Tahiti & the Pearls of French Polynesia aboard Panorama II

Tahiti & the Pearls of French Polynesia aboard Panorama II

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Sailing round-trip from Papeete port, Tahiti, the 25-cabin/49-guest sail cruiser Panorama II will sail into spectacular islands and atolls and discover sacred maraes (temples), pristine beaches and lagoons, magnificent mountain peaks, and uncover French Polynesia’s welcoming culture.

This 8 day itinerary visits all but one Society Islands including Bora Bora, Huahine and Moorea to name a few.

Trip Name
Tahiti & the Pearls of French Polynesia aboard Panorama II
Vessel Type: Sail Cruiser Length: 50 metres Passenger Capacity: 49 Built / refurbished: 1993 / 2008 / 2012 / 2015 Imagine a place far from home that feels just like home, where the borders are delineated by the golden shores of the sea; and home is wherever the anchors drop. Imagine 164 feet of comfort, sleek beauty, and safety classified by the latest International “Safety of Life at Sea” (SOLAS) standards. Imagine your floating home on board the sleek, classic design Mega Yacht as she spreads her white sails through the seas under the name PANORAMA II, waving her Greek flag through the wind. Discover the world by sea at 10 knots per hour, in her un-rushed pace, one island or seashore at a time on board the ultimate 3 masted motor sailer cruiser. Panorama loves to seduce her select 49 guests with her classic lines and wood paneled lounges redefining what yachting was meant to be. A spacious lounge with ample space, dining areas decorated with warm colors, rich library and two decks for sunbathing, shaded areas and outdoor bar and loungers are just some of the elements that define her essence. 360° views of unobstructed ocean are your eyes’ canvas painted with ocean blue and deep green mountains. Embrace freedom as the Panorama II sets her white sails seduced by the clear winds of the sea. Mingle with likeminded travelers in our public areas, enjoy a moment to yourself in our ample deck space, or retreat to one of our 25 ocean view cabin-sanctuaries all offering windows or portholes connecting you with mother nature’s wonders. Panorama II’s experienced crew of 18 is trained with hospitality at heart to pamper her guests and guarantee the ultimate home away from home experience. Serenity is a state of mind; on board Variety. Home at Sea Single seating dining Indoor & Outdoor Lounge - Bar, Indoor & Outodoor Restaurant, Audiovisual in Lounge, Mini library, Beach Towels, Snorkeling equipment, Kayak, Board Games, Swimming Platform, Wi-Fi Comfort Zone Windows: Upper & Main deck cabins, Portholes: lower deck cabins, Triple Occupancy cabins: Category B, Flat-Screen TV, Mini Safe, Mini Fridge Individually controlled A/C, En suite bathroom with shower, Hairdryers, Telephone for internal use, Central music


Day 1 - Day 1 Papeete, Tahiti
Embark the Panorama II in Papeete Port between 2:30pm and 4:00pm. After a welcome briefingand safety drill, we will set sail for Bora Bora. Overnight at sea.
Day 2 - Day 2 Bora Bora
Early morning arrival in Bora Bora, possibly the most photographed place on earth. Our ship sails intoBora Bora lagoon with Mount Otemanu rising proudly at the center. Over the following two days, we willhave a variety of optional activities to choose from, such as: a) A Bora Bora Cultural Tour by 4x4; b)An excursion to snorkel with sting rays and sharks and explore the lagoon; c) The Bora Bora tour by"Le Truck" and more. Overnight at anchor.
Day 3 - Day 3 Bora Bora - Huahine
Today, we continue our Bora Bora optional activities. After lunch, we cruise the Bora Bora lagoon andsail to Huahine, arriving late in the evening. Overnight at anchor inside the lagoon.
Day 4 - Day 4 Huahine
Huahine, once home to Tahitian royalty, is considered the cradle of Polynesian culture. The two islandsmaintain the largest concentration of ancient marae (temples) in French Polynesia, some of which arebelieved to date back to around 700 AD. Huahine is a colossal tropical jungle burgeoning with coconutplantations, vanilla orchids, banana groves, breadfruit trees and watermelon fields. Our optional halfday tour takes us by 4x4 vehicle around the island to visit the small villages of Fare and Maeva, anarchaeological site, and a vanilla plantation. There will also be an opportunity to see and feed the sacredblue-eyed eels of Faie Bay. Overnight at anchor.
Day 5 - Day 5 Huahine – Taha'a
We leave Huahine early this morning and sail to the island of Taha'a, which shares a magnificent lagoonwith Raiatea Island. The fertile island is covered with banana, watermelon and coconut groves. Theisland also acts as a vast natural greenhouse for the treasured Tahitian vanilla orchid. Our optionalhalf-day excursion will allow us to explore the beautiful interior of the island by 4x4 vehicle. Taste thelocal fruit and admire breathtaking views of the magnificent turquoise waters of Ha'amene Bay. Thisexcursion also includes a visit to a pearl farm and a traditional vanilla plantation. In the afternoon, wewill have plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling from a “motu”, or reef islet. Overnight at anchor.
Day 6 - Day 6 Raiatea
We sail across the lagoon to reach nearby Raiatea, which translates to “faraway heaven” and “sky withsoft light”. Originally known as Havai’i, Raiatea is considered the homeland of the ancient Polynesians.Our morning optional excursion will introduce you to the highlights of Raiatea. Meet your guide for aninformative & intimate tour by minibus. Enjoy a panoramic drive through the main town of Uturoa -- thecultural and administrative center of Raiatea. Shortly after leaving town, you will see Mount Temehani -- endemic home to the Tiare Apetahi. Our highlight stop is at the main ancient Marae (open-air temple)of Taputapuatea, recently became a UNΕSCO protected site – your guide will cover the origins & historyof this famous land mark. Here, we will learn about its Polynesian origins and historical relevance.Optional afternoon tour includes an exploration by kayak of the Faaroa River, French Polynesia's onlynavigable river, with an expert guide leading the way through Raiatea's verdant interior. Late in theevening we sail to Mo'orea. Overnight at sea.
Day 7 - Day 7 Mo'orea
This morning, we reach Mo'orea, believed to be the inspiration for the mythical Bali Hai from JamesMichener's Tales of the South Pacific. Eight gargantuan mountain peaks rise from its magnificent lagoon,creating a distinctive silhouette visible from the western coast of Tahiti. Morning and afternoon optionalhalf day excursions; a/ a Snorkeling and ray tour b/ a Nature & Culture Tour taking you to admiremagnificent views in the interior of the island. Tonight we will enjoy our Farewell Dinner. Overnight atanchor. Tonight, we will enjoy our Farewell Dinner. Overnight at anchor.
Day 8 - Day 8 Papeete
Early morning sailing to Tahiti. Morning arrival in Papeete. Disembarkation at 9:00 am after breakfast.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
06-05-202213-05-2022EUR €2,150Category C
06-05-202213-05-2022EUR €2,500Category B
06-05-202213-05-2022EUR €2,950Category A
06-05-202213-05-2022EUR €3,650Category P
27-05-202203-06-2022EUR €2,150Category C
27-05-202203-06-2022EUR €2,500Category B
27-05-202203-06-2022EUR €2,950Category A
27-05-202203-06-2022EUR €3,650Category P
06-06-202213-06-2022EUR €2,950Category A
06-06-202213-06-2022EUR €3,650Category P
06-06-202213-06-2022EUR €2,150Category C
06-06-202213-06-2022EUR €2,500Category B
13-06-202220-06-2022EUR €2,150Category C
13-06-202220-06-2022EUR €2,500Category B
13-06-202220-06-2022EUR €2,950Category A
13-06-202220-06-2022EUR €3,650Category P
20-06-202227-06-2022EUR €2,150Category C
20-06-202227-06-2022EUR €2,500Category B
20-06-202227-06-2022EUR €2,950Category A
20-06-202227-06-2022EUR €3,650Category P
15-07-202222-07-2022EUR €2,150Category C
15-07-202222-07-2022EUR €2,500Category B
15-07-202222-07-2022EUR €2,950Category A
15-07-202222-07-2022EUR €3,650Category P
22-07-202229-07-2022EUR €2,150Category C
22-07-202229-07-2022EUR €2,500Category B
22-07-202229-07-2022EUR €2,950Category A
22-07-202229-07-2022EUR €3,650Category P
29-07-202205-08-2022EUR €2,150Category C
29-07-202205-08-2022EUR €2,500Category B
29-07-202205-08-2022EUR €2,950Category A
29-07-202205-08-2022EUR €3,650Category P
05-08-202212-08-2022EUR €2,150Category C
05-08-202212-08-2022EUR €2,500Category B
05-08-202212-08-2022EUR €2,950Category A
05-08-202212-08-2022EUR €3,650Category P
12-08-202219-08-2022EUR €2,150Category C
12-08-202219-08-2022EUR €2,500Category B
12-08-202219-08-2022EUR €2,950Category A
12-08-202219-08-2022EUR €3,650Category P
19-08-202226-08-2022EUR €2,150Category C
19-08-202226-08-2022EUR €2,500Category B
19-08-202226-08-2022EUR €2,950Category A
19-08-202226-08-2022EUR €3,650Category P
16-09-202223-09-2022EUR €2,150Category C
16-09-202223-09-2022EUR €2,500Category B
16-09-202223-09-2022EUR €2,950Category A
16-09-202223-09-2022EUR €3,650Category P
23-09-202230-09-2022EUR €2,150Category C
23-09-202230-09-2022EUR €2,500Category B
23-09-202230-09-2022EUR €2,950Category A
23-09-202230-09-2022EUR €3,650Category P
30-09-202207-10-2022EUR €2,150Category C
30-09-202207-10-2022EUR €2,500Category B
30-09-202207-10-2022EUR €2,950Category A
30-09-202207-10-2022EUR €3,650Category P
07-10-202214-10-2022EUR €2,150Category C
07-10-202214-10-2022EUR €2,500Category B
07-10-202214-10-2022EUR €2,950Category A
07-10-202214-10-2022EUR €3,650Category P
14-10-202221-10-2022EUR €2,150Category C
14-10-202221-10-2022EUR €2,500Category B
14-10-202221-10-2022EUR €2,950Category A
14-10-202221-10-2022EUR €3,650Category P
21-10-202228-10-2022EUR €2,150Category C
21-10-202228-10-2022EUR €2,500Category B
21-10-202228-10-2022EUR €2,950Category A
21-10-202228-10-2022EUR €3,650Category P
28-10-202204-11-2022EUR €2,150Category C
28-10-202204-11-2022EUR €2,500Category B
28-10-202204-11-2022EUR €2,950Category A
28-10-202204-11-2022EUR €3,650Category P
25-11-202202-12-2022EUR €2,150Category C
25-11-202202-12-2022EUR €2,500Category B
25-11-202202-12-2022EUR €2,950Category A
25-11-202202-12-2022EUR €3,650Category P
02-12-202209-12-2022EUR €2,150Category C
02-12-202209-12-2022EUR €2,500Category B
02-12-202209-12-2022EUR €2,950Category A
02-12-202209-12-2022EUR €3,650Category P
09-12-202216-12-2022EUR €2,150Category C
09-12-202216-12-2022EUR €2,500Category B
09-12-202216-12-2022EUR €2,950Category A
09-12-202216-12-2022EUR €3,650Category P


    • NO ONE GETS YOU CLOSER : Our 50-meter/164-ft sail cruiser Panorama II will sail into lagoons and drop anchor
    • COMFORT & INTIMATE YACHT AMBIANCE: 30-49 passengers maximum mean your clients will enjoy intimate atmosphere & personalized service on board and on shore. With ocean-view cabins and indoor/outdoor spacious public areas, the destination discovery begins on board.
    • A VARIETY OF SHORE EXCURSIONS: Authentic experiences on shore will be offered on almost all islands including historical, cultural, 4WD, boating and underwater activities.
    • KAYAK, SNORKEL & SWIM OFF THE YACHT: Take out the kayaks and paddle boards, snorkel or swim from the yacht's swimming platform.
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE SHIP: Our small ships run on clean fuel, Marine Diesel Oil and do not use non-refined Heavy Fuel Oil. Plus, we have successfully completed a single-use plastic elimination program since January 2019, eliminating single-use plastic items such as stirrers, lids, cups, straws and all items wrapped in plastic.