Alaska Fjords & Glaciers (Wilderness Discoverer)

Alaska Fjords & Glaciers (Wilderness Discoverer)

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Cloud failure or liquid sunshine, our Alaska small ship adventure cruises are perfect for exploration—paddling, hiking, hot tub under the stars, “polar bear plunges,” even playing in the mud with your expert expedition team. Glacier Bay National Park; Native totems; breaching whales; soaring eagles; rainforests.

Humpback and orca are frequently spotted and porpoises, seals, and otters are common too. The underwater sealife is spectacular and the shallows are capreted with anenomes, urchins and spectacular starfish.

There are plenty of opprtunities for walking, kayaking and cruising in the Zodiacs looking for the wildlife that abounds.

Do as much or as little as you like on an unforgettable journey.

Trip Name
Alaska Fjords & Glaciers (Wilderness Discoverer)
Vessel type: Expedition Length: 176 feet Passenger Capacity: 76 guests Built: 1992, renovated 2012 Active adventure is top-of-mind aboard the Wilderness Discoverer. Complementing the wilderness outside, the décor of the main lounge including reclaimed Alaskan yellow cedar on the bar top evokes the feel of a National Park. The casual, welcoming ambiance of the lounge and dining room with an open floor plan between them creates easy camaraderie among guests. Three public decks are easily accessible—the sun deck features both covered and open spaces for viewing no matter the weather, and the bow and observation deck offer unencumbered views. The Wilderness Discoverer comes equipped for adventure with kayaks, paddle boards, skiffs, hiking poles, wet suits and snorkel equipment, and yoga mats. The EZ Dock launch platform makes getting into the water a cinch. A hydrophone transmits below-surface sounds and a bow-mounted underwater camera shows the action. For wellness and relaxation, the vessel offers two hot tubs and fitness equipment. There are four cabin categories aboard the Wilderness Discoverer: Navigator; Trailblazer; Pathfinder; and Explorer. Depending on the cabin, singles, doubles or triples can be accommodated. Common to all cabins are: Air conditioning; flat-screen TV/DVD; iPod docking station, private bath with shower; a view window (no portholes).


Day 1 - DAY 1 Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation
Arriving in Juneau and met with a warm welcome, that’s a good start. You have time to take in a bit of the city once you check in at the hospitality area. But after boarding, grab a glass of bubbly as you push off the dock. Set sail for the Endicott Arm wilderness.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Endicott Arm / Fords Terror
Take an early peek out your window. Fjord cliffs reach skyward. Floating ice. And deep u-shaped valleys. There’s no abracadabra here. Mother Nature’s magic is real. Cruise past harbor seals and their pups lounging on chunks of ice. At the end of Endicott, the blue face of Dawes Glacier is stories high. Will it calve? Listen for a crack and unmistakable white thunder. The name Fords Terror originated from a trick of the tides on an early mariner. And tides permitting, your skiff driver knows its character and guides you along. It’s a mashup of towering walls, temperamental currents, and the Coastal Mountains. So many waterfalls. Mountain goats show off fancy foot work on the cliffs. Look for them.
Day 3 - DAY 3 Stephens Passage
Yoga stretches on-deck jump start the day. Humpback and orca are frequent visitors of this Southeast passage. A misty spout is a sure sign they’re in the neighborhood. Your captain navigates Stephens Passage to Port Houghton. And you’re in for a boot-sucking, paddle-smacking day of adventure with your guide team. The routes are all picked out. Make your choice and make your move. Slip off the kayak launch and take it slow spotting sea stars and shore birds. Hard chargers take a long wild paddle to the salt chuck at the back of the inlet. Or, hike into the Tongass. It’s a landscape of hanging waterfalls and shades green.
Day 4 - DAY 4 Thomas Bay / Wrangell Narrows
When you come this far, you might as well go all in. This is way back backcountry of Alaska's wilderness. Glacial landscapes marked by moraines, muskegs, and mud. In this playground, it’s all an option today. Kayak and skiff in water almost clear as glass. The mirror image of fjord walls plays on the surface. Hike through the outwash of Baird Glacier. Or keep it green tromping through a grassy meadow into the forest. Later, pass by the fishing town of Petersburg and wind into the Wrangell Narrows. Abundant bright red and green navigation lights guide the way. It’s “Christmas Tree Lane”, of course.
Day 5 - DAY 5 Wrangell
Native culture and wildlife have gotten along just fine for centuries. Wrangell is one of the oldest towns in Alaska. It’s also the only one ever governed by four nations. The Tlingit cultures have deep roots here. And local islanders come aboard this morning with a presentation that brings their stories and legends to life. Venture into town for a view of recently carved totem poles at Kiksetti Totem Park. See how many totems you can pick out on each pole. Step inside famed Chief Shakes Tribal House. Can you feel the history in this historic community house?
Day 6 - DAY 6 Behm Canal
Wildlife abounds. Black bears, mink, eagles. In Behm Canal, it’s all remote waterways and the isolated Tongass National Forest. On Cleveland Peninsula, your expedition team leads a low-elevation hike with wide-stretching views. Good opportunities for panoramic shots of Southeast. In the water orca, porpoises, seals, and otters go about their business. Go about yours on a guided paddle along the canal. An intertidal shore walk circles a tall sea stack covered in green.
Day 7 - DAY 7 Misty Fjords National Monument
Its affectionate nickname, “The Yosemite of the North,” is deserved. There are places on the planet that completely overcome you. This is one of them. The beauty. The peace. The sense of place you feel. Misty Fjords National Monument represents nearly every ecosystem found in Southeast Alaska. And that alone is a lot to consider. Glacial valleys filled with sea water. Sheer 3,000 foot cliffs. Sea birds, brown and black bears, mountain goats, Sitka black-tailed deer, all find safe haven here. Kayak in Walker Cove or Rudyerd Bay and you find it’s just as easy to paddle and go, as it is to sit and float and take it all in. Or skiff to the base of a waterfall for fjord-released shower. It’s an amazing wrap to your week. Your captain joins you tonight for a Farewell Dinner. Celebrate and reminisce about your Alaskan journey with a “photo journal” by your crew.
Day 8 - DAY 8 Ketchikan, Alaska – Disembarkation
After breakfast this morning, bid adieu to your new pals before you disembark and transfer to the Ketchikan airport.
Day 9 - Please Note:
tineraries are guidelines; variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur to maximize your experience.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
01-08-202008-08-2020USD $4,695Navigator Cabin
01-08-202008-08-2020USD $5,495Trailblazer Cabin
01-08-202008-08-2020USD $5,995Pathfinder Cabin
01-08-202008-08-2020USD $7,045Single
01-08-202008-08-2020USD $7,795Explorer Cabin
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $4,195Navigator Cabin
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $4,995Trailblazer Cabin
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $5,395Pathfinder Cabin
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $6,295Single
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $7,195Explorer Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $4,195Navigator Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $4,995Trailblazer Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $5,395Pathfinder Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $6,295Single
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $7,195Explorer Cabin
18-04-202125-04-2021USD $2,995Navigator Cabin
18-04-202125-04-2021USD $3,695Trailblazer Cabin
18-04-202125-04-2021USD $4,095Pathfinder Cabin
18-04-202125-04-2021USD $4,495Single
18-04-202125-04-2021USD $5,695Explorer Cabin
05-09-202112-09-2021USD $3,895Navigator Cabin
05-09-202112-09-2021USD $4,595Trailblazer Cabin
05-09-202112-09-2021USD $4,995Pathfinder Cabin
05-09-202112-09-2021USD $5,845Single
05-09-202112-09-2021USD $6,595Explorer Cabin


    • Dawes Glacier and ice-rich Endicott Arm
    • Whale watching in Stephens Passage
    • Adventure exploration in Misty Fjords National Monument
    • Tlingit cultural presentation
    • Kiksetti Totem Park and Chief Shakes Tribal House visit
    • Tongass backcountry by kayak, paddle board, skiff, and hike
    • Search for wildlife—bears, Sitka deer, sea lions, eagles, mink, porpoises, mountain goats
    • Navigate winding Wrangell Narrows and Behm Canal