The Great Adventure (Le Lyrial)

The Great Adventure (Le Lyrial)

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“The Antarctic exerts the powerful attraction of the inaccessible which leads Man to become passionately engaged. One is never the same after returning from a long stay on the white continent.” Jean-Louis Etienne

For centuries the Antarctic remained like a ghost on the map of the world, yet today the «White Continent» exerts a powerful fascination. Explored by man since only 1820, this vast icy continent offers spectacular mountain scenery, the world’s biggest icebergs and an extraordinary array of wildlife: fur seals, penguins, albatrosses, sea elephants, orcas and whales in large numbers live side by side in this grandiose landscape. Who has not dreamed of savouring that white stillness, an extraordinary spell-binding atmosphere of total serenity unequalled anywhere else on Earth. On the horizon, blocks of ice collapse into the sea forming vast icebergs of all shapes and sizes, eroded by the wind and the waves.

Please Note: your voyage rates include Flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

Trip Name
The Great Adventure (Le Lyrial)
Vessel Type: Luxury Small Ship Length: 142 metres Passenger Capacity: 224 Launched: 2015 A sleek silhouette, a welcoming intimate atmosphere, discover aboard this new ship the philosophy that has made our sisterships such a success: the spirit of Yacht Cruises. Sailing under the French flag, this magnificent yacht of only 122 staterooms and Suites, with balconies, will join our fleet in April 2015. You will be enchanted by the contemporary decor inspired by the our destinations and the blue light of the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. The result is a subtle variation around a palette of blues, ranging from the  luminous delicate grey-blue of the Polar ice to splashes of the vivid turquoise blue found in  Mediterranean coves A refined ambiance is enhanced by the quality of the workmanship and materials: white Corian counters in the lobby contrast with the warmth of leather to recall a boat’s hull, while the central sculpture of enamelled pieces takes its inspiration from the sea. In the loungebar, the carpet picks up a tennis stripe theme symbolising a certain idea of cruising, one synonymous with French elegance and a chic seaside spirit.


Day 1 - Day 1 - Montevideo
Day 2 - Days 2 - 5 - At sea
Day 3 - Day 6 - Fortuna Bay
Day 4 - Day 7 - Grytviken
Day 5 - Day 8 - Gold Harbour & Cooper Bay
Day 6 - Days 9 & 10 - At sea
Day 7 - Day 11 - Deception Island
Day 8 - Day 12 - Wilhelmina Bay & Port Lockroy
Day 9 - Day 13 - Paradise Bay & Neko Harbour
Day 10 - Days 14 & 15 - At sea
Day 11 - Day 16 - Ushuaia
Day 12 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Superior Stateroom
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0DeLuxe Stateroom
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Owner’s Suite
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Prestige Stateroom - Deck 4
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Prestige Stateroom - Deck 5
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Prestige Stateroom - Deck 6
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Deluxe Suite
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Prestige Suite - Deck 5
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Privilege Suite
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Grand Deluxe Suite
03-11-201818-11-2018AUD $0Grand Privilege Suite


    • Enjoy spectacular scenery & extraordinary array of wildlife of Antarctica & South Georgia.
    • Travel between the majestic icebergs on board luxurious yachts that are built on an intimate, human scale. French crew, expertise, attentive service, gastronomy: set sail in a five-star environment and enjoy a travel experience that is simultaneously authentic and sophisticated.