Croatia Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Peregrine Dalmatia)

Croatia Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Peregrine Dalmatia)

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Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is home to plenty of impressive beaches – we’re talking the official second cleanest in Europe. Imagine the sun warming you while you lean over the side of a boat – just peacefully watching the clear ocean wash against limestone cliffs and pebbly shores as you pass on by. This eight day cruise offers plenty of that idle relaxation, broken up with exciting activities like a river cruise and a dip in the waterfalls of the the Krka National Park or expeditions like a winery trip near romantic Korcula to for those who find relaxation at the bottom of a wine glass. Get a taste of what the Dalmatian Coast has to offer on this exciting and varied cruise adventure.

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Croatia Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Peregrine Dalmatia)
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  • Board a traditional vessel and sail up along the spectacular Neretva River, inland from Opuzen.
  • The trip includes an excursion to Krka National Park, where you’ll get a chance to swim in secluded pools and beneath waterfalls.
  • If you’re worried about long cruise days, this itinerary is a good choice. There are plenty of excursions, short walks and port stops, and the distance between islands is short.
  • While large cruise liners have to moor out at sea and commute into shore via tender, we drop anchor in the middle of port towns like Hvar or Korcula. You can hop on or off the boat as you please.
  • There’s nothing like diving into the aquamarine waters of the Dalmatian Coast. Weather permitting, our captain will be stopping the ship for regular swim breaks during the trip.
  • This itinerary includes a special detour to Mostar, in Boznia and Herzegovina. It’s not a stop featured on many Croatian coastal tours. You’ll see the town’s iconic bridge and have the chance to chat with local craftsmen and metalworkers.


Travelling by sea is a fantastic way to explore, but it brings some challenges when weather conditions are not ideal. The itinerary may be subject to change, based on winds and sea conditions which may render anchorage and landing at some stops difficult. We reserve the right to change the itinerary for the safety of passengers and the ship. Shore excursions are subject to shore and weather conditions and are based on a minimum participation. Each days' schedule will be posted by the cruise co-ordinator listing necessary information such as arrival/departure times, meal times, days activities and other information. This is given as a guideline and is subject to change.

Day 1 - Dubrovnik
Board the ship at 5 pm and meet your crew and fellow travellers over a welcome drink and introductory meeting. Tonight, enjoy your first dinner on board.
Day 2 - Dubrovnik - Korcula
After breakfast, set sail for Korcula. Enjoy an on-board cooking demonstration by your chef, followed by lunch. Arrive in Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo. In the afternoon, embark on a guided orientation tour before enjoying an evening to explore at your own pace. If you're hungry, your leader can assist with dinner recommendations.
Day 3 - Korcula - Badija - Trpani - Opuzen
Depart for Opuzen, enjoying breakfast on board and a mid-morning swim stop in beautiful clear turquoise waters near the small island of Badija, then continue on to Trpani. Transfer to Matusko winery for a tour of the vineyard and a tasting, before returning to the ship and sailing up the River Neretva to Opuzen. Tonight, enjoy a deck BBQ on the Peregrine Dalmatia.
Day 4 - Opuzen - Mostar - Opuzen
An early start this morning to make our way to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina by minibus. Take an guided walk through the town, visiting a workshop specialising in traditional coffee sets and copper wall carvings on the way and enjoy some free time to explore the town and have lunch at your leisure. Return to Opuzen in the early afternoon when we will jump into small wooden boats for a leisurely cruise through the surrounding wetlands (with local snacks and music on board). We end up at a beautiful local restaurant overlooking the water for Peka lamb and other local dishes. Board the boats to return to Opuzen. You may want to venture out to one of the friendly bars around the town square to meet the locals over a beer or two.
Day 5 - Jelsa - Stari Grad - Hvar
Sail into Jelsa on the island of Hvar and take a private transfer to a local farm for a honey tasting and a walk through the nearby lavendar fields, then drive to Hvar town. Explore on a walk with your leader before continuing on to Starigrad in the evening.
Day 6 - Hvar - Split
Spend the morning sailing, arriving in Split in the early afternoon. Your leader will take you on a guided walk, then the afternoon is yours to enjoy some free time to explore the beautiful lane ways and squares of the old city.
Day 7 - Split - Krka National Park
After a leisurely breakfast on board, head out with some more time to explore the Split’s old city. After lunch, return to the boat ready to take your private bus transfer to Krka National Park. Here you will board a small boat for some cruising and exploring within the park. The park spans two thirds of the Krka River, and some 142 square kilometres. You visit some of the gorgeous waterfalls for which this park is renowned, stopping for a refreshing swim or two along the way. Afterwards, return by bus to Split, in time for a captain's dinner for your evening repast.
Day 8 - Disembarkation in Split
Your small ship adventure cruise along the Dalmatian coast ends after breakfast this morning. Should you require a transfer to Split international airport, please enquire with your Travel Consultant prior to travel or your Tour Leader during your trip.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
27-04-201904-05-2019AUD $ 3,175LowerDeckStandardDouble
27-04-201904-05-2019AUD $ 3,175LowerDeckStandardTwin
27-04-201904-05-2019AUD $ 3,640MainDeckDoubleSuite
27-04-201904-05-2019AUD $ 3,385MainDeckPremiumTwin
27-04-201904-05-2019AUD $ 4,705MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
27-04-201904-05-2019AUD $ 3,755UpperDeckDoubleSuite
11-05-201918-05-2019AUD $ 4,705MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
11-05-201918-05-2019AUD $ 3,755UpperDeckDoubleSuite
11-05-201918-05-2019AUD $ 3,175LowerDeckStandardDouble
11-05-201918-05-2019AUD $ 3,175LowerDeckStandardTwin
11-05-201918-05-2019AUD $ 3,640MainDeckDoubleSuite
11-05-201918-05-2019AUD $ 3,385MainDeckPremiumTwin
25-05-201901-06-2019AUD $ 4,000LowerDeckStandardDouble
25-05-201901-06-2019AUD $ 4,000LowerDeckStandardTwin
25-05-201901-06-2019AUD $ 4,525MainDeckDoubleSuite
25-05-201901-06-2019AUD $ 4,240MainDeckPremiumTwin
25-05-201901-06-2019AUD $ 5,700MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
25-05-201901-06-2019AUD $ 4,650UpperDeckDoubleSuite
15-06-201922-06-2019AUD $ 4,040LowerDeckStandardDouble
15-06-201922-06-2019AUD $ 4,040LowerDeckStandardTwin
15-06-201922-06-2019AUD $ 4,570MainDeckDoubleSuite
15-06-201922-06-2019AUD $ 4,280MainDeckPremiumTwin
15-06-201922-06-2019AUD $ 5,755MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
15-06-201922-06-2019AUD $ 4,695UpperDeckDoubleSuite
13-07-201920-07-2019AUD $ 4,040LowerDeckStandardDouble
13-07-201920-07-2019AUD $ 4,040LowerDeckStandardTwin
13-07-201920-07-2019AUD $ 4,570MainDeckDoubleSuite
13-07-201920-07-2019AUD $ 4,280MainDeckPremiumTwin
13-07-201920-07-2019AUD $ 5,755MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
13-07-201920-07-2019AUD $ 4,695UpperDeckDoubleSuite
03-08-201910-08-2019AUD $ 3,885LowerDeckStandardDouble
03-08-201910-08-2019AUD $ 3,885LowerDeckStandardTwin
03-08-201910-08-2019AUD $ 4,395MainDeckDoubleSuite
03-08-201910-08-2019AUD $ 4,120MainDeckPremiumTwin
03-08-201910-08-2019AUD $ 5,540MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
03-08-201910-08-2019AUD $ 4,520UpperDeckDoubleSuite
31-08-201907-09-2019AUD $ 4,000LowerDeckStandardDouble
31-08-201907-09-2019AUD $ 4,000LowerDeckStandardTwin
31-08-201907-09-2019AUD $ 4,525MainDeckDoubleSuite
31-08-201907-09-2019AUD $ 4,240MainDeckPremiumTwin
31-08-201907-09-2019AUD $ 5,700MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
31-08-201907-09-2019AUD $ 4,650UpperDeckDoubleSuite
28-09-201905-10-2019AUD $ 3,885LowerDeckStandardDouble
28-09-201905-10-2019AUD $ 3,885LowerDeckStandardTwin
28-09-201905-10-2019AUD $ 4,395MainDeckDoubleSuite
28-09-201905-10-2019AUD $ 4,120MainDeckPremiumTwin
28-09-201905-10-2019AUD $ 5,540MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
28-09-201905-10-2019AUD $ 4,520UpperDeckDoubleSuite
19-10-201926-10-2019AUD $ 3,175LowerDeckStandardDouble
19-10-201926-10-2019AUD $ 3,175LowerDeckStandardTwin
19-10-201926-10-2019AUD $ 3,640MainDeckDoubleSuite
19-10-201926-10-2019AUD $ 3,385MainDeckPremiumTwin
19-10-201926-10-2019AUD $ 4,705MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
19-10-201926-10-2019AUD $ 3,755UpperDeckDoubleSuite
24-04-202001-05-2020AUD $ 3,375LowerDeckStandardDouble
24-04-202001-05-2020AUD $ 3,375LowerDeckStandardTwin
24-04-202001-05-2020AUD $ 3,475MainDeckPremiumTwin
24-04-202001-05-2020AUD $ 3,775MainDeckDoubleSuite
24-04-202001-05-2020AUD $ 4,685MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
24-04-202001-05-2020AUD $ 4,075UpperDeckDoubleSuite
15-05-202022-05-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardDouble
15-05-202022-05-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardTwin
15-05-202022-05-2020AUD $ 4,090MainDeckPremiumTwin
15-05-202022-05-2020AUD $ 4,440MainDeckDoubleSuite
15-05-202022-05-2020AUD $ 5,515MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
15-05-202022-05-2020AUD $ 4,790UpperDeckDoubleSuite
12-06-202019-06-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardDouble
12-06-202019-06-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardTwin
12-06-202019-06-2020AUD $ 4,090MainDeckPremiumTwin
12-06-202019-06-2020AUD $ 4,440MainDeckDoubleSuite
12-06-202019-06-2020AUD $ 5,515MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
12-06-202019-06-2020AUD $ 4,790UpperDeckDoubleSuite
03-07-202010-07-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardDouble
03-07-202010-07-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardTwin
03-07-202010-07-2020AUD $ 4,090MainDeckPremiumTwin
03-07-202010-07-2020AUD $ 4,440MainDeckDoubleSuite
03-07-202010-07-2020AUD $ 5,515MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
03-07-202010-07-2020AUD $ 4,790UpperDeckDoubleSuite
31-07-202007-08-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardDouble
31-07-202007-08-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardTwin
31-07-202007-08-2020AUD $ 4,090MainDeckPremiumTwin
31-07-202007-08-2020AUD $ 4,440MainDeckDoubleSuite
31-07-202007-08-2020AUD $ 5,515MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
31-07-202007-08-2020AUD $ 4,790UpperDeckDoubleSuite
21-08-202028-08-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardDouble
21-08-202028-08-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardTwin
21-08-202028-08-2020AUD $ 4,090MainDeckPremiumTwin
21-08-202028-08-2020AUD $ 4,440MainDeckDoubleSuite
21-08-202028-08-2020AUD $ 5,515MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
21-08-202028-08-2020AUD $ 4,790UpperDeckDoubleSuite
18-09-202025-09-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardDouble
18-09-202025-09-2020AUD $ 3,970LowerDeckStandardTwin
18-09-202025-09-2020AUD $ 4,090MainDeckPremiumTwin
18-09-202025-09-2020AUD $ 4,440MainDeckDoubleSuite
18-09-202025-09-2020AUD $ 5,515MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
18-09-202025-09-2020AUD $ 4,790UpperDeckDoubleSuite
09-10-202016-10-2020AUD $ 4,685MainDeckPremiumTwinForSoleUse
09-10-202016-10-2020AUD $ 4,075UpperDeckDoubleSuite
09-10-202016-10-2020AUD $ 3,375LowerDeckStandardDouble
09-10-202016-10-2020AUD $ 3,375LowerDeckStandardTwin
09-10-202016-10-2020AUD $ 3,475MainDeckPremiumTwin
09-10-202016-10-2020AUD $ 3,775MainDeckDoubleSuite


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