Croatia, Under Sail aboard Le Ponant

Croatia, Under Sail aboard Le Ponant

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“Eternity. It is the sea mingled with the sun”, according to a poem by Rimbaud. Whether you are a lover of the sea or a curious traveller, experience once again the indescribable joy of navigating under sail, bathed by the wind and sea spray, surrounded by the elements. Take your place aboard Le Ponant, a majestic three-mast yacht with elegant lines and an interior design created by the Jean-Philippe Nuel studio to be a warm and intimate setting with a very distinctive personality. As if you were on your very own yacht, match your inner tempo to the boat’s subtle oscillations and savour the freedom of living in the moment, being fully present for your trip. Find out more about Le Ponant, here.

Aboard its emblematic yacht, PONANT is reshaping the contours of cruising and invites you to experience a new way of discovering the wonderful Mediterranean shores, between olive groves and sun-drenched vines. From unique and iconic ports of call to private moments, experience the very essence of the Mediterranean and welcome the unexpected like a breath of freedom.

At full sail, you will slice through the water and approach the mineral shores of Croatia and Montenegro. Pomalo – meaning “take it easy” in Croatian – sets the tone here. Incredible landscapes, emblematic cities, and little-known islands will reveal themselves to you as the wind carries you off the beaten path.

Sailing in the monumental Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will leave you speechless at the beauty of nature.

Let the golden hour work its magic and rediscover Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, in the glow of the sun setting over the saffron rooftops of the old city. The cultural traditions and gastronomy authentically convey the richness of the Croatian heritage.

Korcula will arouse your curiosity during the Moreška, a spectacular sword dance, and delight you with intense aromas and flavours when you meet small producers of honey, wine or award-winning olive oil. Propelled by the wind, Le Ponant will take you, carefree, from island to island.

Far from the crowds, discover Vis through its singular history with the thrill of first times.

In Stari Grad, experience all the emotion of an exceptional concert of Croatian traditional singing called klapa.

Lying at the end of a fjord, Pucisca delivers a beautiful ode to Bacchus and to artistic creation, giving you the chance to discover local wines and meet a stone carver.

On Lopud Island, time will stand still as you enjoy special moments on board and in the sea, and rediscover the pleasure of just letting yourself be.

The experiences, designed for you and with you, create possibilities for returning to what is essential, in a setting conducive to contemplation.

At your own pace, immerse yourself in wild and stunning panoramas, away from the crowds, and enjoy moments spent in harmony with nature: glass-bottom kayaking, snorkelling, paddle-boarding, bike riding.

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Croatia, Under Sail aboard Le Ponant
Vessel Type: Motor Yacht Length: 88 metres Passenger Capacity: 64 Built: 1991 This sleek, expertly designed 88-metre-long and 56-metre-high three-master is one of the most majestic yachts in the world. In an age when everything is becoming computer controlled, it shines the spotlight back on the more manual, skilful art of sailing, combined with comfort, elegance, exclusivity and sustainability. The striking lines, the quality of the materials, the sophistication of the way they’re combined: the common areas, designed by French design studio Jean-Philippe Nuel, exude a sense of timelessness and offer a genuine connection with the exterior scenery and landscapes. Their design offers a blend of purity, excellence and a sense of easy living through the prominent use of stylish plain tones: off-white, taupe and caviar grey. No flourishes or embellishments here, but instead a unity between the common areas and the staterooms. Exterior bar - Sun Deck Sun Lounge area - Exterior bar The Le Diamant panoramic restaurant - Zéphyr Deck Seats 34 guests - 61 m² - Buffet breakfast and dinner - Fine gastronomic cuisine made using exceptionally high quality organic and local products - Veuve Clicquot champagne - Wines from French artisan wine producers and the regions visited. The Marina - Alizés Deck Two standard kayaks and two glass-bottomed kayaks - Four stand up paddleboards - Snorkelling equipment - Fishing equipment - Scuba diving equipment (for a group of four people) - Saltwater swimming pool - Small equipment for children (noodles, rings, armbands and safety equipment) - Bicycles The lounge and Bar Emeraude - Alizés Deck Interior surface : 92 m² - Seats 35 guests - Exterior surface : 85 m² - Seats 24 guests The wellness space - Alizés Deck Spa / massages (18.5 m²): one cabin offering massages and Biologique Recherche treatments - Gym (16 m²) with dedicated fitness instructor - Yoga sessions on the Sun Deck


Day 1 - Day 1 DUBROVNIK
Emblem of the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik is magnificently positioned on a rocky spur. History is sovereign here, in this ancient city, now a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. You will perhaps be surprised by the proportions of La Placa, the central drag through the city. The sheer width of it can be explained by the fact that it straddles a former lagoon. The elegant houses along La Placa are built in the legendary travertine stone. At Pile gate, you will be greeted by the statue of the patron saint of Dubrovnik, and you can admire the coastline as you walk along the ramparts. But what’s inside Fort Saint John, adjoining the outer walls? A maritime museum and an aquarium featuring rare fish from the Adriatic.
Aboard Le Ponant, you will cleave through the foam and enter the sumptuous Bay of Kotor, as the sea air leaves you with an unequalled feeling of exhilaration. The views, from your majestic yacht, are on a par with the spectacle that unfolds before your eyes. While you sail through the successive parts of this magnificent bay, the monumental limestone mountains are reflected in the deep-green waters. You may well feel a sense of humility before the natural splendour of the site. You will approach Sveti Dorde (Saint George), a charming Benedictine monastery sat on a rocky islet, before heading back out to sea.As the sun fades, Le Ponant will drop anchor near the old town of Dubrovnik. Aboard a Zodiac, you will reach the mediaeval city and enjoy the outstanding panorama over the white-stone town, at the time when the evening light reflects its warm tonalities on the tiled roofs. Enjoy this unique moment and stroll along the ramparts where some of the evening’s visitors will still be walking. Take the time to lose yourself in this magnificent historical centre and discover charming boutiques as you wander through the small streets. Perhaps you would also like to make the most of an optional excursion in a horse-drawn carriage in the winemaking region of Konavle, followed by a picturesque dinner on the banks of a river.
Le Ponant will drop anchor near Mljet, an island of rare beauty, renowned for its national park and its protected forests. Let yourself be tempted by a morning swim in the sea pool set up near the marina platform. You can also take a Zodiac to a magnificent deserted beach, where you will enjoy a delicious morning of swimming, between fine sand and crystal-clear waters, and explore the surroundings, depending on your preferences, by snorkelling, paddle boarding or kayaking.Korčula will unveil itself in the softness of the evening, a superb mediaeval town whose fortifications have stunning views over the Pelješac peninsula. Take the time to lose yourself in its small pedestrian streets and admire its historical monuments, such as the Revelin Tower or the Cathedral of St. Mark. Allow yourself to be caught up by emotions during a private performance of Moreška, a spectacular traditional sword dance, which originates in Korčula. As an option, you can make the most of an immersive culinary excursion to meet a beekeeper and enjoy a Croatian meal composed of dishes made by a family of farmers focused on environmentally responsible and conscious production.
You will approach Vis, a little and little-known island ignored by cruise itineraries. With your yacht at anchor, you will disembark by Zodiac in Komiža, the oldest fishing port in the Adriatic, to spend a pleasant moment in a charming setting. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will set off on foot or by bike to explore the port, its old fishermen’s houses in cut stone, its small market stalls or cafe terraces and get a taste of the gentle way of life that reigns here. The ballet of the fishing boats is a reminder of the city’s essential activity and its strong connection to the sea. A few minutes from there, let yourself be tempted by a dip next to a pretty pebble beach. Opposite the turquoise water stands Our Lady of Pirates, a stunning church that shelters the oldest organ in Dalmatia. You can also enjoy optional excursions, such as diving near the shipwrecks from the Second World War or visiting the island in a 4x4 vehicle up to Vis, discovering its singular history.While Le Ponant sails, a guide-lecturer will recount the island’s rich and eventful history, particularly during the Second World War. Your yacht will moor sheltered from the magnificent bay of the port of Vis. In the sea pool set up near the marina platform, you will enjoy a moment of surreal swimming. You can disembark by Zodiac to the port and discover the beauty of this preserved haven, which has been timidly open to tourism since 1990, after Croatia gained its independence. Fall under the spell of its historical heritage, which includes Roman ruins and Venetian architecture. Simplicity and authenticity are the watchwords of this rural territory, which is geared towards organic agriculture as well as responsible viticulture and fishing.
You will sail towards the popular island of Hvar, for a day in Stari Grad, an intimate port of call that is off the beaten track. Let your feelings guide you and discover this pretty city located at the end of a fertile plain, planted with vines and olive groves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The organisation of its parcels, marked out by dry stone walls that punctuate the landscape, goes back to ancient times. Wander around the small streets at your leisure on foot or by bike, discovering the town’s pretty boutiques and gourmet restaurants. There will be the possibility of a refreshing dip in the clear waters of a rocky cove offering shade. This marvellous day will end with a private concert of traditional Croatian a cappella singing, known as klapa, given by an internationally-renowned group in the inner courtyard of a palace. You can make the most of an optional excursion into the Stari Grad valley to have lunch in an organic agriculture farm and taste typical Dalmatian dishes.
The stunning port of Pučišća, located on the northern coast of the island of Brač, appears at the end of a deep fjord. Le Ponant will drop anchor in the bay, and the sea pool will invite you for a delicious dip. An adapted all-terrain vehicle awaits you on shore for a morning spent exploring the island and its cultural riches. In the cradle of an ancestral stone-cutting tradition, there will be a fine encounter with a craftsman and renowned artist, Josip Radić, who makes reduced-scale models of religious buildings out of stone. You will take small roads and isolated paths through vines, and enjoy exceptional natural panoramas, such as the steep hillsides finishing their trajectory down on the shores of the Adriatic. In the pretty town of Bol, you will stop in a renowned winemaking cooperative and enjoy a delicious tasting of the local wines, another of the island’s treasures, discovering the indigenous grape varieties.
You will discover Šipan, a discreet island in the Elaphites archipelago and a picturesque fishing port where time seems to stand still. Let yourself fall under the spell of this naturally wooded beautiful oasis and its sun-soaked hillsides. Nicknamed the “golden island” for its fertile land, it is covered in vines as well as olive, almond, lemon and orange trees. In this authentic natural setting, you will enjoy the charm of one its beaches, sheltered from the world, for a moment of swimming, paddle boarding or kayaking, whatever takes your fancy.A fine stopover awaits you in Lopud, the second-largest island of the Elaphites archipelago, located off the coast of Dubrovnik. In the dazzling afternoon light, what is known as the "island in the middle" will offer you a gentle interlude. You will find the small streets of its port perfect for wandering around while the gourmet essences of fig, almond, orange and lemon trees will awaken your senses. Here, the soul of Croatia is unveiled. Early in the evening, when the last walkers have left the island, Lopud can be rediscovered in the light of the setting sun. The restaurants on the seafront will welcome you for dinner with a view, as the sun and the Adriatic come together to compose a charming sunset.
Day 8 - Day 8 DUBROVNIK
Emblem of the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik is magnificently positioned on a rocky spur. History is sovereign here, in this ancient city, now a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. You will perhaps be surprised by the proportions of La Placa, the central drag through the city. The sheer width of it can be explained by the fact that it straddles a former lagoon. The elegant houses along La Placa are built in the legendary travertine stone. At Pile gate, you will be greeted by the statue of the patron saint of Dubrovnik, and you can admire the coastline as you walk along the ramparts. But what’s inside Fort Saint John, adjoining the outer walls? A maritime museum and an aquarium featuring rare fish from the Adriatic.
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    • Enjoy the extraordinary experience of sailing aboard Le Ponant as though you were on your own private yacht.
    • A limited-capacity yacht: a maximum of 32 passengers and as many crew members; a dedicated chef.
    • Sail on a ship propelled by the wind and enjoy the wonderful opportunities nature offers us to adapt the programme and navigate under sail whenever possible.
    • As the wind carries you, rediscover your taste for shared happiness and the essential.
    • (Re)discover the deep and secret soul of the Mediterranean and enjoy ports of call off the beaten path, revisited to offer you exclusive experiences.
    • On board as on shore, soak up the local riches and traditions of Croatia, and savour authentic moments through cultural encounters and gastronomy.
    • Exceptional moments on board and numerous water-based activities to rediscover the natural coasts of Croatia and Montenegro.
    • On board, to fulfil your most unexpected desires, or for lovers of the Mediterranean wishing to rediscover the must-see sites, PONANT is there to assist you and can arrange additional bespoke services.