Spitsbergen and Polar Bears – An Arctic Adventure (A)

Spitsbergen and Polar Bears – An Arctic Adventure (A)

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Crown of the Arctic
Svalbard, known as the `crown of Arctic Norway´, is a beautiful island forged by the extreme elements of the far north. The area is also a biological hot spot and home to a rich array of wildlife, with the mighty polar bear at the top of the food chain.

Longyearbyen and Barentsburg
The colourful settlements of Spitsbergen and Barentsburg are set on the edge of the vast Arctic wilderness. Our Svalbard cruise starts in the former mining hub of Longyearbyen, now a surprisingly active and vibrant frontier town, featuring the Svalbard Museum. Once underway, we´ll stop in the Russian settlement of Barentsburg, to visit the Pomor Museum (optional).

Crossing 80° N
The Spitsbergern cruise continues as we sail out of Isfjorden, the second-largest fjord in Svalbard, and north to Magdalenefjord and the North West Corner. We hope to make a tender boat landing here before heading towards Moffen, located above the 80th parallel and a popular home for walrus. We will try to reach this far north if wind and ice conditions allow.

Striking Fjords and Ny-Ålesund
North Spitsbergen offers a striking landscape, and we may spot a polar bear here hunting for seals. We will explore beautiful Lilliehöökfjord, and view the majestic Kongsbreen (King’s Glacier). We hope to call on Ny-Ålesund, one of the northernmost communities in the world. On our way back to Longyearbyen, we will sail through beautiful prominent fjords and deep glaciated valleys.

Trip Name
Spitsbergen and Polar Bears - An Arctic Adventure (A)
Vessel Type: Small Expedition Ship Length: 87.4 m Passenger Capacity: 290 Built: 1956 Refurbished: 1983 & 2000 MS Nordstjernen is named after the North Star or Stella Polaris, famous for helping seafarers find their way back home and the Vikings to navigate the north The ship was built to sail Norwegian Coastal Voyages in 1956 and extensively modernised in 2000 for exclusive Arctic sailing. Today she takes explorers on adventures in the waters around Spitsbergen. Despite modernisation, she still retains the aura of an old Atlantic ship, restored to her former splendour with new brass, classic wooden interiors and all her original art. Out on deck you come extra close to the untouched nature of the Polar Arctic and with roofs over a lot of the deck space you can enjoy being outside, even in rough weather. MS Nordstjernen is equipped with a dining room and bar, a café, a panorama lounge and a library. Inside you’ll find cosy interior and exterior cabins, the majority of which have upper and lower berths. All rooms and deck surfaces exhibit that old, beautiful wood.


On the Edge of WildernessHotelYour adventure starts with an overnight stay in Longyearbyen, a surprisingly cosmopolitan frontier town on the edge of the Arctic, with galleries, pubs, restaurants, and shops.The package includes an overnight at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel, the world’s northernmost full-service hotel when booking a cabin with private facilities on board MS Nordstjernen. If you have booked a cabin with shared facilities, an overnight at charming Coal Miners’ Cabins is included. Hotel upgrade is available on request.
Settlements of the Far NorthEmbarkationAfter breakfast, join a tour of Longyearbyen that includes the Svalbard Museum and Camp Barentz. Once aboard MS Nordstjernen, we sail to the Russian coal mining town of Barentsburg to explore the exotic collection of Russian artefacts and architecture, join a folklore show or soak up the real Russian atmosphere in the local pub.
Chances of Seeing Polar BearsThis area is rich with islands, fjords and beaches. In Magdalenefjord, you’ll discover a whaling station from the 16th century. We arrive in the morning and hope to make a landing to explore this wonderful Arctic wilderness. Scan for polar bears, Minke whales and seals.
Fjords, Glaciers and ResearchWe will spend most of the day cruising into lovely Krossfjord. The landscape here varies from large tundra plains to alpine peaks with dramatic glaciers tumbling into the ocean. At the end of the fjord is the majestic Kongsbreen (King’s Glacier). Later, we dock at Ny-Ålesund, one of the world’s northernmost communities.
Cruising into IsfjordenDisembarkationNext, we sail the Isfjorden, the most prominent fjord system on Svalbard, passing the nesting sites of thousands of guillemots. Marvel at the large U-shaped valleys, carved out of the mountains by the giant glaciers. After disembarkation in Longyearbyen, enjoy the day before a Farewell dinner at the hotel.
Flying Home from the ArcticThis Arctic adventure ends in Longyearbyen. An early morning transfer bus will take you to the airport for your flight home.
Day 7 - Please Note:
Hurtigruten offers unique expedition cruises to some of the most remote and pristine waters of the world. As with all expeditions; nature prevails. Weather, and ice and sea conditions set the final framework for all Hurtigruten’s operations. Safety and unparalleled guest experiences are at all times our top priorities. All our indicative itineraries are continuously evaluated for adaptions, whether this is due to constraints the elements unexpectedly present – or exciting possibilities nature and wildlife offer. That is why we call it an expedition.

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    • Chance of seeing polar bears
    • Cross 80° N and come ashore to explore the Arctic wilderness
    • Experience the Midnight Sun (until 23. August), giving you 24 hours of daylight to discover Svalbard
    • Explore magnificent Arctic scenery and fjords with the nostalgic MS Nordstjernen