Southern Kimberley Sailing Expedition

Southern Kimberley Sailing Expedition

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PONANT invites you to experience Australia’s unique and spectacular Kimberley coast in a remarkable new way, under sail aboard its emblematic yacht Le Ponant. The majestic three-masted yacht, with elegant lines and an intimate atmosphere for only 32 like-minded guests, is redefining barefoot luxury expeditions. A crew to guest ratio of more than 1 to 1 and an expedition staff to guest ratio of 1 to 8, combine to provide the pinnacle Kimberley expedition sailing experience. Unique to the experience, PONANT has partnered with the Paspaley group to include a spectacular scenic flight over the Kimberley landscape aboard their Grumman Mallard amphibious aircraft between Kuri Bay and Kununurra.

Often referred to as the “Antarctica of the tropics,” the Kimberley is renowned for its natural beauty and cultural significance. It is the pristine environment, wild, rugged and remote landscapes that gives rise to the comparison. The ancient landscape is the epitome of a sunburnt country, the vast plains and rugged red sandstone gorges are quintessentially Australian and like nowhere else. The Kimberley is one of the world’s last great Wilderness areas, and one of Australia’s greatest natural assets.

The 13,000km of remote isolated coastline boasts more than 2,600 islands and is home to the oldest continuous culture on earth, the world’s largest living reptile, the only two ‘Horizontal Falls’ on the planet, the world’s largest inshore reef, extensive undisturbed mangrove forests, wild rivers, important seabird and marine turtle breeding colonies and the largest population of migrating humpback whales on the planet. It is a national biodiversity hotspot and listed in the top 4% of least impacted marine environments worldwide.

Our Barefoot luxury sailing expeditions are fully flexible itineraries with no predetermined destinations. With a maximum of 32 guests, we are able to create bespoke itineraries showcasing the changing environment throughout the dry season from April to September. Each day’s activities will be determined by the Captain and Expedition Leader, taking into account the season, prevailing weather, tide and sea conditions to deliver the best experience possible.

Trip Name
Southern Kimberley Sailing Expedition
Vessel Type: Motor Yacht Length: 88 metres Passenger Capacity: 64 Built: 1991 This sleek, expertly designed 88-metre-long and 56-metre-high three-master is one of the most majestic yachts in the world. In an age when everything is becoming computer controlled, it shines the spotlight back on the more manual, skilful art of sailing, combined with comfort, elegance, exclusivity and sustainability. The striking lines, the quality of the materials, the sophistication of the way they’re combined: the common areas, designed by French design studio Jean-Philippe Nuel, exude a sense of timelessness and offer a genuine connection with the exterior scenery and landscapes. Their design offers a blend of purity, excellence and a sense of easy living through the prominent use of stylish plain tones: off-white, taupe and caviar grey. No flourishes or embellishments here, but instead a unity between the common areas and the staterooms. Exterior bar - Sun Deck Sun Lounge area - Exterior bar The Le Diamant panoramic restaurant - Zéphyr Deck Seats 34 guests - 61 m² - Buffet breakfast and dinner - Fine gastronomic cuisine made using exceptionally high quality organic and local products - Veuve Clicquot champagne - Wines from French artisan wine producers and the regions visited. The Marina - Alizés Deck Two standard kayaks and two glass-bottomed kayaks - Four stand up paddleboards - Snorkelling equipment - Fishing equipment - Scuba diving equipment (for a group of four people) - Saltwater swimming pool - Small equipment for children (noodles, rings, armbands and safety equipment) - Bicycles The lounge and Bar Emeraude - Alizés Deck Interior surface : 92 m² - Seats 35 guests - Exterior surface : 85 m² - Seats 24 guests The wellness space - Alizés Deck Spa / massages (18.5 m²): one cabin offering massages and Biologique Recherche treatments - Gym (16 m²) with dedicated fitness instructor - Yoga sessions on the Sun Deck


Day 1 - Days 1-2 BROOME
Transfer from Broome airport to the hotel.Time at Leisure and dinner on your own.2 nights at the hotel.
Day 2 - Day 3 BROOME
Located in the northwest of the Kimberley region and in the far north of Western Australia, the town of Broome is reputed for its history and its glorious pearling era. The fascinating Chinatown district, which is the historic city centre, and the famous Japanese Cemetery, dates back to 1896, and has a past marked by the immigration of numerous Chinese and Japanese workers, attracted by the prosperous pearl industry at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. Broome is also famous for the “Staircase to the Moon”, an optical illusion created by the Moon reflecting on the sand banks at low tide, like a staircase climbing up towards the sky, a unique spectacle provided by nature…
Whilst there is no standard itinerary, our sailing expedition will feature the iconic destinations of Montgomery Reef and the Horizontal Falls, described by Sir David Attenborough as “One of the greatest wonders of the natural world.” Additional destinations that may be visited include The Lacepede Islands, Home to the world’s largest breeding colony of Brown Boobies and Western Australia’s most important breeding habitat for Green Turtles. The iconic Cape Leveque, at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, best known for its pristine white sand beaches and golden red sandstone cliffs. The 800 islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago provide an ideal sailing ground to explore. Scattered amongst the islands are secluded white sandy beaches including Silica Bay, historical pearling locations such as Strickland Bay and The Edeline Islands and the remarkable geological scenery of Whirlpool Pass and Nares Point. Further North Collier Bay showcases the massive tides that the region is renowned for at the Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef. Here the many outdoor rock art galleries including Wijingarra Bard Bard provide an insight into the remarkable history and culture of Australia’s First Nations People. To the East lies Doubtful Bay providing access to multiple river systems, including the Sale River and Red Cone Creek, lined with mangroves, creating the ideal environment to spot crocodiles and an abundance of birdlife. High above the saltwater influence freshwater waterholes provide the ideal locations for cooling off after a day of exploration.
Day 4 - Day 10 KURI BAY
Board a unique Paspaley Grumman Mallard amphibious aircraft for your scenic flight Kuri Bay/Kununurra. Approximate flight duration: 1 hour, 30 min.Transfer from Kununurra Airport to the hotel and time at leisureOvernight at the hotelLocated 370km north of Broome and 460km west of Kununurra, Kuri Bay lies at the heart of the Lalang – Garram/Camden Sound Marine Park. It was the location of Australia's first cultured pearl farm and is named after the company's first principal, Tokuichi Kuribayashi. Today it is the home of Paspaley, the world’s most important producer of cultured pearls. Such is the superior and widely recognised quality of the gems they are in their own category and recognised simply as Paspaley Pearls.Kuri Bay is the ideal location for starting or ending your Kimberley sailing expedition combining a spectacular scenic flight over the Kimberley landscape aboard a Paspaley Grumman Mallard amphibious aircraft between Kuri Bay and Broome or Kununurra
Day 5 - Day 11 KUNUNURRA
Breakfast at the hotelTransfer to Kununurra airport in time for check in of your onward flight.
Day 6 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $21,679Mistral Stateroom
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $25,360Mistral Prestige Stateroom
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $27,951Alizés Stateroom
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $28,870Mistral Junior Suite
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $28,870Alizés Prestige Stateroom
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $30,715Mistral Prestige Suite
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $35,133Alizés Privilege Suite
13-04-202323-04-2023AUD $43,233Owner Suite
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $27,711Alizés Stateroom
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $28,630Mistral Junior Suite
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $28,630Alizés Prestige Stateroom
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $30,475Mistral Prestige Suite
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $34,893Alizés Privilege Suite
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $42,993Owner Suite
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $21,439Mistral Stateroom
19-04-202329-04-2023AUD $25,120Mistral Prestige Stateroom
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $20,469Mistral Stateroom
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $24,150Mistral Prestige Stateroom
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $26,741Alizés Stateroom
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $27,660Mistral Junior Suite
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $27,660Alizés Prestige Stateroom
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $29,505Mistral Prestige Suite
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $33,923Alizés Privilege Suite
24-05-202303-06-2023AUD $42,023Owner Suite
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $21,439Mistral Stateroom
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $25,120Mistral Prestige Stateroom
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $27,711Alizés Stateroom
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $28,630Mistral Junior Suite
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $28,630Alizés Prestige Stateroom
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $30,475Mistral Prestige Suite
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $34,893Alizés Privilege Suite
31-05-202310-06-2023AUD $42,993Owner Suite
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $21,679Mistral Stateroom
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $25,360Mistral Prestige Stateroom
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $27,951Alizés Stateroom
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $28,870Mistral Junior Suite
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $28,870Alizés Prestige Stateroom
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $30,715Mistral Prestige Suite
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $35,133Alizés Privilege Suite
08-06-202318-06-2023AUD $43,233Owner Suite
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $21,439Mistral Stateroom
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $25,120Mistral Prestige Stateroom
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $27,711Alizés Stateroom
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $28,630Mistral Junior Suite
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $28,630Alizés Prestige Stateroom
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $30,475Mistral Prestige Suite
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $34,893Alizés Privilege Suite
14-06-202324-06-2023AUD $42,993Owner Suite
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $20,469Mistral Stateroom
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $24,150Mistral Prestige Stateroom
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $26,741Alizés Stateroom
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $27,660Alizés Prestige Stateroom
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $27,660Mistral Junior Suite
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $29,505Mistral Prestige Suite
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $33,923Alizés Privilege Suite
19-07-202329-07-2023AUD $42,023Owner Suite
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $21,439Mistral Stateroom
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $25,120Mistral Prestige Stateroom
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $27,711Alizés Stateroom
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $28,630Mistral Junior Suite
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $28,630Alizés Prestige Stateroom
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $30,475Mistral Prestige Suite
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $34,893Alizés Privilege Suite
26-07-202305-08-2023AUD $42,993Owner Suite
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $21,679Mistral Stateroom
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $25,360Mistral Prestige Stateroom
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $27,951Alizés Stateroom
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $28,870Mistral Junior Suite
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $28,870Alizés Prestige Stateroom
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $30,715Mistral Prestige Suite
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $35,133Alizés Privilege Suite
03-08-202313-08-2023AUD $43,233Owner Suite
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $21,439Mistral Stateroom
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $25,120Mistral Prestige Stateroom
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $27,711Alizés Stateroom
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $28,630Mistral Junior Suite
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $28,630Alizés Prestige Stateroom
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $30,475Mistral Prestige Suite
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $34,893Alizés Privilege Suite
09-08-202319-08-2023AUD $42,993Owner Suite
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $20,469Mistral Stateroom
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $24,150Mistral Prestige Stateroom
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $26,741Alizés Stateroom
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $27,660Mistral Junior Suite
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $27,660Alizés Prestige Stateroom
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $29,505Mistral Prestige Suite
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $33,923Alizés Privilege Suite
30-08-202309-09-2023AUD $42,023Owner Suite
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $21,439Mistral Stateroom
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $25,120Mistral Prestige Stateroom
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $27,711Alizés Stateroom
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $28,630Alizés Prestige Stateroom
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $28,630Mistral Junior Suite
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $30,475Mistral Prestige Suite
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $34,893Alizés Privilege Suite
22-09-202302-10-2023AUD $42,993Owner Suite


    • Sail through spectacular ancient landscapes aboard the luxurious and intimate three masted yacht, Le Ponant.
    • Discover the pinnacle Kimberley sailing experience, with fully flexible itineraries and no predetermined destinations.
    • Experience an aerial view of the remarkable Kimberley landscape aboard the unique Grumman Mallard amphibious aircraft.
    • Discover the pristine beaches and remarkable scenery of the Buccaneer archipelago.
    • Gain an insight into the ancient culture and heritage of Australia’s First Nations Peoples.
    • Watch in awe as the tidal waters flow off Montgomery reef.
    • Witness the unique tidal phenomenon of the Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay.
    • Explore pristine mangrove systems by zodiac.
    • Search for iconic bird species such as White-bellied Sea Eagles, Brahminy kites and Ospreys
    • Gain an insight into the geology, history, culture, flora and fauna of this fascinating region from your expert expedition team.