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Listen up trainers: are you ready to travel across the land, searching far and wide, for those elusive little pocket monsters and the power that’s inside? Yeah you are!

As Pokémania grips the world, we’ve created the ultimate Pokémon adventure: race around the world with us, seeking out as many of the little guys – and big guys (here’s looking at you, Snorlax!) – as you can, checking out some of the most amazing, eye-opening and mind-blowing sights along the way. Imagine the bragging rights you’ll have if you catch Pikachu at Machu Picchu, battle Blastoise alongside a giant tortoise in the Galapagos and spot Pidgeot at Angkor Wat. Wait, who’s that at the Pyramids of Giza? It’s that fire-spitting Charizard!

Channel your inner Ash Ketchum and catch ‘em all on this epic Geckos adventure to some of the most far-flung PokéStops around the world. The time is right.

The trip will start on the 28th August 2016 in Lima and will end on the 10th October in Bangkok.   You get yourself there and home and we’ll fly you from Cuzco to Quito, Quito to Cairo & Cairo to Ho Chi Minh City.  We’ll cover all the accommodation between the trips too!  Price is $9800.   Pokémon: GO!


Trip Name



Day 1:  Lima

Arrival day.

Peru. Your adventure starts with an orientation walk around Peru’s capital. You’ll be lead around locations such as Miraflores and head from Central Park (Parque Kennedy) to the entertainment complex of LarcoMar. At around 2 pm there will be a pre-departure meeting. Afterwards, get to know your group with a few pisco sours and a plate of Lima’s famous ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime juice, chilli, onions and tomato).

Day 2 – 3:  Cuzco:

Say farewll to Lima today and fly to Cuzco, which takes around one hour and ten minutes. Spend the next two days trying to acclimatise to the high altitude of this location (i.e. no strenuous activity). Visit the alpaca farms in the Sacred Valley for knitted creations and the market town of Pisac for leather goods. After dropping your luggage off and having some lunch, your leader will take you on an orientation walk around downtown Cuzco, the local San Pedro market, the main square and past the 12 Angled Stone

Day 4 – 7: Inca Trail, Quarry trek or Train to Machu Picchu

Route 1 Classic Inca Trail:
This is the most challenging day of the trek, as we ascend a long steep path (approximately five hours) to reach the highest point of the trail. Colloquially known as ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’, Warmiwanusca sits at a height of 4,200 meters above sea level, providing amazing views of the valley below. The group will then descend to the campsite in the Pacaymayo Valley at 3,650 metres.

Route 2 Quarry Trail:
This is the most challenging and rewarding day of the hike. A three-hour walk takes us to the top of the first pass of Puccaqasa (approximately 4,370 meters high). After enjoying picturesque views of the valley, it’s a short walk before stopping for lunch. Afterwards, make the two-hour hike to Kuychicassa, the highest pass of the trek at 4,450 meters. From here, descend to the sacred site the Incas called Intipunku (Sun Gate), with views of the Nevado Veronica mountain. Head to the campsite, only a stone’s throw away at Choquetacarpo.

Route 3 Train:
Today, perhaps your free day indulging your inner foodie in the eateries of Cuzco. Head to lunch at the arty Fallen Angel restaurant, and if you still have room for dessert, the ChocoMuseo offers tastings and chocolate-marking workshops. All optional activities are at your own cost.

Day 8:  Final day Cuzco

Your Inca Trek & Machu Picchu adventure comes to an end this morning. There are no more activities planned and you’re free to leave the accommodation at any time.


You have 5 free days before you join the trip the Galapagos.

We will cover your accommodation and flight from Cuzco to Quito, you just need to tell us at time of booking, where you’d like to spend your extra days.  Maybe split and do 3 in Cuzco and 2 in Quito.


Welcome to Baltra, Galapagos Islands. Your tour begins with a welcome meeting where you join with a group who are arriving from Quito.  Once you’ve joined the group, transfer to Puerto Ayora and board a speed boat for a three-hour ride to Isabela Island. On arrival, you’ll need to pay the Isabela Island port fee of USD 5.

Spend the next 5 days sailing around the Galapagos and exploring giant tortoise sanctuaries, snorkelling with sea lions, searching for sea turtles and other Galapagos Marine life.


You have 5 free days before you join the trip In Egypt.

We will cover your accommodation and flight from Quito to Cairo, you just need to tell us at time of booking, where you’d like to spend your extra days.   With an adventure like this, the flight time may be long between the two cities but we’ll be sure to make sure you have a comfy bed on either side of the flight.


Days 1-2:   Cairo, Pyramids & Sphinx

Today you’ll take a trip to the Egyptian Museum to see the golden mask of none other than King Tutankhamun. Drive out to the edge of the desert and explore the pyramids and the nearby Sphinx (nobody’s quite sure how it lost its nose). Later, with free time, there are plenty of further options, like visiting the Valley Temple of King Khafre (Chephren). In the evening, it’s time for your sleeper train to Aswan (Sleeper Train to Aswan sounds a bit like the title of an adventure novel, doesn’t it? Just you wait).

Days 3-4:  Aswan

Enjoy some breakfast, then put on your haggling hat (or just a regular hat, we don’t mind) for a trip to the bazaar. Grab useful stuff like books, cotton tops and sunhats for your upcoming Nile cruise. Splurge on fun stuff like perfume oil, leather bags and jewellery just for the heck of it.

Day 5:  Nile Felucca

All aboard! Time to sail the Nile in a felucca.  This pretty awesome boat will be your home tonight, and all three meals are included today. You’ll visit the Temple of Sobek, a classic, ruined (you might even say classically ruined) Greco-Roman temple. Continue sailing towards Edfu and take in some timeless scenes of life on the Nile. Your Instagram account should be going off like a frog in a sandstorm by now. Stop in at Edfu to explore the awesomely preserved Temple of Horus (Horus being the falcon-headed God).

Days 6-7: Luxor – Valley of Kings

The world is your oyster today. And Luxor is one beautiful and interesting world to be in. Enjoy free time – you might want to take a horse-drawn carriage to the massive temple complex at Karnak (one of the most impressive temple complexes in the world, for sure). Some of it dates as far back as 2,055 BC, if that gives you some idea of what you’re dealing with.

On Day 7:   you’ll ride a donkey. But you won’t just ride it anywhere. You and your new furry friend will venture to the legendary Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of Egyptian royalty are many. You will visit three of them. Be nice to your donkey and it’ll be a nice, peaceful sunrise stroll past fields of alfalfa. Upset him and you’ll be sore for days. In the evening you’ll catch an overnight train back to Cairo.

Days 8-9.  Cairo

Time for one last walk around Cairo. Head south from Bab al-Futuh (one of the medieval north gates), past the old Islamic monuments that stand watch over the bazaars. Wipe the dust from your brow and say goodbye to this frenetic place. Just go ahead and try not to shed a tear in front of your new travelling buddies.


You’ll be moving quick today to get on a flight from Cairo to Ho Chi Minh City.  Once again, not the most common route for travellers but a necessity to catch those Pokémon.


Day 1.  Arrive Ho Chi Minh City

Day 2.  Travel to Phnom Penh by public bus today (approximately 6–7 hours). If you’re looking for a tasty beverage on arrival, hit the Foreign Correspondents Club for a mojito on the rooftop. Or you can explore the city on a cyclo tour – generally these go to the central market, US Embassy, Wat Phnom, Mekong river front, independence monument and Royal Palace. Phew! Maybe it’s time for a traditional Khmer massage. Look no further than Seeing Hands, a great cause supporting visually impaired masseurs.

Day 3.  Chambok homestay

Travel by private bus into rural Cambodia (approximately 3 hours) to the region of Kampong Speu and the village of Chambok. It’s right next to the beautiful Kirirom National Park, so you can imagine how serene it is here. A homestay tonight is your chance to really immerse yourself in everyday life. Not to mention feast on a traditional Khmer dinner, prepared by your lovely hosts. Weather permitting, you might be able to trek to the awesome 40-metre waterfall nearby today too (this is optional)

Day 4-5.  Sihanoukville

Whether you like your beaches lively or chillaxed, Sihanoukville has something for you. You might get a clue as to why this place was named after royalty when you see the natural splendour that surrounds it. And the people are super nice and welcoming.

Day 6.  Phnom Penh

Day 7.  Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham in nutshell: frontier charm, French-colonial character. Take a public bus there (approximately 3 hours) and soak it all up. Koh Paen Island is a good option while you’re here, and you can hire a bike and get there with no fuss (you’ll just have to take a ferry over the water if you visit during wet season). The 11th-century Wat Nokor is also worth a look. A little further away are the twin ‘mountain temples’ of Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei which, as well as being fascinating sites of religious, historic and spiritual significance, are more than Instagram-worthy.

Days 8 – 10:  Siem Reap

Get your camera ready, strap on your walkin’ boots and get excited: Angkor is one of Southeast Asia’s number one highlights, possibly THE highlight. The obvious banger is Angkor Wat, which is every bit as amazing as everyone says it is, especially at sunset). But you’ll also spend plenty of time visiting the other gems of this sprawling complex, like the giant carved faces of Bayon and the crazy jungle-juxtaposition of Ta Prohm (a temple that looks like it’s being swallowed by the vice-like grip of Mother Nature’s tentacles). And yeah, Tomb Raider.

Days 11-12. Bangkok

Drive from Siem Reap to Bangkok (approximately 8–9 hours, including border crossing and lunch). Again, your leader will assist with the border-crossing formalities. If you expect a soothing and charming backwater, think again – it’s go, go, go in Thailand’s frenetic capital. If you don’t go home exhausted from here, you didn’t do it properly! Still, the khlongs (canals) are a great escape from it all – maybe take a boat to the highly recommended Chinatown for a delicious street food dinner. A Thai massage may also be a good option at this point.

Trip Dates

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28-08-201610-10-2016AUD $ 9,800-