Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure


Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure

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Take a deep dive into the sacred heart of Australia’s Red Centre and experience magnificent sunrises and sunsets, fascinating landscapes and incredible culture across four action-packed days. Learn about the history and culture of this ancient landscape with a special guided Aboriginal cultural experience where you’ll discover traditional bush tucker, bush medicine and dot painting artwork. You’ll marvel at Uluru at sunset, one of Australia’s most sacred sites, and learn about the importance of the area to Australia’s Anangu people. Then, walk through the towering domed rock formations of Kata Tjuta and spot native wildlife like Mala wallabies and Red kangaroos. Fully immerse yourself in the splendour of this place and return home with a total sense of awe after just four days here.

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Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure
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  • See the best of Australia’s Red Centre in just four action-packed days.
  • Enjoy a special Aboriginal cultural experience where you’ll learn about traditional bush tucker (including Witchetty Grubs), bush medicine and the art of dot painting.
  • Marvel at the ever-changing colours of Uluru, one of Australia’s most spiritually significant sites, as you view the epic sandstone monolith at both sunrise and sunset.
  • Explore Kings Canyon by foot and soak up the breath-taking scenery of soaring red cliffs, sandstone domes and tranquil gardens. Then, wind through two of the Kata Tjuta’s towering domed rock formations on the Walpa Gorge Walk with your leader.
  • Enjoy the Kuniya Walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole to see more of the incredible landscape and its connection to the Anangu people.


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Day 1 - Alice Springs / Kings Canyon
Welcome to Australia’s Red Centre! Your adventure kicks off bright and early with a Welcome Meeting at 8 am in Alice Springs (Mparntwe in the language of the traditional owners of the land on which Alice Springs is now located). Alice Springs is the perfect place to start our journey into the ancient culture and landscapes of Australia’s Red Centre and acts as a launching pad to reach some of Australia’s most incredible landscapes. We’ll hit the open road en route to Watarrka National Park soon after our welcome meeting, you can expect the drive to be framed by the rusty red landscape, and you might catch glimpses of native wildlife like kangaroos from your window. With a quick stop in Erldunda to pick up lunch, you’ll arrive at our campsite near Kings Canyon later in the afternoon. You’ll have some time to settle in, before joining your newfound travel companions for dinner at the resort restaurant, to kick off your Red Centre adventure.
Day 2 - Kings Canyon
After breakfast this morning, head out to soak in the remarkable scenery of Watarrka National Park during a walk around the rim of Kings Canyon. With soaring cliffs and ethereal rock formations, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more magical place. The walk starts with a difficult climb to the top of the canyon to take in unrivalled views before descending through the Lost City, a series of natural sandstone domes resembling ancient ruins, the remnants of eons of weathering. Continue down to the Garden of Eden, named for its lush greenery that stands in contrast to the rest of the arid landscape. After your walk, you’ll head back to camp to refuel with a picnic lunch. This afternoon, you’ll enjoy an Aboriginal cultural experience – where you’ll learn about bush tucker (including the Witchetty Grub), bush medicine and the history of dot painting from local First Nations guides. This is a true, authentic experience and something you won’t soon forget.
Day 3 - Kata Tjuta / Uluru / Yulara
This morning, we’ll pack up and head out to Kata Tjuta (formerly known as 'The Olgas'), a towering collection of 36 domed rock formations – these rust-coloured beauties are truly one of Australia’s most impressive sights. Here, you’ll tuck into a picnic lunch at the Kata Tjuta sunset area – talk about a meal with a view – before embarking on the Walpa Gorge walk. This walk takes you between two of the stunning red-domed rock formations that make up Kata Tjuta. On one side of the gorge, Mount Olga stands proudly towering above the track below – giving you a real sense of just how incredible this place is. After your walk, you'll make your way to one of Australia’s most spiritually significant and iconic sites, Uluru. From a prime viewing location, you’ll enjoy the view as the sun sets over the epic sandstone monolith – watching the incredible landscape shift in colour is a sight you won’t soon forget! To show respect for Uluru’s cultural and spiritual significance to the Anangu people we do not serve alcohol during our sunset viewing. This evening, tuck into an included dinner. Depending on the time of year this will be either before or after the sunset viewing.
Day 4 - Uluru / Yulara (or Alice Springs)
Start the day early in one of the best ways imaginable – watching a spectacular sunrise over Uluru. Set off on the Kuniya Walk with your leader as the sun climbs over the landscape and walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole. Your Leader will explain what makes this waterhole sacred and its connection to the Anangu people. Afterward, stop by the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre to continue immersing yourself in First Nations culture. Then, make our way back to Yulara at which time your Outback Adventure will come to an end. If you are flying out of Alice Springs you can remain on the vehicle as your leader will be heading back into town. Arrival back in Alice Springs is in the early evening.

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Semi-permanent tents with shared facilities (3 nights)


Private vehicle