Shackleton’s Final Quest (Seaventure)

Shackleton’s Final Quest (Seaventure)

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Follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest explorers of all time, Sir Ernest Shackleton, as we journey deep into Antarctica by way of the wildlife-rich Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia. We’ll explore the fascinating history of the area, dating back to the grandiose times of the ‘Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration’ of the late 1800s and early 1900s, as we encounter jaw-dropping scenes in nature, colossal icebergs, and incredible wildlife.

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Shackleton's Final Quest (Seaventure)
Vessel Type: 1-A Super Ice Class Small Ship Length: 111,5 m Passenger Capacity: 139 Built in: 1990 / Reimagined: 2019 / Refurbished: Spring 2021 A WORLD-CLASS SMALL SHIP EXPERIENCE Seaventure features a 1-A Super ice class rating — the highest ice class awarded to passenger vessels. This means that we will be able to explore coves, bays, and channels that would previously have been forbidden to us. The ship also offers a host of new activities. There’s a sauna, a fitness center, a custom-built citizen science lab, and heated saltwater pool. There is more storage space, which is important because it means we can carry more equipment, so that more of our guests can participate in activities like kayaking, snowshoeing, and camping. The common areas are larger and beautifully appointed, and the ship has two. Ship Facilities: Two Elevators serving all passenger decks Library with computers Fitness Center and Sauna Heated saltwater swimming pool Citizen Science Laboratory All Staterooms Feature: Exterior views Sitting area with chairs or sofa and table Complimentary Mini-Bar Flat Screen TV Telephone Safe to store your valuables Independent temperature controls Luxury toiletries Hair dryer


Day 1 - Day 1, Ushuaia:
No need to stress about missed connections or flight delays as you arrive with plenty of time to unwind andenjoy the beautiful Arakur Resort & Spa or spend time discovering the southernmost city in the world,Ushuaia.
Day 2 - Day 2, Ushuaia:
Explore the sights of Ushuaia such as the museums and Argentinean leather markets or continue relaxing atthe hotel. Attend the optional evening briefing for the opportunity to ask questions and meet some of yourfellow travelers.
Day 3 - Day 3, Embarkation:
Spend your morning exploring Ushuaia or unwinding at the resort until our mid-afternoon transfer to theship. Our Expedition Team and ship staff will greet you on board, followed by a safety and orientation briefingand Captain’s welcome dinner.
Day 4 - Day 4, Southern Ocean:
As we sail south, important briefings on environmental regulations and expedition safety are held. You won’twant to miss our experts as they begin their informative and entertaining talks about the wildlife and geologyof the area, with special presentations by our accomplished Historians on Antarctica’s unique history andShackleton’s saga.
Day 5 - Day 5, West Falklands/Malvinas:
We’ll be exploring some of the westernmost settled outposts in the Falklands/Malvinas, where you can takein the beautiful countryside and look for Black-Browed albatross or Rockhopper, King, and Magellanic penguinrookeries.
Day 6 - Day 6, Stanley, East Falkland/Malvinas:
Stanley is a lively hub of activity nestled in a sheltered harbor. Head out on foot to explore the museum, shopsand services centered on the port, or look for sea lions, dolphins, and bird life along the shores.
Day 7 - Day 7-8, Southern Ocean:
Things really start to ramp up with plenty of wildlife and seabird identifying to do as we make our way eastacross the Antarctic Convergence and officially enter Antarctic waters. Shipboard presentations continue,featuring topics like the captivating history of Shackleton’s quest and the abundant wildlife of South Georgia.
Day 8 - Day 9-12, South Georgia:
South Georgia is often referred to as the ‘Serengeti of the Southern Ocean’ and it’s easy to see why as youtake in tens of millions of breeding penguins, seals, and seabirds. Magnificent mountain scenery, glaciersgalore, icebergs, a rich historical tapestry, and an incredible array of wildlife will astound you as we traveldown South Georgia's leeward coast. We’ll also visit historic Grytviken whaling station, featuring the tinygraveyard where Shackleton is buried with his right-hand man Frank Wild beside him.
Day 9 - Day 13-14, Scotia Sea:
Heading farther south, we’ll continue our informative presentations and wildlife spotting as the icebergsbecome bigger and more plentiful.
Day 10 - Day 15-18, Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands:
Hopping into our inflatable Zodiac boats, we’ll spend as much time as possible exploring. Be prepared tomarvel up close at nature’s glory as we set a course for the most scenic bays and channels of the Peninsula.We’ll follow in Shackleton’s footsteps as we attempt to land at sites of historic and scientific interest, includingElephant Island and Point Wild.
Day 11 - Please Note
This Itinerary is Subject to Change.

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07-02-202227-02-2022USD $15,295Triple Stateroom
07-02-202227-02-2022USD $20,695Porthole Stateroom
07-02-202227-02-2022USD $23,185Window Stateroom
07-02-202227-02-2022USD $25,035Veranda Stateroom
07-02-202227-02-2022USD $27,295Owners Suite


    • Shackleton-focused programming both on board and at historical landing sites
    • Exploring the Port of Stanley
    • Penguin rookeries with hundreds of thousands of birds on South Georgia
    • A visit to Grytviken, a former whaling station, and the gravesite of Sir Ernest Shackleton
    • Potential encounters with Orca, Humpback and Minke whales