Galápagos — 10 Days South & East Islands (Monserrat)

Galápagos — 10 Days South & East Islands (Monserrat)

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If an authentic tropical landscape figures big in your travel dreams, get yourself on down to the Galápagos, stat. Want to keep an eye out for native wildlife like sea lions, land iguanas, and giant tortoises? The Galápagos has ‘em by the dozen. Looking to recharge on beautiful white-sand beaches? There’s plenty of those, too. Even better, you’ll have the services of two naturalist guides to help provide an educational slant to this incredible experience.

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Galápagos — 10 Days South & East Islands (Monserrat)
Vessel Type: Small Ship Passenger Capacity: 20 With plenty of room to move about and the best passenger-to-guide ratio in our fleet, the Monserrat is value incarnate. Comfortable cabins and common areas, roomy outdoor spaces, and a CEO Naturalist Guide for every ten travellers make for a top-notch blend of comfort, service, and, on the top deck, sun worship. Cabins: 6 upper-deck double-occupancy cabins with twin and double beds. 4 lower-deck double-occupancy cabins with twin and double beds. Boat layout: Spacious main deck. Lounge, bar and dining room. Large forward sundeck with lounge chairs. Observation deck with out door bar. Crew: With eleven dedicated crew members and a pair of CEO Naturalist Guides familiar with the local flora and fauna and certified by the Galápagos National Park Service, there’s always someone available to answer your questions. Amenities: Snorkelling equipment, wetsuits and beach towels included at no extra charge. Fresh and tasty local and international cuisine served onboard.


Day 1 - Day 1 Quito
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Day 2 Quito/Baltra Island
Early flight to Baltra. Meet the guide and transfer to the ship which is moored nearby, just off the island of Baltra. Afternoon excursion to the highlands of Santa Cruz to see giant tortoises in their natural habitat.
Day 3 - Day 3 Islas Plaza/Santa Fé Island
Land at South Plaza in the morning for wildlife spotting opportunities and a walk through the cactus forest. In the afternoon, take a guided walk around Santa Fé to observe wildlife and plentiful marine iguanas.
Day 4 - Day 4 Punta Pitt/Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Morning landing at Punta Pitt on San Cristóbal Island to observe the marine iguanas and seabirds along the beach. Head to La Galapaguera for opportunities to see giant tortoises and enjoy a snorkelling excursion.
Day 5 - Day 5 Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Explore the the port town of Puerto Baquerizo, the capital of the Galápagos. Visit the San Cristóbal Interpretation Centre and take a walk through Cerro Tijeretas looking for wildlife and go snorkelling. In the afternoon, visit Isla Lobos and be greeted by sea lions frolicking in the waves.
Day 6 - Day 6 Cerro Brujo
Starting on the north coast of San Cristóbal, land at Cerro Brujo to observe the sea lions, marine iguanas, and seabirds along the beach. Spend the afternoon visiting the tortoise breeding area in the highlands rich with endemic flora.
Day 7 - Day 7 Bahía Gardner/Punta Suárez
Enjoy the day on Española Island, one of the oldest in the archipelago. Visit the white sandy beach of Gardner Bay's and the bird colonies of Punta Suárez.
Day 8 - Day 8 Punta Cormorant/Floreana Island
Land at Punta Cormorant on Floreana. Guided walks to observe the bird and wildlife and learn about the natural history. Snorkelling excursion at Champion Islet. Visit Post Office Bay.
Day 9 - Day 9 Puerto Ayora/Quito
Disembark in Puerto Ayora and visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to see the giant Galápagos tortoises. Fly back to Quito.
Day 10 - Day 10 Quito
Depart at any time.
Day 11 - Please Note:
While it is our intention to adhere to the route described, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations.

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    • 7 nights cruising the Galápagos National Park aboard the Monserrat
    • Find land iguanas feeding in the cactus forests on South Plaza Island
    • Come face-to-face with 100-year-old giant tortoises
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the ecology of the Galápagos at the Charles Darwin Foundation
    • Choose to hike along or simply relax on the white-sand beaches of Española