Alaska’s Glaciers & Whales (Safari Endeavour)

Alaska’s Glaciers & Whales (Safari Endeavour)

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Cloud failure or liquid sunshine, our Alaska small ship adventure cruises are perfect for exploration—paddling, hiking, hot tub under the stars, “polar bear plunges,” even playing in the mud with your expert expedition team. Glacier Bay National Park; Native totems; breaching whales; soaring eagles; rainforests; northern lights. Do as much or as little as you like on an unforgettable journey.

Themed departures available for this itinerary, please contact us for more details.

Trip Name
Alaska's Glaciers & Whales (Safari Endeavour)
Vessel Type: Small Ship Length: 232 ft Passenger Capacity: 88 Built / Refurbished: 1983 / 2012 Aboard this spacious expedition vessel, three decks offer ample outside vantage points for taking in daytime sights and the sparkling night sky with new friends. Interior spaces including the intimate lounge, cask wine bar, and cozy library provide comfortable and relaxing spaces to sit back with a book and glass of wine, gather for presentations, or to share experiences from the day. The fully-stocked, marble-topped bar in the lounge is a magnet for activity and mingling. Ready for adventure at a moment’s notice, the Safari Endeavour is fully loaded with adventure equipment: kayaks; paddle boards; inflatable skiffs; hiking poles; yoga mats; and snorkel gear and wetsuits; plus, a hydrophone for listening to below-surface sounds and a bow-mounted underwater camera. For those moments when attention turns to relaxation, the vessel comes equipped with two hot tubs, fitness equipment, yoga mats, and a massage suite. There are five cabin categories aboard the Safari Endeavour: Master; Commander; Captain; Admiral; and Commodore Suite. Depending on the category, singles, doubles or triples can be accommodated. Common to all cabins are: Flat-screen TV/DVD; iPod docking station; air conditioning; desk and chair; private bath with shower; generous storage and closet space.


Day 1 - DAY 1 Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation
Welcome to Alaska’s capital, where your home on the water awaits. Come aboard, meet your crew, and unpack your adventurous spirit. Your course is set for glaciers, and the Tongass—the largest national forest in the U.S.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm / Stephens Passage
Your captain eyes the day’s conditions and makes a choice. Whether Tracy or Endicott is the Arm du jour, wake in a fjord flanked by sheer granite walls. Grab a hot cup of joe and take it all in from the bow. Cascading waterfalls. Drifting icebergs. A lazy harbor seal or two. Layer up with gloves and a warm hat, and hop in a skiff for a better look at the glacier—the temps drop the closer you get. Your expedition guide clues you in to signs of the ice ages that carved this landscape. The geology is fascinating and so is the wildlife. Keep an eye out for mountain goats, bears, and eagles. Make waves for Stephens Passage. It’s all hands on deck watching for signs of humpbacks. It’s a big first day!
Day 3 - DAY 3 Thomas Bay / Baird Glacier
Have your rubber boots handy. You’re in for muskeg and mud in Alaska’s backcountry. Hiking along Baird’s moraine, look for shimmers of gold and quartz—this area is known for it. The glacial outwash plains look almost lunar, but you’re not alone in this moonscape. The glacial valley is a nesting hot-spot for arctic terns. Splash away the mud before a paddle along the bay’s mossy cliff walls. Back on board, it’s time for a cocktail and a soak in the hot tub.
Day 4 - DAY 4 LeConte Glacier / Ideal Cove
LeConte is the southernmost tidewater glacier in North America. If tides are low, take a boot-sucking walk to check out icebergs resting on the mudflats. If it’s high tide, a skiff ride brings you up-close to its iceberg gardens. Surrounded by national forest, Ideal Cove’s boardwalk trails wind through meadows of ferns and grasses. Or test your balance paddle boarding in this quiet cove. It’s just you and the vast wilderness.
Day 5 - DAY 5 Kake / Frederick Sound
"Kake" comes from a Tlingit word meaning “opening of daylight.” Apropos, start your day in this native village with traditional storytelling and dancing. Count the many totems on their 132-foot pole. Drop the kayaks in Saginaw Bay or some other hidden cove along the Keku Islands. Black bears are common sights along shore. But so are eagles in the treetops and orange-billed surf scoters paddling nearby. For hikers, your guides have a route in mind. Make for the forest, far off the map. Cruising Frederick Sound, chances are high you’ll see humpbacks. The up-welling of nutrients in the water make it an irresistible feeding ground.
Day 6 - DAY 6 Baranof Island / Peril Strait
Leave it to the captain to steer you through Chatham and Peril Straits. At Baranof Island, your top-notch expedition team has the game plan dialed. Tap some of the most untouched wilderness in the Tongass. Head to the woods for an adventuresome bushwhack. Or slide into a kayak for an easygoing shoreline paddle. Find a perch on deck in Peril Strait—it’s a twisting drama of currents and history.
Day 7 - DAY 7 Sergius Narrows / Neva Strait
There aren’t many straight lines along Baranof Island. Its western side is dotted with hundreds of coves and uninhabited islands. This is a prime area for spotting sea otters. It’s no surprise to round a corner in your kayak and find one looking at you and you looking at him. The protected beaches are made for exploring the intertidal zones, and spotting bears. So, boot up for a guided hike. End your day with celebration and a toast at a heartfelt Farewell Dinner. Your expedition team treats you to a photo recap of the week’s adventures.
Day 8 - DAY 8 Sitka – Disembarkation
A last breakfast with new friends, then disembark in Sitka for your transfer to the airport or to your UnCruise hotel stay or land tour.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are guidelines; variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur to maximize your experience.

Trip Dates

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24-05-202031-05-2020USD $6,295Master Stateroom
24-05-202031-05-2020USD $6,895Commander Stateroom
24-05-202031-05-2020USD $7,395Captain Stateroom
24-05-202031-05-2020USD $8,185Single
24-05-202031-05-2020USD $8,395Admiral Stateroom
24-05-202031-05-2020USD $11,395Commodore Suite
07-06-202014-06-2020USD $8,395Admiral Stateroom
07-06-202014-06-2020USD $11,395Commodore Suite
07-06-202014-06-2020USD $6,295Master Stateroom
07-06-202014-06-2020USD $6,895Commander Stateroom
07-06-202014-06-2020USD $7,395Captain Stateroom
07-06-202014-06-2020USD $8,185Single
21-06-202028-06-2020USD $6,295Master Stateroom
21-06-202028-06-2020USD $6,895Commander Stateroom
21-06-202028-06-2020USD $7,395Captain Stateroom
21-06-202028-06-2020USD $8,185Single
21-06-202028-06-2020USD $8,395Admiral Stateroom
21-06-202028-06-2020USD $11,395Commodore Suite
05-07-202012-07-2020USD $6,295Master Stateroom
05-07-202012-07-2020USD $6,895Commander Stateroom
05-07-202012-07-2020USD $7,395Captain Stateroom
05-07-202012-07-2020USD $8,185Single
05-07-202012-07-2020USD $8,395Admiral Stateroom
05-07-202012-07-2020USD $11,395Commodore Suite
19-07-202026-07-2020USD $6,295Master Stateroom
19-07-202026-07-2020USD $6,895Commander Stateroom
19-07-202026-07-2020USD $7,395Captain Stateroom
19-07-202026-07-2020USD $8,185Single
19-07-202026-07-2020USD $8,395Admiral Stateroom
19-07-202026-07-2020USD $11,395Commodore Suite
02-08-202009-08-2020USD $6,295Master Stateroom
02-08-202009-08-2020USD $6,895Commander Stateroom
02-08-202009-08-2020USD $7,395Captain Stateroom
02-08-202009-08-2020USD $8,185Single
02-08-202009-08-2020USD $8,395Admiral Stateroom
02-08-202009-08-2020USD $11,395Commodore Suite


    • THE glacier adventure: LeConte, Baird, and Dawes or Sawyer and South Sawyer
    • Tlingit native culture on a private village tour of Kake
    • Whale watching in Frederick Sound
    • Look for wildlife—eagles, arctic terns, black and brown bears, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions
    • Skiff through iceberg waters of Tracy or Endicott Arm
    • Hike on the terminal moraine of Baird Glacier
    • Boardwalk and trail hikes in Tongass National Forest
    • Kayak, paddle board and skiff in hidden coves and narrow fjords