Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief

Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief

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Pack in all the excitement of an epic long arctic cruise into only seven days with the Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief itinerary. In just a week, you’ll cruise through the pack ice up to 80°N along the west coast of Spitsbergen like an explorer of long ago, on a constant search for wildlife. Though this rocky island is covered in mountains and glaciers, the towering cliffs and fjords play host to a surprisingly thriving and varied ecosystem. Exploring as much of the area as possible will provide optimal opportunities to spot the most iconic of arctic wildlife, the polar bear.

The Arctic has been inspiring explorers for centuries, and our expeditions offer the chance for you to discover why. We’re excited to host you on your unforgettable adventure! Feel free to reach out to our team of Polar Travel Advisers or your travel professional, who can answer your questions and provide assistance at any time.

Trip Name
Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief
Vessel Type: Comfortable Expedition Length: 90 metres Passenger Capacity: 118 Built / refurbished: 1975 / 1998 / 2017 - re-named to the Ocean Adventurer in June 2017 Ocean Adventurer is designed to carry 132 travelers in comfort to the most remote corners of the world. Originally built in Yugoslavia in 1976, this nimble, ice-strengthened ship has become a passenger favourite over the years and underwent refurbishments in 1999 and 2002 with the most significant being in 2017. With the latest rounds of refurbishments guests will enjoy: • A refreshed, contemporary new look and feel throughout the ship. • The addition of six new twin cabins and three new suites. • All existing cabins will be furnished with all new soft furnishings and brand new bathrooms. • Main common areas such as the Lounge and Dining Room will be remodeled as well as the Bar. • Major technical enhancements – include two new Rolls Royce engines, which will significantly increase fuel efficiency and minimized carbon footprint.


Day 1 - Day 1 — Arrive in Oslo, Norway
Your Arctic voyage begins in Oslo, Norway’s vibrant capital city. If you arrive early, there are many museums, restaurants and green spaces to keep you busy before retiring at your included airport hotel.
Day 2 - Day 2 — Embarkation Day in Longyearbyen, Svalbard
This morning, the group will transfer to the airport and board our private charter flight to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen’s largest settlement, where you’ll have some time to explore before embarkation. As your ship sets sail, enjoy great vistas of the mountainous landscape that serves as a backdrop for this historic town.
Day 3 - Days 3 to 6 — Exploring Spitsbergen
You’ll sail around the shores of this magical island, constantly searching for polar bears and other natural wonders. Covering western Spitsbergen, your expedition will afford ample opportunities to view immense glaciers, deep fjords, soaring mountains and unique flora and fauna.Sailing north into Krossfjord, have your camera handy, ready to capture some of the best glacier calving in Spitsbergen. Deep in the fjord, the highly active Lilliehöök Glacier awaits. Listen in awe to the growling as big chunks break off into the icy waters below. A Zodiac excursion to nearby Ny London, an abandoned mining settlement, provides an ideal place for a guided walk. Encounters with wildlife, such as the indigenous Svalbard reindeer, are possible here.After cruising overnight, wake up to the stunning sight of the magnificent Monaco Glacier, another prolific iceberg producer. To make this even more thrilling, help your Expedition Team to scan the shorelines and ice edge for marine mammals. Possible landing sites include Texas Bar, Worsleyneset and the Andoyane Islands (where polar bears have been known to roam). At 80°N, you’ll reach a walrus sanctuary on the tiny, crescent-shaped Moffen Island. Watching from the water as large groups of these lumbering giants jockey for space is an unforgettable experience, so be ready with your binoculars.At Smeerenburg you can see the remains of an abandoned settlement that was established by Dutch whalers nearly 400 years ago. Here, at one of Europe’s most northerly outposts, you’ll have time to explore ashore and learn about Spitsbergen’s whaling history. Afterwards, cruising to Magdalenafjord rewards you with panoramic vistas of snow-capped mountains and massive glaciers reflected in the crystal-clear waters.During your last full day of your arctic adventure, you may visit the Russian mining town of Barentsburg, home of the world’s northernmost brewery. We hope to round out the day in Alkehornet, taking in the towering cliffs teeming with nesting seabirds, such as fulmars and Brünnich’s guillemots (thick-billed murres). Encounters with reindeer might be possible here too. Later, in the evening, swap stories with your shipmates and crew one last time, at the captain’s dinner.
Day 4 - Day 7 — Disembark in Longyearbyen & fly to Oslo
The time to say goodbye has come. Your adventure ends as it began, in the frontier-style settlement of Longyearbyen. From here, we’ll transfer you to the airport for your return group charter flight to Oslo.
Day 5 - Please Note:
Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy—and excitement—of expedition travel. When traveling in extremely remote regions, your expedition staff must allow the sea, the ice and the weather to guide route and itinerary details. This itinerary is a tentative outline of what you’ll experience on this voyage; please be aware that no specific itinerary can be guaranteed.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $7,400Triple Cabin
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $8,200Lower Deck Twin
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $9,700Main Deck Twin Porthole
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $10,400Main Deck Twin Window
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $11,100Deluxe
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $11,100Superior Cabin
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $14,100Suite
13-05-202119-05-2021USD $14,800Owner's Suite
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $9,700Main Deck Twin Porthole
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $10,400Main Deck Twin Window
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $11,100Deluxe
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $11,100Superior Cabin
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $14,100Suite
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $14,800Owner's Suite
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $7,400Triple Cabin
18-05-202124-05-2021USD $8,200Lower Deck Twin
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $7,400Triple Cabin
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $8,200Lower Deck Twin
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $9,700Main Deck Twin Porthole
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $10,400Main Deck Twin Window
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $11,100Superior Cabin
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $11,100Deluxe
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $14,100Suite
10-06-202116-06-2021USD $14,800Owner's Suite
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $7,400Triple Cabin
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $8,200Lower Deck Twin
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $9,700Main Deck Twin Porthole
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $10,400Main Deck Twin Window
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $11,100Superior Cabin
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $11,100Deluxe
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $14,100Suite
15-06-202121-06-2021USD $14,800Owner's Suite
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $4,995Triple Cabin
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $5,495Lower Deck Twin
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $6,495Main Deck Twin Porthole
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $6,995Main Deck Twin Window
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $7,495Superior Cabin
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $7,495Deluxe
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $9,495Suite
29-05-202204-06-2022USD $9,995Owner's Suite


    • View iconic arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, walrus and reindeer
    • Enjoy all the adventure of an arctic expedition in a week
    • Cruise in a Zodiac to explore glaciers, fjords, icebergs and more
    • Hike the colorful tundra
    • Immerse yourself in the icy realm of the Arctic with optional kayaking adventures