Antarctic Express – Crossing the Circle from Punta Arenas

Antarctic Express – Crossing the Circle from Punta Arenas

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Enjoy Antarctica in style on this 11-day expedition, flying over the infamous Drake Passage and then cruising south of the Antarctic Circle! Skip the extra days at sea and enjoy only the best scenery and wildlife experiences of the Antarctic. Prepare yourself for sensory overload, as you’ll be inundated by the sheer beauty and dramatic landscapes of the Great White Continent. Our team of onboard polar experts will have you identifying different species of whales, hiking to penguin rookeries and, of course, crossing the Antarctic Circle.

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Antarctic Express – Crossing the Circle from Punta Arenas
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  • Flying over the famous Drake Passage to King George Island is the fastest, most direct way to travel to Antarctica.
  • Become one of the few people on earth who can say they’ve crossed the Antarctic Circle – make sure you’ve got a camera ready to snap the GPS reading 66° 33’ S.
  • Your onboard experts make wildlife spotting easier than ever. Look for animals like humpback whales, chinstrap penguins, Wilson’s storm-petrels.
  • Optional activities such as sea kayaking and polar ice camping can take your Antarctic adventure to the next level.
  • Travel for good on a carbon-neutral voyage that only serves sustainable seafood, reduces single-use plastics and minimises environmental impact wherever possible.


No two Polar voyages are the same and this is part of the excitement of travelling in these remote regions. Weather, ice conditions and wildlife will all affect where your ship is able to access, and most importantly, where your Expedition Team think you will get the best possible experience from your trip. On board, daily updates are given to advise what the specific itinerary will be for the next day based on local conditions. Published itineraries cannot be guaranteed but an amazing voyage full of adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is guaranteed. For fly/cruise itineraries, it is essential that you have insurance that covers for delays caused by weather. Quark Expeditions will make every effort to ensure the program takes place, but, due to weather conditions, flying in this region can be difficult and is beyond the control of Quark Expeditions. We strongly recommend that all expedition guests purchase a travel insurance policy including trip delay, cancellation and interruption insurance. In the unlikely event that the charter flight is unable to fly on day 2 or day 3 due to weather delays, Quark Expeditions will provide an additional night(s) hotel accommodation in Punta Arenas. On day 4, should the charter flight not be able to take off by 1400hrs, Quark Expeditions will officially cancel the voyage and provide letters for all clients to submit to their travel insurance providers under the trip delay/interruption and cancellation clause. QUARK EXPEDITIONS AND PEREGRINE ADVENTURES WILL NOT OFFER PASSENGERS A REFUND IN THE EVENT OF TRIP CANCELLATION. QUARK EXPEDITIONS AND PEREGRINE ADVENTURES WILL NOT OFFER PASSENGERS COMPENSATION IN THE EVENT OF A DELAY. IF THE CHARTER FLIGHT IS NOT ABLE TO TAKE OFF BY 1400 HRS ON DAY 4. Quark Expeditions will make every effort to assist passengers with rebooking hotels or flights, but this will be at the cost of the passengers, and Quark Expeditions strongly recommends that all clients contact their insurance provider prior to changing any reservations. Passengers on board the ship during these delays will remain on board with no additional cost until the time in which the charter flight is able to arrange transport. Quark Expeditions advises all clients to book changeable airlines tickets along with cancellation and interruption insurance to assist with additional airline change fees. We advise all passengers to have flexible travel arrangements upon disembarkation of the voyage if delays arise. Quark Expeditions and Peregrine Adventures will not be held responsible for any change/cancellation fees due to weather related delays or any other delays arising from force majeure. FOR CANCELLATION DUE TO ALL OTHER EVENTS OF FORCE MAJEURE, THE STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS SHALL APPLY.

Day 1 - Punta Arenas
Welcome to Punta Arenas, Chile, the most populated city in Patagonia. In the early afternoon, meet your leader and fellow explorers at the joining point hotel. Enjoy your first meal together and be briefed on the necessary preparations for embarkation tomorrow. If you arrive in Punta Arenas early, there are plenty of things to see and do. For a poignant look into the city’s history, perhaps visit the Cementerio Municipal to see the lavish tombs of wool barons and the modest graves of immigrants and explorers.
Day 2 - King George Island – Embarkation Day
Today, cross the famous Drake Passage on a 3-hour charter flight from Punta Arenas to Antarctica. Get your first glimpse of the dramatic Antarctic landscape as your plane descends for landing on King George Island. As the largest island in the South Shetlands, King George is home to research stations belonging to Argentina, China, Russia, South Korea, Holland and the USA, among others. On landing, spend some time exploring before being transferred by Zodiac to the ship. Meet the rest of your shipmates and set sail for the Antarctic Peninsula.
Day 3-5 - South Shetland Islands – Antarctic Peninsula
Enter an otherworldly landscape and spend three days exploring the Great White Continent. Each day, if the weather allows, you’ll make two excursions that immerse you in this incredible environment. You might take a Zodiac cruise in search of whales and icebergs around Pleneau Island one day, then hike to a penguin rookery the next. Your expedition team will help point out penguins, seals, seabirds and whales throughout the journey. You’ll also learn about the history, geology and wildlife of the region through in-depth presentations on board.
Day 6-7 - The Antarctic Circle
Few people can say they’ve crossed the Antarctic Circle, and today you’ll become one of them! Toast to your adventure with a glass of champagne, while paying homage to the first explorers to journey this far south. This is now deep Antarctica, home to Weddell seals, spectacular ice formations and the midnight sun. This region is also home to the densest concentration of wildlife in Antarctica. While not a typical landing, the crossing of the Antarctic Circle is a moment to remember. The event will usually happen while at sea, so be sure to head up to the bridge and snap your photo of the GPS reading 66° 33’ S.
Day 8-9 - Antarctic Peninsula
Travel north along the Antarctic Peninsula, embarking on more Zodiac excursions and shore landings daily in search of wildlife and polar wonders.
Day 10 - King George Island – Disembarkation Day – Punta Arenas
Today, say goodbye to the expedition team and your crew and disembark the ship at King George Island for the 3-hour flight across the Drake Passage to Punta Arenas. You will be transferred from the airport to the hotel for your night of post-expedition accommodation.
Day 11 - Punta Arenas
There are no activities planned for today and your trip comes to an end after breakfast.

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