Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia 12 day

Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia 12 day

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Discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula in 12 days on this memorable polar expedition. Be delighted by penguins, seals and whales as they accompany you on your journey along the coastline. Learn a thing or two about Antarctic history and glaciology in a series of lectures presented by an expert onboard crew, and get up close and personal with the landscapes on multiple Zodiac cruises and shore excursions. Explore the wild sights and highlights that make this one of the world’s most pristine, unique and remote natural environments.

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Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia 12 day
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  • Follow in the path of historic explorers as you sail through the Beagle Channel and the Drake Passage, keeping an eye out for migrating seabirds and whale pods.
  • Observe abundant species of whales, seabirds and seals on regular Zodiac excursions along the Antarctic Peninsula and in the South Shetland Islands
  • Land onshore to visit rookeries teeming with chinstrap penguins and hike up mountains to enjoy panoramic views of the peninsula.
  • Enhance your Antarctic exploration with one or more optional activities such as sea kayaking or polar ice camping to take your adventure to the next level.
  • Learn more about the explorers past and the wildlife that call this region home in a series of presentations and lectures from leading historians, scientists and polar researchers.


No two Polar voyages are the same and this is part of the excitement of travelling in these remote regions. Weather, ice conditions and wildlife will all affect where your ship is able to access, and most importantly, where your Expedition Team think you will get the best possible experience from your trip. On board, daily updates are given to advise what the specific itinerary will be for the next day based on local conditions. Published itineraries cannot be guaranteed but an amazing voyage full of adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is guaranteed.

Day 1 - Ushuaia
Welcome to Ushuaia, where your Antarctic adventure begins. Arrive at any time today and be transferred to your pre-expedition hotel. If you arrive early, there are plenty of things to see and do in the world’s southernmost city – you could explore the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park or visit the Maritime Museum housed in an old prison. This evening, perhaps indulge in a traditional Argentinean barbecue at one of the many restaurants in town.
Day 2 - Ushuaia – Embarkation Day
The morning is free for you to continue to explore Ushuaia or perhaps purchase any last-minute supplies for your expedition. Embarkation will occur in the late afternoon, where you will meet your expedition crew and begin the voyage through the historic Beagle Channel, which transects the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. The channel takes its name from the HMS Beagle, which transported Charles Darwin through the region on his around-the-world voyage in 1833. Keep an eye out for various species of seabird from the deck, and enjoy a drink at the bar, getting to know your fellow adventurers.
Day 3-4 - Drake Passage
Crossing the Drake Passage may be quite rocky at times, but you will have plenty to keep you occupied. Head out on deck to scour the skies for migrating seabirds and the waters for any sign of breaching whales or stay entertained with a series of lectures and presentations on Antarctic history, wildlife and geography. Whether it’s out on deck or from your cabin, the next sight of land will be deep in Antarctic waters.
Day 5-9 - Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands
Over the next five days, join your expedition crew on a number of excursions to witness the extraordinary environments and unique wildlife that call this region home. You will take Zodiac trips from the ship to explore different bays, channels and landing sites each day. Visit penguin rookeries, scout for humpback and minke whales and search for southern seal species, including the cunning leopard seal. Hear the boom of a calving glacier in Neko Harbour as it cuts through the silence and visit a chinstrap penguin colony high up on a ridge at Orne Harbour. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, take the polar plunge and swim in the icy waters of the Antarctic. Factors such as weather and ice conditions dictate which landings can be made, but your expedition team will make sure that each day is unique and memorable.
Day 10-11 - Drake Passage
The journey back across the Drake Passage provides you with final opportunities to enjoy the crisp Antarctic air. Spend time on the deck scouting for seabirds and whales, enjoy onboard educational presentations by the expedition team or simply relax and reminisce about your experiences.
Day 12 - Disembarkation Day – Ushuaia
Arrive into Ushuaia in the morning after breakfast, where your adventure comes to an end. After disembarkation, you'll be transferred to the airport for your flight onwards. Please do not book outbound flights before 12 pm today, to allow enough time for disembarkation and your airport transfer.

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