Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise

Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise

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We plan to spend 2 full days in the extraordinary Glacier Bay, home to 8 tidewater glaciers and dozens of other mountain glaciers. We will have opportunities to walk, kayak and/or take a skiff safari, and there is also plenty of opportunity for spectacular wildlife viewing from your vessel as she can get close in to some of the wildlife hotspots. We will visit The South Marble Islands, a great place to see sea lions, puffins, sea otters and a variety of other sea birds. There are often bears and mountain goats to be seen, either fishing in the outlets of salmon rivers or clinging to the seemingly sheer face of sea cliffs.

We hope and expect to see dozens of Humpbacks, feeding, breathing, diving and breaching. We will go ashore at several points to walk in the forest or comb the beaches for marine wildlife, and there will be opportunities every day to kayak or take a skiff safari and we expect to see sea lions, harbour seals, bald eagles, sea otters and perhaps bears, orca and other whales.

We will visit historic Haines, a small fishing port that was on the goldrush route, and is home to one of the world’s most esoteric museums’ a museum of Hammers! We also have the chance to go hiking, biking, rafting, and exploring history. And with a bit of luck in September there is a chance to see the Aurora Borealis.

While on board you will be royally looked after by the crew of around 38. The days starts with a pre-breakfast breakfast as 06.30 for the early risers, dawn watchers and those still with jetlag, and optional yoga on the aft deck at 06.45. Main breakfast is served at 07.30, you can choose from a variety of eggs, bacon, sausage, omelette, or other extravagant breakfast helpings (steak, smoke salmon etc) and the team will serve you at your table. Mornings and afternoons are usually for one of the days activities (kayak, walk, skiff tours or perhaps just cruising past glaciers, wildlife or whales), before you are back into the restaurant for a three course lunch, again with top restaurant style service. Tea and coffee or hot chocolate are available all day and a selection of cakes and biscuits will appear in the afternoon, and a 3 course dinner, meat, fish or vegetarian, is served at 19.30.

There will usually be a chat from the expedition leader in the (free) bar at about 17.30 to explain the following days programme and answer any questions, and often one of the crew or the National Park Ranger that joins us while we are in Glacier Bay will give a chat on some aspect of Alaska. And at sometime during the week you will be offered a free Swedish style massage, and usually towards the end of the week you will have the chance to take a Polar plunge – Not everyone’s cup of tea but very refreshing and even exhilarating for those that can bring themselves to leap into the icy waters!

Cloud failure or liquid sunshine, our Alaska small ship adventure cruises are perfect for exploration—paddling, hiking, hot tub under the stars, “polar bear plunges,” even playing in the mud with your expert expedition team. Glacier Bay National Park; breaching whales; soaring eagles; rainforests; northern lights. Do as much or as little as you like on an unforgettable journey.


Onboard meals;
Onboard spirits, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages;
Transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark days;
Entry fees to parks/preserves;
From-the-vessel activities and equipment;
Wellness amenities: hot tub, fitness equipment, and yoga mats.

Trip Name
Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise
Vessel Type: Expedition Length: 160 feet Pasenger Capacity: 60 guests Built: 1984, renovated in 2011 The Wilderness Adventurer’s interior complements the wild places it sails through and both public and private spaces are amenity-full. The main lounge evokes the feel of a wilderness lodge or neighborhood pub, with a long bar made from reclaimed Alaskan yellow cedar. Three accessible decks are ideal for keeping watch for wildlife and taking in the outdoors. The sun deck features roomy space for lounging and the observation deck offers over-the-top viewing from the bow. The vessel is outfitted with adventure gear including kayaks, paddle boards, skiffs, hiking poles, wet suits and snorkel equipment, and yoga mats. The EZ Dock launch platform on the main deck makes getting into the water a cinch. A hydrophone and a bow-mounted underwater camera share the sounds and sights below the surface. The onboard wellness program includes a hot tub and fitness equipment. There are three cabin categories aboard the Wilderness Adventurer: Navigator; Trailblazer; and Pathfinder. Pathfinder cabins accommodate singles and doubles. Common to all cabins are: Flat-screen TV/DVD; iPod docking station; private bath with shower; a view window (no portholes).


Day 1 - DAY 1 Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation
Arriving in Juneau, you will be transferred from the airport to our hospitality area. Upon boarding, your crew greets you with champagne and smiles. Set sail for a week of scenic channels and secluded wilderness.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Icy Strait / Cross Sound
Before you do anything, look out the window. From kelp-lined channels to hemlock and spruce forests, every inch of this far northwest corner is worth exploring. And if the tides are right, head out in the skiff with one of the guides for a closer exploration of the rugged shore. Seals and sea lions haul out on rocky outcroppings, resting before they disappear in the water to search for food. Whatever you do—wilderness trekking, skiffing, or paddling—your expedition team guides the way.
Day 3 - DAY 3 Glacier Bay National Park
This crown jewel of America’s national parks covers 3.3 million acres (that’s a tad smaller than the state of Connecticut). Let that sink in. Most visitors see the same sliver of the park as everyone else. Not you. You’re going the furthest and exploring parts that 99% of visitors never go to. And you have three days to do it. Get started! Taylor Bay sea stacks and rocky shores make for good adventure. Or hike the outwash field of glaciers winding down the Fairweather Mountain Range. The cool breeze off the nearby snow and icefields is energizing. If you motor over to Dundas Bay, keep your eye out for bears, humpbacks, and if you’re lucky, a wolf sighting. Kayak the bay. Bushwhack into the forest. Discover Glacier Bay outback.
Day 4 - DAY 4 Glacier Bay National Park
Your camera’s memory card needs plenty of room. A National Park ranger comes aboard joining your adventures in Glacier Bay. South Marble Island is abuzz with activity. Rare sea birds, black oystercatchers, and orange-beaked tufted puffins can’t be missed. A colony of raucous sea lions adds to the hubbub. They add a distinct aroma to the air, too. Tucking into silent Tidal Inlet—the stomping grounds for bears, wolves, mountain goats, eagles—the backdrop is spectacular. At the end of the western-most arm of the bay sits Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers. And possible views of glacial calving. Step on deck with the ranger and take it all in.
Day 5 - DAY 5 Glacier Bay National Park
There’s adventure afloat and ashore. Find a perch on the bridge with your captain, or with your guides on the bow. Follow the seal barks and chatter of birds by kayak and skiff. Pull on your gummies for a hike in boot-sucking mud across a glacial moraine. Then head up. The view is powerful. Back on the boat, don’t pass on your chance for a polar plunge, and then beeline straight for the hot tub. Bid adieu to your ranger this evening and take a forest walk at Bartlett Cove, if there’s daylight left.
Day 6 - DAY 6 Captain's Choice
Just what you need, morning stretches on deck with your guide. Warm those hard-at-play muscles. You know firsthand—conditions in Southeast change one inlet to the next. Your captain is at the helm and picks just the right spot. Lynn Canal or Chatham Strait? Whichever, the adventures are as big as the water is deep! So many hidden pockets in the Tongass National Forest. Give your paddle board skills a glide. Watch for big-eyed harbor seals from a kayak. Bushwhack into the forest of giants. Your guides know the area’s history and keep it lively.
Day 7 - DAY 7 Haines, Alaska
The center of adventure. Tucked beneath snowcapped peaks, Haines has it all. Hiking, biking, rafting, and history. One thing’s for sure—the trails are irresistible. Go easy, or feel the burn—whatever your speed, the views reward in spades. Your expedition team shares the city’s captivating history. A trading outlet for Chilkat Tlingit, they called it “Dtehshuh”—the end of the trail. European explorers, the Klondike gold rush, a U.S. Army outpost—influences still apparent today. What holds your interest? Follow your curiosity on a self-led tour. Tonight, it’s a festive Farewell Dinner. A “photo journal” of your trip by your expedition team is the cherry on top.
Day 8 - DAY 8 Juneau - Disembarkation
Linger over breakfast this morning cruising into Juneau. Wish your crew and new friends goodbye. Then it’s off to the airport.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are guidelines; variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur to maximize your experience.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
08-08-202015-08-2020USD $5,195Navigator Cabin
08-08-202015-08-2020USD $5,995Trailblazer Cabin
08-08-202015-08-2020USD $6,495Pathfinder Cabin
08-08-202015-08-2020USD $7,795Single
15-08-202022-08-2020USD $5,195Navigator Cabin
15-08-202022-08-2020USD $5,995Trailblazer Cabin
15-08-202022-08-2020USD $6,495Pathfinder Cabin
15-08-202022-08-2020USD $7,795Single
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $6,495Pathfinder Cabin
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $7,795Single
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $5,195Navigator Cabin
22-08-202029-08-2020USD $5,995Trailblazer Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $4,395Navigator Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $5,195Trailblazer Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $5,695Pathfinder Cabin
29-08-202005-09-2020USD $6,595Single
05-09-202012-09-2020USD $4,395Navigator Cabin
05-09-202012-09-2020USD $5,195Trailblazer Cabin
05-09-202012-09-2020USD $5,695Pathfinder Cabin
05-09-202012-09-2020USD $6,595Single
12-09-202019-09-2020USD $3,795Navigator Cabin
12-09-202019-09-2020USD $4,695Trailblazer Cabin
12-09-202019-09-2020USD $5,095Pathfinder Cabin
12-09-202019-09-2020USD $5,695Single
19-09-202026-09-2020USD $3,795Navigator Cabin
19-09-202026-09-2020USD $4,695Trailblazer Cabin
19-09-202026-09-2020USD $5,095Pathfinder Cabin
19-09-202026-09-2020USD $5,695Single


    • THREE full days in Glacier Bay National Park—active exploration in the outback
    • Maximum adventure ashore and afloat
    • Tidewater glaciers: Margerie and Grand Pacific
    • Haines—hiking, biking, rafting, and history
    • Bushwhack and hike in old-growth forest and glacial outwash fields
    • Whales and wildlife—bears, sea lions, seals, porpoises, eagles
    • Birding at South Marble Island—puffins, oystercatchers, cormorants, kittiwakes