Istanbul & Gallipoli Battlefields Experience – Independent

Istanbul & Gallipoli Battlefields Experience – Independent

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Uncover the multi-layered city of Istanbul; the continent-straddling metropolis that so many civilisations have called home over the past nine thousand years. Get an intimate and local feel for the city with an expert guide, surrounded by the remains of great fallen empires. In the streets and laneways between the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, a cosmopolitan modern world thrives. Mix with Istanbulites at the Grand Bazaar that lies at the end of the historic Silk Road. Then discover the history of Gallipoli, one of the most important sites of the Great War. Travel via cosmopolitan Istanbul, and hear the stories of heroism and camaraderie that unfolded among the tragedies of what has become a defining moment in Australian and New Zealand history. Take guided tour of of the historical site of Troy. Discover the history behind the famous archaeological site

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Istanbul & Gallipoli Battlefields Experience - Independent
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  • Be treated to a feast at a local family's home as well as other oh so Turkish pursuits: drinking tea, playing backgammon, and the indulging in the water pipe
  • Reflect on battles fought and lives lost with a moving visit to the Gallipoli Peninsula, a place of enormous significance to Australians and New Zealanders for the role it played in during the First World War
  • Discover the history behind the famous archaeological site of Troy


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Day 1 - Istanbul
Welcome to Istanbul; the continent-straddling metropolis that the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans have called home. If you arrive at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport (IST), you will be met and transferred to your starting hotel. If you arrive at Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) airport please make your own way to the hotel (unless you have booked a transfer). This evening you will meet your local guide for a quick welcome meeting you will be treated to a fest at a local family's home as well as other oh so Turkish pursuits: drinking tea, playing backgammon, and hitting the water pipe! Enjoy your home cooked feast and learn about their cultural customs and about life in modern day Turkey. After a traditional turkish meal, there’s a chance to try two of Turkey’s favourite pastimes - tea drinking and Narglie (waterpipe) smoking. Sit back, relax and enjoy. At the end of the adventure you are free to return to your hotel or continue your own personal exploration of Istanbul. 
Day 2 - Istanbul - Canakkale
We will depart Istanbul at around 6.30am this morning to make a start on the scenic 5.5 hour drive to Eceabat. We will stop for a light breakfast along the way.  Please note that we will use a shared mini bus to travel to Eceabat. On arrival in Eceabat we take the ferry across the Dardanelles and check into our accommodation in Canakkale.  We spend this afternoon on a guided tour of of the historical site of Troy. Discover the history behind the famous archaeological site of Troy and see a replica statue of the Trojan Horse. Then, delve into the interesting era’s of Troy and discover how this settlement transformed over time. Return to Canakkale in the late afternoon, we recommend trying one of the restaurants on the waterfront for the local catch of the day.
Day 3 - Canakkale - Gallipoli
This morning you travel to the battlefields of Gallipoli for a guided tour of this historic WWI site, where you’ll learn more about the plight of the ANZAC, Allied and Turkish forces. Be humbled while exploring a region equated with one of the most significant military battles in Australia’s history. You’ll embark on a guided tour through Anzac Cove to the battlefields of Nek and Lone Pine, and be amazed at how this now serene coastline once saw such brutal scenes of war. Look down upon the rough and barren hills and gullies that sadly became the graveyard for so many thousands of young men from both sides. Tour the former battlefields and encounter remnants of trenches used by the Turkish soldiers. Hear stories of heroism and camaraderie that unfolded among the tragedies of what has become a defining moment in Australian, New Zealand and Turkish history, and take the time to read moving inscriptions etched onto a sea of gravestones. There will also be the option to visit the Kabatepe Museum, which includes intereactive presentations of the battle, as well as numerous relics from the campaign. Return to Canakkale in the evening.
Day 4 - Istanbul
After breakfast today you will make your way back to Istanbul. Your journey will be in private vehicle and can take between 5 and 6 hours depending on traffic.  Your trip will conclud on arrival in Istanbul.  This trip will come to end on arrival to Istanbul.

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Comfortable hotel (3 nights)


Private vehicle,shared mini bus