Antarctic Explorer Expedition Cruise

Antarctic Explorer Expedition Cruise

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Antarctica has been inspiring explorers for centuries. And this expedition offers you the chance to discover why, with an unforgettable journey through the spectacular wilderness of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. You’ll encounter a world where nature creates the rules, her unpredictable temperament making each trip unique, exciting and personal.

Imagine cruising in a Zodiac through crackling sea ice like shattered glass, witnessing penguins building their nests, or navigating through a maze of icebergs, each one uniquely shaped by its journey through the sea. You’ll enjoy iconic Antarctic highlights, exhilarating adventures and be rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.

Trip Name
Antarctic Explorer Expedition Cruise
Vessel Type: Expedition Length: 124 metres Passenger Capacity: 224 Built / refurbished: 1974 / 2012 The 224 passenger vessel was completely refurbished in Norway in 2012 and is perfect for our exploration being large enough to provide stability, speed, spacious cabins and ample public space, yet small enough to manoeuvre in remote areas. The vessel is outfitted with the most current navigational and communications technology as well as with retractable stabilisers for smooth sailing. The vessel is ice strengthened and features 18 Zodiacs for our forays ashore. Your Cabin/Suite With a maximum of 224 passengers, the Ocean Diamond offers cabins across its five decks. There a range of cabins and suites available and all feature outside views (porthole, window or balcony), full private en-suite bathrooms featuring bathtub and shower, a writing desk, individual temperature control, in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite phone access, hairdryer and flat-screen television and DVD player. Cabins range in size from 17 square metres to 30 square metres. Your Space The Ocean Diamond features spacious public areas and ample deck space from where you can admire the beautiful passing landscapes. Public areas and facilities include an observation lounge with bar, a fitness centre, pool with bar, sun deck, lecture threatre with state of the art audio visual equipment, library and lounge. The restaurant serves all passengers in one, open seating and cuisine onboard is international. There is also a gift shop, clinic and a spa onboard. Your Dining The single sitting restaurant is located on the Lower Deck and is both spacious and light. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style and dinner is served to your table. All meals include a vegetarian option. Afternoon tea also served daily around the afternoon excursions and coffee, tea and water are available complimentary around the clock. Weather permitting, there will be the opportunity to dine outside on occasion. Life Onboard The atmosphere onboard is focused on exploration and discovery with all the creature comforts you would expect from a vessel of this calibre. The onboard crew offer excellent service and in addition the expedition team will enrich your experience with their knowledge of the region. Through a lecture programme and shore expeditions, they will share their expertise and passion with you. After a day of exploration ashore, you will return to the comfort of a sophisticated ship with a friendly crew and informal atmosphere. A fleet of Zodiacs are used for landings and nature cruises, and during your voyage you will have the opportunity to visit the Captain and Officers on the Bridge to learn more about your journey, further fostering the expeditionary nature of our voyage.


Day 1 - Day 1 - Ushuaia, Argentina
With a population of more than 63,000 people, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. The city has grown over the past few years, yet it has retained an easy going and accessible feel. With the sea to the south and mountains to the north, Ushuaia is a spectacular departure point for your Antarctic cruise. If you arrive early, you can spend some time in the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park, enjoy some Argentinean wines and barbeques in the city, or visit the many boutique shops and cafés before you leave for your expedition to Antarctica.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Embarkation Day
Embarkation will occur in the late afternoon, after which your vessel will sail down the historic Beagle Channel. This historic channel transects the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the extreme south of South America. Expect an air of excitement as we depart - the next time you see land we’ll be in the world’s most southern continent!
Day 3 - Day 3-4 - Crossing the Drake Passage
Prepare yourself for potentially rough water, but hope for a smooth sailing as the Drake is unpredictable and always changing. You’ll spend these first days getting to know your shipmates, while we’ll provide safety briefings and insights into what excitement lies ahead.
Day 4 - Day 5-8 - South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
When the Antarctic Convergence is left in our wake, you will truly begin your Antarctic adventure. It is perhaps the first sight of land itself that is embraced as the true beginning of any Antarctic expedition.You can begin to appreciate why this region has long captivated the attention of explorers and travelers alike. Every time we visit Antarctica we witness something new or unexpected, meaning your expedition will be unlike any other—creating a unique, personal experience. We will take Zodiac excursions from the ship to explore bays, channels and landing sites each day. With wildlife always at the forefront of our minds you will visit penguin rookeries, scout for humpback and Minke whales and search for a number of the southern seal species, including the cunning leopard seal.The majesty of the Peninsula’s mountains will enchant you as you scramble up snowy pathways to vantage points offering you 360° views of your surroundings. One of these in particular, in Orne Harbour, gives the opportunity to visit a chinstrap penguin colony high up on a ridge. Here you’ll have the choice between going for a mountain hike or spending time sitting quietly on a pebbled beach to enjoy the antics of curious penguins. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, participating in the Polar Plunge swim is about as crazy as it gets! Amidst the serene silence of Antarctica, noisy interludes now become indelible memories, such as penguins squabbling over prized pebbles, or the boom and crack of a calving glacier in Neko Harbour.Every day will be different, having been carefully crafted by your Expedition Team so as to entertain and educate you about this wonderful part of the world.
Day 5 - Day 10 - Drake Passage to Ushuaia
The journey back across the Drake Passage provides you with some final opportunities to enjoy the crisp Antarctic air. Spend time on the deck watching for seabirds and scouting for whales, enjoy a few final presentations by your Expedition Team or simply relax and reminisce about your experiences.
Day 6 - Day 11 - Disembarkation in Ushuaia
We’ll arrive in Ushuaia in the morning for you to continue your adventure on land or catch your flights home.
Day 7 - Please Note:
Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy – and excitement – of expedition travel. There are no guarantees that we can achieve everything we set out to accomplish. A measure of flexibility is something all of us must bring to a voyage. There are nearly 200 recognized sites in the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands and the places mentioned above may be changed to others equally as interesting.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $14,600Triple / Category T
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $20,300Twin Obstructed View / Category O
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $21,900Twin Window / Category D
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $25,100Single Porthole / Category P
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $25,100Single Obstructed View
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $47,000Suite
17-01-202227-01-2022AUD $48,500Balcony Suite / Category A
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $25,100Single Porthole / Category P
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $25,100Single Obstructed View
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $47,000Suite
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $48,500Balcony Suite / Category A
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $14,600Triple / Category T
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $20,300Twin Obstructed View / Category O
26-01-202205-02-2022AUD $21,900Twin Window / Category D
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $13,400Triple / Category T
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $18,600Twin Obstructed View / Category O
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $20,100Twin Window / Category D
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $21,600Suite
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $22,400Balcony Suite / Category A
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $23,100Single Porthole / Category P
04-02-202214-02-2022AUD $23,100Single Obstructed View
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $14,600Triple / Category T
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $20,300Twin Obstructed View / Category O
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $21,900Twin Window / Category D
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $25,100Single Obstructed View
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $25,100Single Porthole / Category P
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $47,000Suite
13-02-202223-02-2022AUD $48,500Balcony Suite / Category A
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $13,000Triple / Category T
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $18,600Twin Obstructed View / Category O
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $20,300Twin Window / Category D
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $22,700Single Porthole / Category P
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $22,700Single Obstructed View
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $42,200Suite
06-03-202216-03-2022AUD $43,800Balcony Suite / Category A
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $12,000Triple / Category T
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $17,700Twin Obstructed View / Category O
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $18,400Twin Window / Category D
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $20,500Suite
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $21,200Single Porthole / Category P
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $21,200Single Obstructed View
26-02-202308-03-2023AUD $22,000Balcony Suite / Category A
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $12,000Triple / Category T
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $17,700Twin Obstructed View / Category O
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $18,400Twin Window / Category D
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $20,500Suite
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $21,200Single Obstructed View
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $21,200Single Porthole / Category P
07-03-202317-03-2023AUD $22,000Balcony Suite / Category A


    • Perfect for first time visitors to Antarctica.
    • Witness and explore the highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula
    • Be aboard one of Quark’s specially designed ice strengthened vessels
    • Learn about the environment and wildlife from onboard lecturers and specialists
    • Witness the abundant wildlife
    • penguins, elephant seals, whales and more!