Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise (Magellan Explorer)

Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise (Magellan Explorer)

From USD $12,995


Flying over Cape Horn and the mythical waters of the Drake Passage, the Classic Antarctica Air-Cruises take you to one of the most spectacular places on earth, the coldest, highest, windiest, driest, and remotest continent – Antarctica.

Trip Name
Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise (Magellan Explorer)
Vessel Type: Expedition Length: 90.7 m - 298 ft. Passenger Capacity: 100 (only 69 passengers for Air-Cruise operations) Built: 2018 MV Magellan Explorer features 50 passenger suites and cabins in five categories of accommodation, including dedicated single cabins. The cabins are very spacious, ranging in size from 40 m2 (440 sq. ft.) to 20 m2 (220 sq. ft.). All double cabins have two twin beds that can be configured as one queen-size bed, offering great flexibility to our guests. 42 cabins feature a large window and a private balcony, while 8 cabins feature a porthole. All cabins feature a private bathroom and a sitting area. Public areas include a large, forward-facing observation lounge, an observation deck, a dining room that accommodates all guests and expedition staff in a single sitting, two meeting rooms, a gift shop, a protected outdoor barbecue area, a gym, and a sauna. The bow of the ship is accessible to guests to offer expansive views during exploration. Optional adventure activities, such as kayaking and snowshoeing, are available. Specific measures have been taken to minimize MV Magellan Explorer’s carbon footprint, including state-of-the-art engines that meet MARPOL’s stringent Tier III emission standards. To minimize fuel consumption, a waste heat recovery system recycles the heat produced by the ship’s engines and repurposes it to power the ship’s heating system and to warm the water used on board.


Day 1 - Day 1 Start of the Air-Cruise
Arrive in Punta Arenas, Chile, before 2 PM where you are welcomed by Antarctica21 staff and transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon, you attend a mandatory briefing that provides important information about your voyage and reviews the essential guidelines for Antarctic visitors. Later, gather for a welcome dinner and meet your fellow adventurers while enjoying a typical regional menu.
Day 2 - Day 2 Scheduled flight to Antarctica
Your Antarctic adventure begins with a two-hour flight from Punta Arenas to King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands. As you exit the airplane, the clear Antarctic air fills your lungs for the first time. Explore the area surrounding Chile’s Frei Station and Russia’s Bellingshausen station, before boarding a Zodiac to embark your expedition vessel.
Day 3 - Days 3 - 6 Exploring Antarctica
Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, sailing along ice-filled fjords and among spectacular icebergs, while enjoying the company of sea birds, penguins, seals and whales. Each day, disembark by Zodiac and explore the landscape together with expert polar guides. On board the ship, attend an engaging program of lectures and presentations, and enjoy spectacular views from the lounge while sharing your daily adventures with fellow guests.No journey is the same as flexibility is the key to success in Antarctica. The Expedition Team sets the voyage route to take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by Nature, crafting a unique and extraordinary experience each time. While the exact itinerary changes with each expedition, you will explore several spots that offer the best possible overview of the varied Antarctic environment. Your voyage may include visits to sites such as Paulet Island, Hope Bay, Port Lockroy, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay, Deception Island, the Lemaire Channel, or many other magnificent places.
Day 4 - Day 7 Scheduled return flight from Antarctica
Return to King George Island and bid farewell to Antarctica before boarding the flight back to Punta Arenas. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel for the night. (Note: Meals in Punta Arenas are at your leisure and not included in the program).
Day 5 - Day 8 End of the Air-Cruise
After breakfast, transfer to the Punta Arenas airport for your onward flight.
Day 6 - Please Note:
Every effort will be made to adhere to the planned program. However, with this type of adventurous travel to Antarctica, changes to the itinerary may occur due to severe and unpredictable weather. We need to emphasize the fact that weather conditions are unpredictable and that safety is always the paramount concern on any Antarctic voyage.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $14,595Triple Suite
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $17,995Veranda Cabin
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $18,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $23,495Penthouse Suite
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $26,995Grand Suite
20-02-202027-02-2020USD $26,995Single Cabin
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $18,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $23,495Penthouse Suite
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $26,995Grand Suite
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $26,995Single Cabin
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $14,595Triple Suite
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
25-02-202003-03-2020USD $17,995Veranda Cabin
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $12,995Triple Suite
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $13,995Porthole Cabin
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $16,995Veranda Cabin
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $17,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $21,995Penthouse Suite
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $23,995Grand Suite
06-12-202013-12-2020USD $23,995Single Cabin
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $12,995Triple Suite
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $13,995Porthole Cabin
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $16,995Veranda Cabin
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $17,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $21,995Penthouse Suite
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $23,995Single Cabin
16-12-202023-12-2020USD $23,995Grand Suite
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $14,595Triple Suite
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $26,995Single Cabin
21-12-202028-12-2020USD $26,995Grand Suite
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
26-12-202002-01-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
31-12-202007-01-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
14-01-202121-01-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
19-01-202126-01-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
31-01-202107-02-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
05-02-202112-02-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite
15-02-202122-02-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $14,595Triple Suite
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $15,795Porthole Cabin
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $18,995Veranda Cabin
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $19,995Deluxe Veranda Cabin
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $23,995Penthouse Suite
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $26,995Single Cabin
20-02-202127-02-2021USD $26,995Grand Suite


    • Fly in comfort over the stormy Drake Passage and board your ship directly in Antarctica. No seasickness!
    • Save time! Crossing from South America to Antarctica by ship takes two days. Our flight takes only 2 hours.
    • Antarctica is an ecological wonder that has bewitched explorers, scientists and voyagers alike for two centuries. Among the main species that make up marine Antarctic fauna are whales, seals, penguins as well as a variety of sea birds. Your adventure to the seventh continent will allow you to meet these incredible creatures while enjoying the indelible scenery of mountainous glaciers and roaming icebergs.