Atlantic Canada Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)

Atlantic Canada Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)

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Few travellers make it to this far corner of Canada’s coastline, but those who do are rewarded with an adventure to remember for a lifetime. Setting off from St John’s, sit back and watch a vast landscape of mountain-topped islands unfold in front of you over 12 days. Cruise to Sable Island, the Gully Marine Protected Area, Charlottetown, Cape Breton Island and more. With an expert expedition team on board the Ocean Endeavour, take part in workshops, presentations, Zodiac cruises and hikes, ensuring you’ll not only experience Atlantic Canada’s beauty, but really get beneath its surface.

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Atlantic Canada Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)
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  • Travel buddies don’t get much better than this – on board the Ocean Endeavour you’ll be joined by a team of expert guides and specialists, including famed author and environmental activist Margaret Atwood.
  • Delight in exploring the remote and remarkably beautiful Sable Island, where horses run wild, grey seals frolic and there’s no shortage of fascinating tales to uncover.
  • From the varied marine life of the Gully Marine Protected Area to the captivating birdlife of the Bird Islands, discover the incredible diversity of the region’s wildlife.
  • Explore charming towns and settlements, including the historic Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island and the delightful Saint-Pierre, an official territory of France.
  • Discover the Acadian and Gaelic heritage of Cape Breton Island and take in awe-inspiring scenery on a spectacular hike in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.


No two Polar voyages are the same and this is part of the excitement of travelling in these remote regions. Weather, ice conditions and wildlife will all affect where your ship is able to access, and most importantly, where your Expedition Team think you will get the best possible experience from your trip. On board, daily updates are given to advise what the specific itinerary will be for the next day based on local conditions. Published itineraries cannot be guaranteed but an amazing voyage full of adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is guaranteed.

Day 1 - St John's, Canada
Welcome to St. John’s, an urban oasis at the heart of Newfoundland and Labrador’s remote and rugged landscape. If you arrive here early, the city is known for its flourishing food scene, so perhaps head out to sample the catch of the day. In the afternoon, board the Ocean Endeavour ship, your home for the next 12 days. Settle in and prepare for an evening departure, leaving St. John’s behind and cruising through the famous Narrows passage. Look out for the colourful Battery neighbourhood, where brightly painted houses cling to the side of Signal Hill. If you’re lucky, you may also see icebergs, whales and seabirds as you head out into open waters.
Day 2 - At Sea
With a full day at sea, today is the perfect opportunity to learn all about the geography, history, culture and wildlife of the areas you’ll be exploring over the course of your journey. A team of expert guides will run interesting workshops and presentations, adding another layer to your understanding of the region. You’ll also have a special guest on board for your journey – Canadian author, poet and environmental activist Margaret Atwood will be joining you on board the Ocean Endeavour. A keen traveller and explorer, hear about her adventures and important conservation work. As you travel towards Sable Island, hear stories of this unique location and the role it played in early Canadian history.
Day 3-4 - Sable Island, NS
With only a few hundred visitors per year, exploring Sable Island is a real privilege. This remote sandbar is famed for its small wild horses, variety of rare and beautiful birds, and the world’s largest colony of grey seals. Hop aboard a Zodiac boat and traverse the shores of the island, then if weather allows, set out on foot and hike over sand dunes. Learn about the island’s human history as you explore its shores.
Day 5 - The Gully Marine Protected Area
The Gully is a Marine Protected Area east of Sable Island – this two-and-a-half-kilometre deep submarine valley plays host to a diverse range of shallow and deep-water fish, attracting whales and dolphins to the area. There’s no denying the Gully is one of the best spots in Canada for spotting marine life. Head out on deck as you sail through the Gully, where the team of onboard researchers will help spot wildlife and fill you in on the fascinating flora and fauna of the region, including significant coral communities.
Day 6 - Fortress of Louisbourg
A piece of Nova Scotia’s history will come to life today as you get off the ship at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site on Cape Breton Island. The past plays out in front of you as the partially reconstructed 18th-century French fortress makes it easy to imagine what life here was once like. Find out about the battles that took place in this very spot as you explore the intriguing fortress that was first built by the French in 1720, captured by the British in 1745, then returned to the French before being captured once again in 1758, then eventually destroyed.
Day 7 - Bird Islands & Cape Breton Island
Just off Cape Breton’s coast and close to Cape Dauphin you’ll find the Bird Islands, an important seabird breeding and nesting area and home to Canada’s largest colony of great cormorants. Take a Zodiac cruise to admire the rich birdlife of the islands, looking out for Atlantic puffins, razorbills, black guillemots and Leach’s storm-petrels (don’t worry, you’ll have a guide with you to point out what’s what!).
Day 8 - Chéticamp
Today’s expedition landing will take you to the delightful fishing village of Chéticamp, found on the west coast of Cape Breton Island. Take some time to explore the bustling harbour, visit the rug-hooking museum and wander past shops and restaurants with traditional Acadian heritage woven through them. Get active with a hike along the scenic Skyline Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where awe-inspiring scenery of the highlands and coast will surprise you at every turn. Learn about Cape Breton’s Gaelic history and see how the culture prevails today.
Day 9 - Prince Edward Island
Get to know Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, with a visit to Charlottetown, its historic capital city. Feeling more like a gorgeous small town than a city, Charlottetown carries some heavy historic credentials and is recognised as the birthplace of confederation. Wander the city’s charming streets and look out for buildings and monuments commemorating Charlottetown’s important place in Canada’s story. While on Prince Edward Island, you may like to check out the Green Gables Heritage Place, fictional home of Anne from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic novel, or visit the Lennox Island Mi'kmaq First Nation to learn about the culture and traditions of the Mi’kmaq community.
Day 10 - South Coast Newfoundland
The wild and windswept southern coast of Newfoundland awaits – spend the day venturing between its secluded bays, coves and remote outport communities. Today’s journey is set to be especially scenic, so be sure to have your camera ready! Stunning plant life and geological features can be spotted along the coastline, and whales, birds and other wildlife are also commonly sighted. Zodiac cruises and expedition landings will get you up close and personal with the area’s most memorable sights.
Day 11 - Saint-Pierre, France
Experience joie de vivre as you set foot on French soil – the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are an official territory of France and carry a certain European charm. Stop off in the town of Saint-Pierre and revel in exploring its pleasant streets brimming with French-style cafes, shop and houses – you’ll feel a world away from Canada!
Day 12 - St. John’s, Canada
Head back to where it all began, taking one last look at the Narrows as you cruise back into St. John’s harbour. Say farewell to your newfound friends before disembarking the Ocean Endeavour in St. John’s, at which point your adventure will come to an end.

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