Buenos Aires Experience – Independent

Buenos Aires Experience – Independent

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Argentina’s capital is certainly a colourful and eclectic place, but on an independent exploration to some of the city’s neighbourhood secrets, you’ll see behind the bright city streets to the true heart of Buenos Aires. Spend three days immersed in local life, its streets and markets, grandiose colonial architecture and signature strains of tango. Stroll, dine and dance – this Peregrine Independent Experience will certainly whet your Argentine appetite.

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Buenos Aires Experience – Independent
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  • Explore the colourful areas of San Telmo and Palermo with a local guide – all of which tell their own stories of romance – and discover the eerie and star-studded Recoleta Cemetery.
  • Saunter your way to a local Milonga and dance the night away as you learn from the professionals in a beginners tango experience.
  • Source homegrown ingredients and prepare local dishes at a community cooperative in the lesser-known Barracas neighbourhood, dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices.


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Day 1 - Buenos Aires
Buenas dias! Welcome to Argentina. On arrival at either Buenos Aires' Ezeiza (international) or Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (domestic) airports, meet your transfer guide at the arrival’s hall and head to your centrally located hotel. Once you have checked into the hotel, the remainder of your first day will be free until a welcome meeting at around 6 pm. Buenos Aires is home to 11 million 'portenos', a name given to the locals that literally means 'residents of the port'. After your briefing, why not consider dining out at one of the city’s renowned asado restaurants – Argentinian barbecue is something to indulge in at least once.
Day 2 - Buenos Aires
Enjoy a morning exploring some of Buenos Aires’ most acclaimed sites with your local guide. First off is the Plaza de Mayo to visit the Cabildo – the city’s original town hall – as well as the presidential palace. Walk around La Boca and its Caminito district, before heading to the lesser-known Barracas neighbourhood for a group lunch at Iriarte Verde Work Cooperative – a local NGO where you’ll learn about their agroecological model of food production and community collaboration. Help prepare a meal – much of the ingredients for which are grown in the co-op’s own gardens – and then dine on the results, including shortbread-like alfajores for dessert. Walk off lunch on a stroll through the labyrinths of Recoleta Cemetery. After a stop at the grave of Eva Peron, head to Palermo to see beautiful parks designed by Carlos Thays and the unique Floralis Generica sculpture of a huge metal flower. Later, get ready to be captivated by Argentina’s most famous dance – the tango. In a private space, professional dancers will explain its origins and history, as well as demonstrate some moves. You’ll then be invited to join an hour-long beginner’s class to learn some of the basic techniques and find your own rhythm.
Day 3 - Buenos Aires
Your Independent Experience will come to an end today after breakfast. If you do have an onward connection booked, you will be transferred to the airport in time for your flight. Please ensure you provide flight details when booking your Buenos Aires Experience.

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