Gokova Gulf Luxury Gulet Cruise

Gokova Gulf Luxury Gulet Cruise

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Sailing by Gulet yacht is quite simply a perfect way to visit the Aegean Coast of Bodrum and the nearby islands depending on which itinerary you choose.

No carrying luggage and no need to keep track of time, means that there is so much MORE to experience of this beautiful and historical region’s authenticity, stunning natural landscapes and unique charm.

While exploring the coast, you can anchor in some of the most secluded spots, which let you really get the feel for the places that most visitors leave at sunset.

We give you a boutique version of the classic gulet yacht cruise, discovering historical sites, tiny harbour villages, untouched beaches and bays, and a choice of great activities; all while making yourself at home in the spacious comfort of your luxurious private cabin. On board you enjoy the relaxed company of your fellow guests, large lounge areas and deck, immaculate crew service, and magical feast after feast on board each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Departing and ending in Bodrum. This itinerary takes in the breathtaking beauty of the Turkish Gulf of Gokova, a scattering of unspoiled islands and dramatic coastline fringed by many isolated coves and bays. Set sail from Bodrum visiting idyllic destinations and anchorages famous for their sea life and incredible waters, laid back fishing villages- many great for hiking, remarkable and atmospheric ancient sites, and yet more beautiful bays in the Gulf of Gokova. This relaxing, rich and ambient cruise experience takes you to the cove of Kisebuku before ending in the lively historical marina town of Bodrum.

Ships are named on departures ONE month prior to departure dates.

Price includes:

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Afternoon snacks, all non alcoholic drinks & local alcoholic beer & wines)
• Sport activities on board
• Wifi
• Towels and beach towels

Trip Name
Gokova Gulf Luxury Gulet Cruise
Vessel Type: Gulet Yacht Length: 25 metres Passenger Capacity: 10 The luxury sailing Gulet yacht M/S Myra’s antique design is integrated with spacious fore, side and aft decks, up-to-date nautical equipment, outdoor dining area, cushioned lounging areas, sun mattresses, tenting to protect from the sun, plus other contemporary comforts. The interior features elegant living quarters with high ceilings, wide corridors and full air conditioning. The lounge includes stocked bar, cushioned seating, and a table for indoor dining. Accommodations consist of airy cabins with king, queen and single-sized beds and 1 master cabin with a king-sized bed. Each cabin has generous storage space, and a roomy en suite bathroom with toilet, shower, marble sink, and vanity. Crew has separate quarters. Comfort On Board Lounge with fully stocked bar and ice maker, indoor dining facilities, fully equipped galley, air conditioning, generous closet and storage space, reading lights above the beds, bathroom with enclosed shower, hot and cold water, flush toilet, marble sink with vanity, towels (face, hand, bath and beach), bathrobes, hair dryer. On deck there are easy access swim ladders & outdoor shower. Activities On Board Snorkel and water-ski equipment for all ages, 1 kayak, flotation devices, and fishing equipment. Television with DVD player, CD player with iPod connection, speakers below and on deck, backgammon, chess, playing cards and yoga mats. Wi-Fi & Phones Cell phone coverage and free WiFi connection for up to 15 GB is available on board. Over and above that, the rental price for an external modem, which we can arrange, costs approximately 50 Euro per week. A/C Air conditioning may run continuously in Turkish ports. Greek ports do not provide enough voltage necessary for air conditioning so generators are used until midnight. (Harbor regulations forbid generator noise after this time.) For safety reasons, even if the yacht is completely isolated in a cove, the generator cannot be left on for 24 continuous hours, as the engine room must be manned while the generator is in use.


Day 1 - Day 1 - Bodrum
Meet at Bodrum Harbour and board your luxurious gulet in the afternoon. Your captain and crew will be waiting for you on board. Spend the first night on board in Bodrum Harbour or a bay close by.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Cati
Depart from Bodrum for the Gulf of Gokova, a stretch of the Aegean where thesea displays the most remarkable hues. The rugged coastline with its myriadsmall bays and harbors gives way to a stunning backdrop of pine-clad hills andmountains.The next destination is Cati Bay where we will spend the rest of the day and sleepunder the stars. Cati is a beautiful natural harbor surrounded with pine trees,fantastic for swimming and walks through the pine forests.
Day 3 - Day 3 - Adalar - Kufre
After breakfast, leave Cati Bay to explore Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands), a chain of6 larger and many small islands, fringed by coral reefs located very close to theshore. Each island has its own beauty, presenting you with incredible beaches,pine forests, or beautiful Styrax (or Sorax, sweet gum, liquid-amber) trees, whichare native to this region, and have provided resin to make perfumes and incensesince ancient times. The locals extract the sap from the sweet gum trees to produceStorax, which is used for medicinal purposes. At an American Chemical SocietyMeeting in 2006, chemists reported evidence that the seeds of the sweet gumfruit contain shikimic acid, the acid used to produce the main antiviral agent forfighting bird flu.There are many secluded beaches and coves here where you can enjoy swimming,kayaking, and snorkelling. Our last stop in the Seven Islands region will be Kufre Bay.
Day 4 - Day 4 - Sedir Adasi - English Harbour
Continue your voyage to Cleopatra Island, the site of the classical love-nestcreated by Mark Anthony for the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Here you findextensive archaeological remains scattered along one of Turkey’s most breathtakinggolden beaches.(Optional): Cleopatra’s Island is like an open-air museum with its ruin-scatteredbeach, golden sand, and crystalline water. The inland area has a Dorian-style templethat Christians later turned into a church, a 1,500-person amphitheater reminiscent of the pre-Roman era, small buildings with domed roofs, cisterns colored red on theinside, and tunnels. The surrounding area is strewn with broken columns, capitals,and stones decorated with pictures and reliefs. The numerous knights’ coats of armssuggest that the Knights of Rhodes used the island. Legend has it that Mark Anthonybrought the sand here for Cleopatra from the deserts of North Africa. It is forbiddenby law to remove even a few grains of unusual sand from this island.English Harbor: When you depart and sail along the island’s southwestern coast, youwill notice how the forests come down to meet the shores of deep inlets stretchinginland. This rugged coastline is known as the Bay of Sixty-six Inlets. In the afternooncruise to the secluded English Harbor, which abounds with thick green foliage. Thecove takes its name from the English torpedo boats that hid here in World War II.
Day 5 - Day 5 - Longuz Bay - Ballisu - Tuzla
Set sail for the Longuz Bay, where the forest touches the water’s edge and offerssome lovely hiking opportunities. In the early evening drop anchor in Tuzla forovernight, after a few stops for swimming in Ballisu. Ballisu (meaning ‘honeyedwater’) is another site of incredible natural beauty that will take your breath away.
Day 6 - Day 6 - Cokertme
Cruise to the picturesque fishing hamlet of Cokertme, which is nestled in thefoothills of Kiran Mountains. Here you can hike through the village’s windingpathways, some of them not much more than a goat path and explore.(Optional): A short southerly sail brings you to the intriguing village of Oren. Ifthe sea is calm, you can drop anchor at the sea wall and either walk about a mile ortake a minibus up to the old village. Here you will find villagers living amongst theruins of ancient Keramos. If you explore the various footpaths, you will eventuallycome across an ornately carved temple doorway (now part of a barn wall), theremains of a Byzantine church at the bottom of a garden complete with a clearlyvisible fresco, and the remains of a Roman bath complex.
Day 7 - Day 7 - Kisebuku & Bodrum
This morning cruise to the pine-clad Bay of Kisebuku. Take advantage of the calmmorning hours sailing smoothly along the Gokova shores. Opt for a stop at OrakIsland. Late afternoon, come into Bodrum harbor, or continue to the lovely bay ofAda Bogazi for the night. Year round balmy temperatures, international marinas, elegant boutiques, chiccafés and nightclubs and a variety of delightful dining experiences attract manyto the lively Bodrum town and harbor. The 15th century Crusader castle, theMuseum of Underwater Archaeology, and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, oneof Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, add an historical dimension to this resort.(Optional): Karaada Island is well-known for its thermal features, caves and mudbaths. Take a hike around the island and swim in the thermal sulphur baths, wherethe water is comfortably warm.(Optional): This afternoon, visit the 15th-century Crusader castle, which housesthe Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Museum exhibits includeancient shipwrecks raised off the coast of Turkey and the intact remains of a Carianprincess’ tomb dating back to the time of Alexander the Great.
Day 8 - Day 8 - Bodrum
Disembark after breakfast.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Route applies according to weather changes at the discretion of the captain.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
22-05-202129-05-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
22-05-202129-05-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
22-05-202129-05-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
29-05-202105-06-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
29-05-202105-06-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
29-05-202105-06-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
05-06-202112-06-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
05-06-202112-06-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
05-06-202112-06-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
12-06-202119-06-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
12-06-202119-06-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
12-06-202119-06-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
19-06-202126-06-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
19-06-202126-06-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
19-06-202126-06-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
26-06-202103-07-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
26-06-202103-07-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
26-06-202103-07-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
03-07-202110-07-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
03-07-202110-07-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
03-07-202110-07-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
10-07-202117-07-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
10-07-202117-07-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
10-07-202117-07-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
17-07-202124-07-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
17-07-202124-07-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
17-07-202124-07-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
24-07-202131-07-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
24-07-202131-07-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
24-07-202131-07-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
31-07-202107-08-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
31-07-202107-08-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
31-07-202107-08-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
07-08-202114-08-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
07-08-202114-08-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
07-08-202114-08-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
14-08-202121-08-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
14-08-202121-08-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
14-08-202121-08-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
21-08-202128-08-2021EUR €1,181Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
21-08-202128-08-2021EUR €1,753Master Cabin
21-08-202128-08-2021EUR €2,042Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
28-08-202104-09-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
28-08-202104-09-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
28-08-202104-09-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
04-09-202111-09-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
04-09-202111-09-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
04-09-202111-09-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
11-09-202118-09-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
11-09-202118-09-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
11-09-202118-09-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
18-09-202125-09-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
18-09-202125-09-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
18-09-202125-09-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
25-09-202102-10-2021EUR €945Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
25-09-202102-10-2021EUR €1,407Master Cabin
25-09-202102-10-2021EUR €1,632Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
02-10-202109-10-2021EUR €808Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
02-10-202109-10-2021EUR €1,202Master Cabin
02-10-202109-10-2021EUR €1,400Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
09-10-202116-10-2021EUR €808Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
09-10-202116-10-2021EUR €1,202Master Cabin
09-10-202116-10-2021EUR €1,400Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
16-10-202123-10-2021EUR €808Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
16-10-202123-10-2021EUR €1,202Master Cabin
16-10-202123-10-2021EUR €1,400Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)
23-10-202130-10-2021EUR €808Classic Twin Or Double Cabin
23-10-202130-10-2021EUR €1,202Master Cabin
23-10-202130-10-2021EUR €1,400Grand Master Cabin (only On Flas VII)


    • Visit the lovely natural lagoon and ruins of Cati, where you will most likely begin a life-long love affair with this region of truly remarkable beauty.
    • Sail on to the unique golden beach on Cleopatra’s Island, Sedir Adasi, and explore the amphitheatre and temple here soaking up the atmosphere of ancient mythology.
    • Stop at the relaxed village of Cokertme for great hikes, a sandy beach and delicious local seafront dining hosted by the famously warm locals.
    • Stop at the stunning bay of Kisebuku en route to Bodrum.