Greenland Adventure by Sea, Land and Air

Greenland Adventure by Sea, Land and Air

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The fjord systems of Southern Greenland are blessed with some of the most dramatic views the country has to offer – white mountains and green valleys, towering icebergs and tiny flowers in bloom. Explore the depths of these fabulous fjords on a nine-day expedition that takes you off the vessel and into the incredible landscapes around you. Explore on foot, by Zodiac, by kayak and even by helicopter on this truly adventurous journey. While this Greenland expedition has no fixed itinerary, you can expect each day to bring something you’ve never seen or done before. This is expedition travel for the modern adventurer.

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Greenland Adventure by Sea, Land and Air
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  • Explore by expedition vessel, by helicopter, by Zodiac and on foot for the most comprehensive view of this wild and remote land.
  • Head into the deep fjord system of Southern Greenland and discover the country’s most dramatic landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to blooming fields.
  • Hike the most remote areas of Southern Greenland – so isolated you can only reach them by helicopter – to find landscapes that boggle the mind.
  • See the immense Greenland Ice Sheet from above during a heli-flight over the top, with glaciology experts on hand to explain the environment and its significance.
  • Choose to customise your adventure with optional activities like an overnight camping experience in a fjord or kayaking over glacial lakes reached by helicopter.


Polar travel requires an amount of flexibility as weather, ice conditions and wildlife can all affect where your ship is able to access, and where your Expedition Team think you will get the best experience possible from your trip. On board, daily updates are given to advise what the specific itinerary will be for the next day based on local conditions. Published itineraries are subject to change when local conditions dictate. For Arctic Express (Cruise North, Fly South, Fly North and South and Fly North, Cruise South) programmes, Quark Expeditions will make every effort to ensure the Arctic Express programs take place, but due to weather conditions, flying in this region can be difficult and is beyond the control of Quark Expeditions. We strongly recommend that all expedition guests purchase a travel insurance policy including trip delay, cancellation and interruption insurance. On Fly North itineraries, in the unlikely event that the charter flight is unable to fly on Day 2 or Day 3 due to weather delays, Quark Expeditions will provide an additional night(s) hotel accommodation in Reykjavik. On Day 4 should the charter flight not be able to take off by 1159hrs, Quark Expeditions will officially cancel the voyage and provide letters for all clients to submit to their travel insurance providers under trip delay/Interruption and cancellation clause. QUARK AND PEREGRINE WILL NOT OFFER PASSENGERS A REFUND IN THE EVENT OF TRIP CANCELLATION. QUARK AND PEREGRINE WILL NOT OFFER PASSENGERS COMPENSATION IN THE EVENT OF A DELAY. IF THE CHARTER FLIGHT IS NOT ABLE TO TAKE OFF BY 1159 HRS ON DAY 4, Quark Expeditions will make every effort to assist passengers with rebooking hotels or flights, but this will be at the cost of the passengers, and Quark Expeditions strongly recommends that all clients contact their insurance provider prior to changing any reservations. Passengers on board the ship during these delays will remain on board with no additional cost until the charter flight is able to operate. Quark Expeditions advises all clients to book changeable airlines tickets along with cancellation and interruption insurance to assist with additional airline change fees. We advise all passengers to have flexible travel arrangements upon disembarkation of the voyage if delays arise. Quark Expeditions will not be held responsible for any change/cancellations fees due to weather related delays or any other delays arising from force majeure.

Day 1 - Reykjavik – Embarkation Day
Welcome to Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. Your charter flight to Greenland with Air Iceland leaves from Reykjavik–Keflavik Airport this afternoon, so please be at the airport by 3 pm to allow time for check-in and boarding. Fly to Narsarsuaq (if the weather is clear the view from the plane is stunning) and board your vessel. Settle in to your cabin and get to know your crew and fellow travellers, embarking on your voyage in the evening.
Day 2-7 - Southern Greenland
Spend the next six days exploring Greenland’s southern reaches. Steep-edged fjords, icy waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys and iceberg-filled bays – this part of the country is home to its greatest landscapes. Your expert crew will navigate the dramatic fjords along the southern coast, cruising between mountains to reach remote destinations that you can explore in a variety of ways. In addition to excursions by Zodiac boat and stops that allow you to go ashore, this trip offers you the unique opportunity to go even deeper by helicopter. Conditions permitting, you may have opportunities for a heli-landing on the Greenland ice sheet and heli-hiking (flying to places we could not otherwise access for hikes suitable for all skill levels). It’s important to keep in mind that each day will be different and, while we have a general route mapped out, the itinerary is not set in stone (or permafrost!). That being said, we will aim to explore the depths of the fjord systems of Narsarsuaq, Tasermiut and Lindenow.
Day 8 - Narsarsuaq – Disembarkation Day – Reykjavik
Disembark in Narsarsuaq and (if time allows) visit some of the villages and historical sites that surround the town. Board your charter flight to Reykjavik in the early evening. Arrive in Iceland’s capital and take a transfer to your included hotel for the night in Keflavik.
Day 9 - Reykjavik
Your tour officially comes to an end today and there are no included activities.

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