinks and our special welcome dinner hosted by the Captain and his team.
Day 3 - Day 3/4 Fraser Island and Great Sandy National Park
Fraser Island is one of the world’s most unusual islands. Not only is it the largest sand island in the world, being 120 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide, but it’s the only place on Earth where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes. It also has half the world’s perched lakes, being lakes formed when depressions in dunes fill permanently with rainwater. Also home to the most pure strain of dingoes remaining in eastern Australia, and one of the best places to see baby humpback whales and their mothers. The island has superb scenery, with massive shifting sand blows and superb swimming spots. No visit to the island is complete without a long leisurely float in Eli Creek, a clear freshwater creek. You can walk along its boardwalk then float with the current about a kilometre to the beach. Champagne Pools, where the surf crashes over a series of rock walls into a calm but bubbly rock pool below the headland on the northern tip of the island, is another top spot to cool off after walking the miles of dune trails on this very special nature island.At Great Sandy you can experience the majesty of nature’s sculpture in sand. Massive dunes, towering cliffs of coloured sands and wide ocean beaches have been etched by wind and water. Tall forests, fragrant wildflower heaths and paperbark swamps decorate the sands. Water features abound, including surf, freshwater lakes and the undisturbed upper Noosa River. Walk one of the many scenic tracks to explore the historic Double Island Point Lighthouse. For past and present surfers onboard, head-off to catch a wave or take an easy stroll around Carlo Sandblow; a unique “moonscape” sand mass covering over 15 hectares and overlooks the towering coloured sands and the coastline from Double Island Point to Inskip Peninsula and the southern tip of Fraser Island. In the afternoon take in the sun setting over Tin Can Bay and the Great Sandy Strait.
Day 4 - Day 5 Swain Reefs National Park
This reef complex has over 250 reefs with more than 25 cays. The reefs range in size from a few hundred metres to 20 kilometres in length. The reefs are rich in sea life while the cays are important as seabird rookeries and nesting areas. It is usual to see trout, cod and whitetip reef sharks in the gutters. Angelfish, butterfly, damsels, surgeonfish wrasse and parrotfish are common place. Snorkel and swim, kayak and fish to your hearts content in this enormous reef system. We sail during dinner for Percy Islands.
Day 5 - Day 6 Percy Islands
This morning we wake up in the Percy Islands. These pristine islands were named in September 1802 by Capt Matthew Flinders, commander of the British sloop HMS Investigator, are uninhabited and protected by National and Conservation Park status. Here anglers will have an opportunity to target spanish mackerel and giant trevally. The boats also explore the bays and beautiful beaches.
Day 6 - Day 7/8 The Whitsundays
In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, this group of 74 tropical islands are highly regarded as a holiday haven. Days are filled with kayaking, paddling a stand-up board, a morning stroll on the white silica sands of Whitehaven Beach, and more. As the homeland to the Ngaro people for the last 9,000 years, the Whitsundays has an incredible history and many sites around the islands still hold great significance to the descendants. With the Ngaro continuing their connection to the land, we as visitors to the region are can experience selected parts of the Whitsundays Ngaro Sea Trail. This journey allows trekkers through some of the most magical sites. Starting at Hook Island, through South Mole, onto Whitsunday Island and completing at Haslewood Island. Along the way, there are opportunities to sight the native flora and fauna and really appreciate the beautiful view of the islands and aqua coloured Coral Sea.
Day 7 - Day 9 Orpheus/Palm Island
At Orpheus Island, in conjunction with James Cook University, marine scientists are busy working to preserve the Great Barrier Reef system. We anchor in Pioneer Bay and have an overview of their activity before continuing onto Havannah Island. Uninhabited, here spend the afternoon in the zodiac boats sightseeing, swimming in clear waters, snorkelling the reefs, beachcombing the white sands, fishing and crabbing. Dinner is served from 7pm as we cruise towards Fitzroy Island.
Day 8 - Day 10 Fitzroy Is / Sudbury Reef
Wake to the tropical island backdrop that is Fitzroy. Breakfast on the aft deck and a refreshing swim are a great way to start the day. The crew will be on-hand to introduce you to the island environment. Fitzroy is a continental island 4 square km in size while 97% of the island is National Park, covered in tropical rainforest and accessible via an established network of clearly marked walking tracks. The gentle, hilly terrain inland makes for great walking throughout the whole island, including to the two main beaches, Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach, the Summit the highest vantage point on the island and the historic lighthouse at the Eastern end. The island is a major sponsor of the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre; to ensure sick and injured sea turtles are able to recuperate in clean waters of Welcome Bay. During lunch we lift anchor and sail to Sudbury Reef.
Day 9 - Day 11 Cairns
Breakfast is served before we arrive in Cairns at 9am.
Day 10 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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    • Discover Moreton Island, Fraser Island and Great Sandy National Park
    • Explore Swain Reefs National Park & Percy Islands
    • Visit The Whitsundays & Orpheus/Palm Island
    • Travel to Fitzroy Is / Sudbury Reef