Galapagos 7 Day Cruise Itinerary B+A (Nemo I)

Galapagos 7 Day Cruise Itinerary B+A (Nemo I)

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The almost extinguished volcano islands in the south-west are geologically the oldest, where evolution has had enough time to create numerous endemic species. Striking coral sand beaches at azure bays are favourite places for large colonies of Galapagos sea lions. Mind your step when strolling South Plaza, because you may tread on the Galapagos land iguanas that crawl below bizarre giant prickly pear cacti. En route you can also observe endemic marine iguanas, the evolutionary miraculous ‘dragons of Galapagos’. Walk at a short distance past nesting frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies, red-footed and Nazca boobies, whilst courtshipping, mating, breeding, nurturing or learning to fly (depending on the season).
Though less frequented than popular central and south-eastern islands, the barren north offers most dramatic landscapes and reveals the first chapter of evolution. Discover how pioneer species conquer barren lava fields and create habitats for new colonist species. Furthermore, en route you will have chances to see emblematic and endemic Galapagos penguins close to the equator! In the contrasting lush highlands of Santa Cruz you will encounter the famous Galapagos giant tortoises. You will also learn more about their successful captured breeding programmes.

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Galapagos 7 Day Cruise Itinerary B+A (Nemo I)
Vessel Type: Motor Sail Catamaran Length: 25m Passenger Capacity: 14 Built / refurbished: 1996 / 2014 The Nemo I (also known as the Nemo Martinica) is a 14-passenger sailing catamaran, offering a unique cruising experience in the Galapagos Archipelago. The catamaran was designed and built in France by Dufour & Sparks. On this catamaran you will experience the Galapagos Archipelago to its fullest. Most social areas are open deck spaces where you will constantly enjoy the most spectacular views of the islands and their volcanic rock formations. These areas include various lounges and catamaran netting at the front. Meals are served in the indoor and outdoor dining areas. When weather conditions permit we can turn off the engines and raise the sails, navigating silently through one the world’s natural wonders. The rich and spectacular Galapagos wildlife is the most important aspect of every naturalist cruise, but not the single and only factor that paints Holiday memories for the rest of your life. MS/C Nemo I contributes truly to a comfortable and pleasant stay as well. We follow fascinating routes in a more adventurous way, accompanied by an excellent naturalist guide, including time to unwind from the well-filled excursion program. Our chef will pamper you with a rich breakfast buffet, snacks, exquisite warm lunch and dinner served in buffet style. During your cruise you can fully enjoy the unrestrained ambience and personal service on board.


Day 1 - Day 1 Arrival at Baltra Airport & Charles Darwin Research Station
Arrival at Baltra Airport and transfer in. You have to pay your Galapagos National Park entrance fee and your luggage will be inspectedThe most memorable part of the Charles Darwin Research Station will probably be the successful breeding centre and its celebrity ‘Lonesome George’.
Day 2 - Day 2 Pitt Point (San Cristóbal) & Witch Hill (San Cristóbal)
Two wind sculptured tuff cones at Pitt Point constitute the easternmost end of the Galapagos and were the first sight of land of HMS Beagle with Darwin aboard.Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the lovely setting of Witch Hill’s crescent-shaped natural beach of soft powder sand.
Day 3 - Day 3 Barrington Bay (Santa Fe) & South Plaza
Santa Fé is another crown jewel of the Galapagos, where the pale Barrington land iguana and practically every other creature are unique to the Galapagos or this island alone.Popular South Plaza is not to be missed! This bizarre ‘Jurassic islet’ is the best place to see the emblematic ‘Galapagos dragons’, which crawl across it.
Day 4 - Day 4 Black Turtle Cove (Santa Cruz) & North Seymour
This beautiful and tranquil bay is actually not a landing site, but is the ideal spot for a dinghy (panga) exploration.North Seymour is another highlight of your cruise. In the archipelago’s most extensive seabird breeding colony you can walk just a short distance from frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies.
Day 5 - Day 5 Darwin Bay (Genovesa) & Prince Phillip’s Steps (Genovesa)
This compact site in the heart of its flooded crater shows the extremely varied coastal ecosystems of Galapagos in miniature; nearly too much for a single day.Not only because of its historical English name (Tower), Genovesa has a royal touch. Follow in the footsteps of Galapagos lover Prince Philip and visit this favourite birding spot with largest breeding colonies of red-footed boobies
Day 6 - Day 6 Bartolomé & Chinese Hat
This tiny volcano islet is just recently born out of fire. Enter its wild romantic setting of spatter cones and craters, and see the most famous panorama of the Galapagos.Though recently born out of fire, the volcanic islet Chinese Hat does not appear to be any more inhospitable than Bartolomé and lunatic Sullivan Bay. This tiny, rusty-coloured islet is just beginning to sprout.
Day 7 - Day 7 Highlands (Santa Cruz) & Transfer to Baltra Airport
Santa Cruz offers excellent opportunities for viewing wild Galapagos giant tortoises, roaming through pastures in the agricultural zone and in the transition zone of adjacent El Chato Tortoise Reserve.Assisted by the naturalist guide and some crew members the dinghy will bring you and your luggage to Baltra, where we take the airport shuttle. Your guide will accompany you until the check-in counters in the departure hallWe hope that you will return home with stunning pictures and unforgettable lifelong memories!
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    • Enjoy extraordinary Santa Fe and the popular, really not to be missed highlight of South Plaza (both with ​land iguanas​ and​ giant cactus trees​) with no less than three seabird colonies (exclusive Genovesa, North Seymour and easternmost Pitt Point).
    • See the thriving evergreen mangles of Black Turtle Cove contrast with the barren, spectacular volcano islets Bartolomé and Chinese Hat, where you will be impressed by their creative forces.