One Way Luxury Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik

One Way Luxury Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik

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Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik via some beautiful Adriatic Islands and some gorgeous Croatian ports. We usually cruise in the mornings, stopping somewhere along the way for a swim in a secluded bay, arriving in our destination sometime after lunch. We provide guided walks of most of the ports where we stay, and you have the evenings free to explore the old towns, restaurants and cafes of our destinations.

Trip Name
One Way Luxury Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik
Vessel Type: Yacht Length: 48.17 m  Passenger Capacity: 36 Built: 2019 MS Ambassador was launched in 2019. The new 48 metre long ship will feature 19 cabins across three decks with an onboard Jacuzzi and plenty of space for our guests to relax during their cruise.  All cabins have either a window or pothole, are non-smoking and are fully equipped with A/C, safe deposit box, Wi-Fi, Sat TV, fire alarm, smoke detectors, shower, WC and bathroom toiletries, hair dryer, lifejackets, luggage space under the bed, cupboard & wardrobe cabinet with window or porthole. There is an extra-large fully air-conditioned salon-restaurant on the upper deck, with separate bar and lounge area, big screen LCD TV, corner table for buffet breakfast, wireless internet, loud-speakers and audio-system for announcements by Captain or cruise manager, and beautiful large windows.  Outside there is a fully covered terrace with sitting area, tables and chairs. She has a swim platform with 2 ladders with handholds for an easy access to the water, and two outdoor showers and public toilets. The top deck is a sun deck that covers 390 m2 with sun-beds for passengers, with some shade for your comfort. Here you can enjoy a rooftop jacuzzi. Closed Circuit Video surveillance, complete navigation equipment, fire alarm, smoke detectors, life rafts and tenders are there for your personal safety.


Your vessel bedocked in Split Harbour and you can board any time after 12.00. At 7 pm we’ll have a welcome meeting whereCaptain will introduce you to the crew and your fellowpassengers.Welcome dinner will be served at 7.30 pm.Passengers arriving in the morning will not be able toenter their cabins before 1 pm but can leave luggage onboard. The crew will await for all the passengers arriving lateat night. All the late arriving guests will be provided with adinner.Overnight in Split, (D)
Our English speaking guide will do a morning Split Citytour, walking us through the world famous Diocletian’sPalace. Split is the second largest urban centre in Croatiaand the seat of the Split-Dalmatia County. Over 1700 yearsold, Split abounds with cultural and historical sights, lots ofthem situated within the Split’s historical nucleus whichhas been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage listever since 1979.At 12 am we’ll sail out for Trogir, another city inscribed onthe UNESCO World Heritage list .Lunch will be served on board and we’ll have a swim stopen route, arriving to Trogir in the afternoon. This town -museum is literally packed with palaces, churches,monasteries and towers, the main attraction being theCathedral of St. Lawrence, probably the finest example ofsacral architecture in Croatia.A professional English speaking guide will take us for aTrogir city tour. Afterwards, you’ll have the evening onyour own, free to explore or have a dinner in one ofTrogir’s s cosy taverns.Overnight in Trogir Historical Town, (B,L)
In the morning we'll sail for Bol, a place best known for itsbeach of Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), which regularly hits thetop lists of the most beautiful European beaches. Once westop in Bol, you can enjoy indulge in simple pleasures suchas taking a walk around this nice little Dalmatian town,perhaps having a cup of coffee or a swim, until lunch isserved on board. After lunch we shall continue cruisingalong the many scenic coves and bays, all the way to Hvar.Besides being the sunniest Croatian island, Hvar is also oneof the country’s most attractive tourist destinations and ameeting point of international jetsetters. Upon our eveningarrival at Hvar, a local English speaking guide will walk youthrough this unique town, introducing you to its millennialonghistory, culture and a way of life, along with fewisland’s peculiarities, such as the the traditional farming oflavender. Afterwards, you'll have an evening on your ownto explore and dine in one of numerous family ownedrestaurants and taverns.Overnight in Hvar Historical Town, (B,L)
We'll cruise to the Island of Biševo and its Blue Cave, oneof the most famous natural attractions in whole of theAdriatic Sea. Blue Cave is a water-logged cave that can beapproached only by boat. The sunbeams penetratingthrough a submarine opening in Blue Cave get reflectedfrom its white bottom floor, creating a stunningly magicaleffect of deep aquamarine and shiny silver light. However,at times high waves prevent the entrance to Blue Cave,which is something we shall not know before the morningdesignated for our visit. If that happens, we can provide analternative half-day tour of Vis Island with its historicalWWII RAF Airport, along with a visit to Komiža - apeculiarly beautiful town boasting the longest fishingtradition on East Adriatic and some fine taverns whichserve local produce. On the other hand, if we succeed invisiting Blue Cave, we shall cruise to the Island of Vis afterlunch. Being an important strategic military stronghold fora long time, Vis was spared the excessive touristdevelopment and thus retained its unspoilt beaches,ecological agriculture and traditional architecture.Overnight in Vis, (B,L)
Morning departure towards theIsland of Korčula. Before lunch, we shall stop for a swim inone of pristine bays en route. Our arrival to the Island ofKorčula is scheduled for the afternoon. Town of Korčula isthe island’s main settlement and is known as the birthplaceof Marco Polo, one of the world’s most famous explorersof all times. Our English speaking guide will take you for atour of Korčula Town, through its narrow and cobbledstreets and its rich history. You’ll have rest of the eveningfree to enjoy dining at one of the local restaurants of yourchoice.Overnight in Korčula Historical Town, (B,L)
Sailing out from Korčula in the morning, we’ll cruisetowards Mljet National Park where we expect to comearound 10 am. You’ll have just enough time to explorepark, walk around Great and Small Lake and visit the Isletof St. Mary with its Benedictine Monastery from the 12thcentury or take a swim in the heart of Mljet National Park.Entrance fees to National Park Mljet are included. Takecare to return to the boat for lunch. In the afternoon, we’llcontinue our cruise to the Island of Šipan where we’llanchor in a picturesque peaceful fishermen’s village ofŠipanska Luka. In case dock and lock schedules or weatherconditions prevent us from anchoring here, we’ll cruise toSlano, located on the mainland.In the evening we shall have Captain’s Dinner on board,along with some live music entertainment.Overnight in Šipanska Luka or in Slano on the mainland,(B,L, Captain’s Dinner with live music)
Morning departure to Dubrovnik, passing by Elaphitiislands where directly to the historical centre of Dubrovnik,the famous city enlisted as UNESCO’s World Heritage site.We will cruise along Dubrovnik City walls and fortificationsand have lunch on board directly in front of the Historicalcentre where you will have chance to take unforgettablegroup photo of breath-taking Dubrovnik.We will do our best that we spend this last evening onanchorage in front of the Old Town.It all depends on weather condition and port authoritiespermissions, and alternative port is Dubrovnik GružHarbour.In any case on that day our own English speaking guidewill show us the most interesting sights of Dubrovnik.After city tour you will be left on your own to explore thecity, visit City Walls or take the cable car to the top of theMount Srđ and have intimate farewell dinner. Returnscheduled transfer to boat will be organize. You will seewhy this city is called the Pearl of the Adriatic.Overnight in Dubrovnik, (B,L)
After breakfast, the time has come say farewell to all yournew friends. (B)

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
10-10-202017-10-2020EUR €1,250Standard Cabin
10-10-202017-10-2020EUR €1,590Main Deck Cabin
10-10-202017-10-2020EUR €1,900Upper Deck VIP Cabin
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €1,300Standard Cabin
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €1,670Main Deck Cabin
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €1,990Upper Deck VIP Cabin
01-05-202108-05-2021EUR €1,300Standard Cabin
01-05-202108-05-2021EUR €1,670Main Deck Cabin
01-05-202108-05-2021EUR €1,990Upper Deck VIP Cabin
15-05-202122-05-2021EUR €1,880Main Deck Cabin
15-05-202122-05-2021EUR €2,200Upper Deck VIP Cabin
15-05-202122-05-2021EUR €1,530Standard Cabin
29-05-202105-06-2021EUR €1,740Standard Cabin
29-05-202105-06-2021EUR €2,090Main Deck Cabin
29-05-202105-06-2021EUR €2,420Upper Deck VIP Cabin
12-06-202119-06-2021EUR €1,740Standard Cabin
12-06-202119-06-2021EUR €2,090Main Deck Cabin
12-06-202119-06-2021EUR €2,420Upper Deck VIP Cabin
26-06-202103-07-2021EUR €1,740Standard Cabin
26-06-202103-07-2021EUR €2,090Main Deck Cabin
26-06-202103-07-2021EUR €2,420Upper Deck VIP Cabin
10-07-202117-07-2021EUR €1,530Standard Cabin
10-07-202117-07-2021EUR €1,880Main Deck Cabin
10-07-202117-07-2021EUR €2,200Upper Deck VIP Cabin
24-07-202131-07-2021EUR €1,530Standard Cabin
24-07-202131-07-2021EUR €1,880Main Deck Cabin
24-07-202131-07-2021EUR €2,200Upper Deck VIP Cabin
07-08-202114-08-2021EUR €1,530Standard Cabin
07-08-202114-08-2021EUR €1,880Main Deck Cabin
07-08-202114-08-2021EUR €2,200Upper Deck VIP Cabin
21-08-202128-08-2021EUR €1,740Standard Cabin
21-08-202128-08-2021EUR €2,090Main Deck Cabin
21-08-202128-08-2021EUR €2,420Upper Deck VIP Cabin
04-09-202111-09-2021EUR €1,740Standard Cabin
04-09-202111-09-2021EUR €2,090Main Deck Cabin
04-09-202111-09-2021EUR €2,420Upper Deck VIP Cabin
18-09-202125-09-2021EUR €1,740Standard Cabin
18-09-202125-09-2021EUR €2,090Main Deck Cabin
18-09-202125-09-2021EUR €2,420Upper Deck VIP Cabin
02-10-202109-10-2021EUR €1,530Standard Cabin
02-10-202109-10-2021EUR €1,880Main Deck Cabin
02-10-202109-10-2021EUR €2,200Upper Deck VIP Cabin
16-10-202123-10-2021EUR €1,300Standard Cabin
16-10-202123-10-2021EUR €1,670Main Deck Cabin
16-10-202123-10-2021EUR €1,990Upper Deck VIP Cabin