An Easter Family Reunion – Caribbean Sailing Cruise

An Easter Family Reunion – Caribbean Sailing Cruise

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Embark on an extraordinary 10-day Caribbean sailing cruise, where you’ll experience the thrill of two windjammers sailing side by side. Witness the regular meetings with the SEA CLOUD II as you traverse the crystal clear waters. Explore the enchanting island of St. Maarten, where French savoir-vivre and quaint Dutch gabled cottages coexist harmoniously. Marvel at the geological wonder of The Baths in Virgin Gorda, with its impressive granite rocks surrounded by Caribbean waters. Immerse yourself in the laid-back barefoot lifestyle of yacht owners as you visit the BVI’s and Îles de Saintes. Indulge in luxury on St. Barths, a vacation retreat for Hollywood stars, boasting chic marinas, classy designer stores, and pristine white sandy beaches. Your journey will take you to Philipsburg, North Sound, Norman Island, Road Bay, Cabrits, Terre-de-Haut, and provide ample time for leisurely sailing experiences. Prepare to create unforgettable memories as you embrace the Caribbean’s beauty and charm on this remarkable sailing adventure.

Trip Name
An Easter Family Reunion - Caribbean Sailing Cruise
Vessel Type: Tall Ship (Sailing) Length: 109 metres Passenger Capacity: 64 Built / refurbished: 1931 / 2011 Sea Cloud is a ship with a soul, imbued by the original owners, Marjorie Merriweather Post and her husband E.F. Hutton in the 1930’s. The ship has played host to royalty, known service in wartime, and sailed the world over. She is a vessel of incomparable grace that harks back to the golden age of ship travel. Once you’ve been on Sea Cloud under full sail, you’ll begin your own love affair. Welcome aboard a legend Sea Cloud accommodates 58 guests in 28 outside cabins including two original owner’s suites that still feature original marble baths and fireplaces. At 360 feet she is an expansive ship with extensive public spaces on the top deck, where we luxuriate in deck chairs and watch the crew of 18 go aloft in the web of riggings to hand-set her 30 sails. Her dining room is hung with marine oil paintings of the period and accommodates all guests at once for a single seating. We’ll gather in the lounge each evening for Recap. Life aboard is a uniquely pleasing mix of elegance and informality—a return to the golden age of sailing in shorts and deck shoes. You’ll find all shipboard services impeccable.  Discover the romance of tall ship sailingExperience something many people don’t know exists in the 21st century—the romance of life under square sails. Discover the thrill of standing on deck as Sea Cloud gently glides through the water, her crew aloft in the riggings, running out and reefing sails. Settle in to your favorite areas on the top deck and bask in the incomparable experience of traveling aboard the finest tall ship to ever sail the seas. Lose yourself in an adventure that, in this day and age, is almost unimaginable. Please note deck and suite plans are indicative only and may vary slightly.


Day 1 - DAY 1, Philipsburg/St Maarten
Departure 07.00 pmClimbing the rigging, untying ropes, setting sails – today is all about sailing. The First Officer will provide deeper insights into the fascinating world of a tall ship.
Day 2 - DAY 2, North Sound/Virgin Gorda
Arrival 01.00 pm, Departure 11.00 pmExplorers and privateers once used to cross swords in the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Nowadays the sea around the British Virgin Islands is one of the world's best sailing areas. Heavenly bays, gorgeous beaches, idyllic anchoring spots, smart yacht clubs and charming little beach bars make the island a popular haunt for sailors. On Virgin Gorda, once called "The Fat Virgin" by Columbus due to its shape, you can find "The Baths", one of nature's most beautiful oddities, in the National Park. Ground to a sphere and polished to a shine, the huge granite formations on the beach and in the water create a multi-branched labyrinth of giant boulders.
Day 3 - DAY 3, Norman Island/British Virgin Islands
Arrival 09.00 am, Departure 06.00 pmSpend the day sunbathing, enjoy the fresh wind breeze, and relax into the day!
Day 4 - DAY 4, Road Bay/Anguilla
Arrival 01.30 pm, Departure 06.00 pmAnguilla is one of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, a British Overseas Territory which also includes several small, uninhabited coral islands. This small island is host to more than 30 superb beaches protected by coral reefs. You can enjoy the turquoise blue sea and white sandy beaches of Road Bay as you swim against a backdrop of palm trees.
Day 5 - DAY 5, Day beneath full sails with SEA CLOUD II
Few and far between are the occasions, on which one can experience two fascinating windjammers together and directly compare their maneuvers. When both yachts glide along side by side under full sail, they offer a truly breathtaking spectacle.
Day 6 - DAY 6, Cabrits/Dominica
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 01.30 pmDominica, nicknamed the "Nature Isle" of the Caribbean, is one of the most untouched of the Windward Islands. It boasts some of the highest mountains in the Lesser Antilles, as well as many beautiful national parks. Its interior is characterised by thick virgin forest, where rivers plunge into the depths and tiny streams wind through the jungle. Two extinct volcanoes are at the center of the Cabrits National Park and, recaptured by nature, the former strategically important Fort Stanley appears like a picturesque backdrop in the heart of the jungle.
Day 7 - DAY 7, Terre-de-Haut/Îles des Saintes
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 01.30 pmÎles des Saintes is a small archipelago which was disputed for a long time until it finally became French in 1816. In the charming main town of Terre-de-Haut, you can take a delightful stroll along the waterside promenade. Boutiques, cafés, bars and restaurants invite you to browse and spend some time here. The 'savoir vivre' takes place against a backdrop lit up in all the pastel shades of the Caribbean. Fort Napoleon is set high above the bay and your climb up to it is rewarded by a spectacular panoramic view. On the other side of the island, the Plage de Pompierre invites you to enjoy a dip in the sea and sunbathe on the beach.
Day 8 - DAY 8, Day beneath full sails
Climbing the rigging, untying ropes, setting sails – today is all about sailing. Time to lean back and relax in the deck chair and watch the passionate crew hoisting the sails by hand.
Day 9 - DAY 9, Gustavia/St Barthélemy
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 11.00 pmSt Barthélemy, affectionately known as St Barths by most, had already had many "owners" before the Lesser Antilles were acquired by France in 1877. When the first estate was acquired by the banker David Rockefeller in 1957, the island's future was finally sealed. It became a refuge for the international jet set and an elegant holiday paradise for many Hollywood stars. For over 40 years, St Barths has cultivated a luxurious lifestyle with a Caribbean laissez-faire approach. You can stroll through the charming main town of Gustavia, whose beautifully restored houses and colonial facades look out over the sea with its elegant superyachts, browse in the shops for precious items, or enjoy a sundowner in the picturesque harbor surrounded by clusters of high class bars and restaurants.
Day 10 - DAY 10, Philipsburg/St Maarten
Arrival 08.00 amDutch in the south, French in the north – on St. Maarten you will find an unusual piece of Europe in the middle of the Caribbean. Because of the natural salt deposits, the Dutch West India Company once claimed the island for itself and – according to legend – divided the island up in 1648 after a drinking competition with the French. In the colorful port city of Philipsburg, a day at the beach can be perfectly combined with a stroll through town: From the fine sandy Great Bay Beach it is only a stone's throw to the Boardwalk with its restaurants and to the boutiques of the small city center.
Day 11 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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    • Two windjammers on one course: regular meetings with the SEA CLOUD II to sail side by side
    • One island, two cultures: French savoir-vivre and quaint Dutch gabled cottages on St. Maarten
    • Geological wonder The Baths: Virgin Gorda's impressive granite rocks in crystal clear Caribbean waters
    • Relaxed yachties among themselves: Taste the laid-back barefoot lifestyle of the boat owners on the BVI's and Îles de Saintes
    • Luxury life on St. Barths: vacation retreat of Hollywood stars with chic marinas, classy designer stores and white sandy beaches