The Land of Adventure

An abundance of wildlife, a mix of fascinating cultures and a variety of breathtaking landscapes…Africa has it all. Where you visit in this vast continent and when will depend largely on what type of experience you are after. Our expert consultants, along with our range of tour operators, can put together the perfect tailor-made experience for your travel in Africa.

Travelling in Africa can be done in a variety of ways, there are some parts that you can try to explore independently and then there are very isolated areas where you would visit as part of an organised tour/safari. Travellers can choose to combine anything from basic camping accommodation to 5 star luxury stays – however, we find a majority of our clients prefer a mid-range option.

Whether it’s witnessing the “Big Five” wandering the Serengeti or the Masai Mara, seeing the majestic backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro, experiencing the power of the majestic Victoria Falls, meeting the incredible Silverback Gorillas in the mountains of Uganda or Rwanda – you will leave feeling a sense of awe and wonder.

We also can’t forget Morocco and Egypt – all part of northern Africa. Morocco is a country of unique diversity. You’ll find ancient cities, mountain ranges, sprawling deserts and more. You’ll get to taste a a variety of traditional delicacies while trawling through the wonderful and colourful markets. Egypt is the epitome of ancient wonder. Pyramids, pharaohs, tombs and the magnificent Nile. We love everything about this amazing regions.

Our team of expert consultants have fallen in love with Africa and have been there more than 30 times between them. They have experience and firsthand knowledge in almost every region and are happy to have a chat with you about travel plans and help you put together an itinerary that will exceed all your expectations about this incredible continent.

Visiting for the first time?

Here is our MUST DO list - The Jewels in the Crown...

Botswana, Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta
The Serengeti/Masai Mara/Ngorongoro Crater ecosystem stretching between Kenya and Tanzania
Mountain Gorillas
Victoria Falls
Cape Town & Kruger National Park

Returning to Africa?

You may want to revisit places and perhaps go further afield too...

The desert landscapes of Namibia
Etosha National Park
The wilds of less visited Zambia
A walking safari in Kruger NP in South Africa or in South Luangwa NP in Zambia
The very unique and sometimes eccentric experience of Ethiopia

Our Travel Tips

In Southern Africa the best time to travel is June – October to avoid the wet season when it can get very hot and sticky. This wet weather also makes it quite difficult to spot game. East Africa’s best times are January – March and June to October. You can of course visit all year round as each season offers something unique to experience.

Make sure the tour you choose use quality guides and well maintained vehicles. You may pay a little extra but we can assure you that a knowledgeable guide and a good, reliable vehicle will make your experience in Africa much more rewarding.

Travel on small group tours. You don’t want to be on a tour that is overcrowded, smaller groups in Africa make it much easier to travel and ensure you’ll get the best experience while out on safari looking for wildlife.

We hear a lot about migration and breeding seasons and how this may affect your experience. Yes, there are certain times when you will see specific species in different areas and see mothers and babies. However the wildlife is moving and breeding all year round, especially in the Serengeti / Masai Mara region. If there are specific species or experiences that you want to be sure to include on your trip our consultants can help recommend the ideal time and places to visit.

Consider the option of flying in to National Parks rather than driving. Some drives can be quite long as they cover vast distances. Although flying is more expensive, it can mean you will spend more time in a National Park searching for game and less time road travelling.

Tours in Africa

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