Svalbard Expedition – Cruise to the Edge & Beyond

Svalbard Expedition – Cruise to the Edge & Beyond

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Journey to the icy edge on our farthest northern expedition
Svalbard, translates literally to the cold edge in old Norse and it is the perfect place to experience polar bears, pack ice and arctic history amongst jagged peaks and glaciated terrain. Travelling in the early part of the season we will maximise our chances of seeing polar bears on sea ice and experiencing all the wonder of the Arctic. Whether you are a sea kayaker or cruiser, the Svalbard archipelago is a must visit destination.

For those who prefer lower levels of activity but are still there for the adventure, join our trip aboard the polar pioneer in the Svalbard archipelago. Enjoy at least two outings per day to cruise in zodiacs, explore a series of wonderful landing sites amongst a small group and soak up your surrounds ashore. We have an exceptional team of passionate polar experts to help you enjoy and understand the regions wildlife, geology, flora and history onboard with our lecturer or while out adventuring.

Cruise and Kayak
Join our paddling program and experience this polar world in a more active, adventurous way. Using our sturdy base camp the Polar Pioneer, we will select the best locations to take our kayaks on the water. We will paddle any time the weather allows and will offer at least one extended day of paddling, starting in one location and having the ship collect us in another destination. Don’t miss this opportunity to paddle amongst the pack ice and under the jagged peaks of Spitzbergen.

Trip Name
Svalbard Expedition - Cruise to the Edge & Beyond
Vessel Type: Expedition Length: 71 metres Passenger Capacity: 50 Built / refurbished: 1985 / 2000 In 1998, Southern Sea Ventures became the first company to conduct commercial sea kayaking trips in Antarctica. Ever since this time exploration in the polar regions has been a passion of ours that we have been able to share with so many like minded adventurers. We are proud to announce that we are now heading back to the polar regions under our own steam with a range of select charters to the polar regions. We are providing an even broader range of ways to experience these destinations with hiking, cruising, skiing and of course kayaking options available. Our chosen ship, the Polar Pioneer, is one of the smallest passenger vessels operating in these locations. With only 50 passengers, this sturdy ship is nimble and quick to load and unload so you can maximise your adventure. She was built for the high latitudes and has safely sailed thousands of passengers to the Arctic and Antarctic for their experience of a lifetime. With only 50 spaces available onboard not only can we  land at any location and you can be assured of a personalised experience and a high level of care by our dedicated team of polar experts no matter if you are kayaking, hiking, cruising or skiing Join us and our team of passionate and highly experienced,  professional polar guides as we venture to the far flung corners of the world by foot, zodiac, kayak and on skis.


You will be met at the airport and transferred to thegroup hotel for your overnight stay. This evening you’llmeet your expedition leaders and other members ofthe group for a trip briefing.
Today is yours to explore Longyearbyen.Recommendations include The North Pole ExpeditionMuseum, the local brewery and a reindeer burger inone of the local restaurants. Board thePolar Pioneerin the late afternoon. Cruising out of the beautifulIsfjorden, we’ll be escorted by gliding fulmars andperhaps the occasional puffin. The sea kayakers willattend a briefing to distribute dry suits, poggies(paddling mitts for your hands), lifejackets and dry bags.
Day 3 - Days 3 - 9 - 30 MAY - 05 JUNE EXPLORING SVALBARD
Over the next seven days we will explore the amazingwilderness of Svalbard. Our aim is to experience asmuch time as possible outside, be it zodiac cruising,paddling, hiking or wildlife viewing or all four! Ourexperienced Arctic team will use their know-how todesign a day-to-day itinerary that makes the best use ofthe weather, ice conditions and wildlife opportunities.Following are locations we’llpotentially visit.WESTCOASTOFSPITSBERGENWe’ll spend hours out and about in the wild Arcticscenery exploring the glacier filled Kongsfjorden orMagdalenefjord, either zodiac cruising or kayakingalong the coastline or walking the lush tundra, wherewe take extra care not to disturb delicate wildflowers.We may visit an old Dutch whaling station settled inthe early 1600s, aptly namedSmeerenburg(blubbertown).HEADINGNORTHWe’ll encounter amazing vistas in places such asWoodfjorden and Leifdefjorden, where magnificentglaciers end their journey to the sea. Paddlers andzodiac cruisers will wind their way through ice floeswhile walkers will take to the mountains looking out forherds of reindeer and discovering old Russian trapperhuts.We’ll be on alert for polar bear sightings! On boardthePolar Pioneer, we may experience the pack ice ofthe Arctic Ocean, a favourite occupation is to stand atthe bow and look below at the ice being parted by oursturdy ship. A highlight for all on board is the sight ofa bobbing walrus feeding on clams or wallowing, sluglike, on shore.THEEASTCOASTWe experience the variety of Svalbard along the eastcoast of Spitsbergen which can be described as apolar desert. If ice conditions allow, we pass souththrough the narrow Hinlopen Strait,flanked by rockslabs that are rich in fossils. A highlight for any amateurgeologistis todiscoverthese fossils whenwe go ashore.Wildlife viewing is at a premium at Alkafjellet, whereone-hundred-metre-high dolerite towers are hometo millions of Brunnich’s guillemots. On the ship andon land, eyes are peeled for an Arctic fox and birdlifesuch as Eider and beautiful ivory gulls. AsPolar Pioneerpasses between Spitsbergen and the smaller islands ofBarentsøyaandEdgeøya, we cross the main polar bearmigration routes. The beautiful fertile plain ofSundeneset is richly covered with bright green mosses,a variety of delicate and colourful flowers, various fungi,clear bubbling streams and small tarns. We explore thisbeautiful terrain by kayak, zodiac and on foot,marvelling at the contrast between the colourful softground and the barren, rocky terrain from further north.SOUTHANDTHENNORTH-WESTAGAINWe round South Cape, Spitsbergen’s most southerlypoint, before continuing northwards. Hornsund, 23kmlong and 8 -10 km wide, is the southernmost of thelargefjords on Spitsbergen’s west coast. Towers of rockpierce the clouds, lush green slopes run down to thesea and crumbling glaciers surround us. It is a beautifulplace. Bellsund, which we may visit on the west coastof Spitsbergen, is divided into two largefjords. Thenorthernmost - Van Mijenfjorden - is separated fromthe main fjord by a long narrow island,Akseløya,which extends almost across the fjord. There are manydifferent zodiac cruising, paddling and walkingoptions available to us. We may be fortunate to spotBeluga whales in this area and in the skies, we’ll betreated to thousands of birds, including little aukcolonies
During the early morning we cruise back into Isfjordenbefore docking in Longyearbyen. Say your farewells tothe crew and expedition leaders before a transfer to theairport.
Day 5 - Please Note:
The following itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Please note that weather, ice conditions,logistics and unforeseen delays can cause alterations to our itinerary.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
28-05-202306-06-2023USD $7,005Triple Cabin
28-05-202306-06-2023USD $7,760Twin Public
28-05-202306-06-2023USD $8,685Twin Private
28-05-202306-06-2023USD $11,875Mini Suite
28-05-202306-06-2023USD $13,600Suite


    • Arctic wonderland
    • glaciers, sea ice, mountain peaks rising from the sea.
    • Nature based experiences including kayaking, hiking and zodiac excursions.
    • Polar bears, walrus, seals, whales, reindeer, sea birds
    • a nature lover’s nirvana!
    • Land of the midnight sun.
    • Calm fjords to explore by kayak or zodiac.
    • A rich history of human exploration and survival.
    • Fossils to discover (but not keep!)
    • Delicate Arctic flora.
    • 78 degrees north – only 900 kms from the North Pole