Ionian Islands Sailing Adventure from Corfu

Ionian Islands Sailing Adventure from Corfu

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The sun kissed splendour of Greece’s Ionian Islands coupled with a small-group flexible sailing adventure – can it get more idyllic than this? Spend eight days cruising the sapphire Mediterranean seas aboard your comfortable yacht, floating past Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaka and more. Leaving from the sandy shores of Corfu, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether today is for snorkelling in the Ionian waters or lazing on deck with a good book. To escape from the everyday of life and do Greek travel a little bit differently, get on board – it’s all smooth sailing from here.

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Ionian Islands Sailing Adventure from Corfu
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  • It’s just you, the crew and the big blue while you sail past the stunning beaches and charming towns of the Ionian Islands.
  • By embarking on a small-group sail, you’ll be able to cruise to smaller islands and drop anchor in secluded coves, unreachable by the tourist hordes.
  • With an expert crew who have got a rough itinerary planned, you and your group can choose your pace and they can tailor the sail to suit everyone’s needs – it’s what you might call a ‘cruisy’ trip.
  • What’s the point of sailing on the Ionian Sea without being able to dive right in? Get plenty of time to snorkel in the crystal-clear waters in search of local marine life.
  • The island of Corfu is the ideal place to begin and end your sail. With small towns to discover, stretches of sand to lay on and too much seafood to eat, why not consider extending your trip here?


ITINERARY CHANGES: Our itineraries are updated regularly throughout the year based on customer feedback and to reflect the current situation in each destination. The information included in this Essential Trip Information may therefore differ from when you first booked your trip. It is important that you print and review a final copy prior to travel so that you have the latest updates. Due to weather, local conditions, transport schedules, public holidays or other factors, further changes may be necessary to your itinerary once in country. The order and timing of included activities in each location may also vary seasonally to ensure our travellers have the best experience. Your tour leader will keep you up to date with any changes once on tour. For sailing trips the itinerary will be subject to change depending on weather conditions. Your skipper will make the final decision to ensure safety at all times. Generally daily sailing time would not exceed 6 hours. Please note that we will endeavour to sail at all times but there may be times during the trip that we will use the sails and motor or just the motor. During the summer months in Europe, we are unable to pre-book a mooring berth at the marinas. Therefore, depending on availability, the place we stay the night may not be as per the advertised itinerary. FISHING ON SAILING TRIPS: You will have the option to fish on most of our sailing trips. The boats in Europe do not have fishing rods, so you will need to bring your own if this is an activity you would like to take part in. Fishing will always be at the discretion of the skipper and dependent on the marine regulations of the area you are sailing in.

Day 1 - Corfu
Welcome to Corfu! Your adventure begins on arguably the most popular Ionian island, laden with wildflowers and cypress groves, mountains and beautiful beaches. It has a World Heritage-listed Old Town and stunning stretches of coastline. Meet your fellow travellers and sailing crew at an important welcome meeting at 5 pm, getting briefed about what lies ahead. The first port of call is the local supermarket to buy supplies for your trip as a group. The starter pack will include provisions for some breakfasts, lunches and/or snacks. If you have any special dietary requirements, please make sure you notify us at the time of booking so we can accommodate your requests. Until then, sit back and relax, and soak up all the Greek hospitality.
Day 2-7 - Sailing the Ionian Islands
There’s just blue skies, shimmering water and the sea breeze between you and the Ionian Islands. Over the next week, you’ll have the opportunity to laze about on deck, visiting ancient ruins and historic small towns, strolling the shores of pristine beaches and swimming in the sublime crystal-clear waters, and all the while not having to worry about a thing. While the nature of a sailing adventure means that exact landing sites and times are flexible, your crew have a rough idea of the best places to visit, and below you’ll find some of our favourites. This is the perfect escape to taste some of the best this region has to offer, and to go with the flow. Paxos The tiny island of Paxos is only 10km long, with landscapes of ancient olive groves, pebble beaches, cliffs and grottoes. The island was said to be connected to Corfu until mythological Poseidon cut Paxos and Corfu into two using his trident – all to create a lovenest with his mistress! The port village of Gaios is the largest on the island, and worth a wander, with laneways of whitewashed and pastel buildings. An excellent range of tasty traditional food is on offer at the many restaurants and cafes, both near the waterfront and Gaios' main town square. Antipaxos Paxos’ smaller neighbour, Antipaxos dispels the myth that bigger is better. With some of the most vibrant turquoise waters on the coast, admire how the white chalk cliffs blend into the sand, and what this island lacks in size makes up in tranquillity and beauty. Lefkada Colonised by the Corinthians in the seventh century BC, Lefkada gained its name from the white rocks where mythological poet, Sappho, threw herself to her death unable to bear her torturous love for Phoen: once a boatman from Mytilene. The island's mountainous hinterland is lush with olive groves, vineyards and pine forests that flow down to a dramatic coastline of sheer cliffs, fabulous beaches and vibrant blue seas. Despite being a popular tourist destination on the island of Lefkada, Lefkas has mostly managed to retain an air of authenticity. Much of the town was rebuilt after a devastating earthquake, however while the original style was honoured, they fashioned the upper floor of their properties with painted sheet metal. Strolling through the narrow alleyways gives an alluring taste of this unique style. The many cafes, bars and restaurants on the waterfront make an ideal spot to chill out in the relaxed surrounds. Ithaka Widely known as the home of Odysseus, Ithaka is a smaller island off the northeast coast of Kefalonia, boasting numerous coves of sand, pebble and rocky beaches, and a real peaceful charm. The 3000-odd residents inhabit the four towns of Vathy, Perahori, Stavros and Anoyi, and sailing by the seaside towns or exploring on foot shows you its true old-world charm. Kefalonia Kefalonia gets the perfect balance between blues and greens – the verdant hues of the rolling hills of pine, cypress and olive trees, down the chalky cliffs to the sparkling blue of the Ionian Sea. It has traditional villages, pristine beaches, rugged coastlines and pleasant seaside towns. You may even spot the caretta caretta (sea turtle) swimming offshore, or the playful monk seal in the water.
Day 8 - Corfu
Dock back in Corfu, where your sailing adventure finishes on arrival at around 9 am. If you wish to spend more time here, we'll be happy to book additional accommodation (subject to availability). Please speak to your agent at the time of booking to arrange this.

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