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The 6 Rules of Responsible Travel

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Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel. There’s being a traveller, and there’s being a responsible traveller. As you’d imagine, there’s a big difference between the two. From the way travellers interact with local people, to the way they behave and where they spend their money – there’s a lot to consider. […]

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5 beautiful islands in Europe you haven’t discovered yet

Original post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel, by Rebecca Shapiro. Lazing on a beach, gazing in wonder at the deep blue sea. Strolling through narrow, cobbled streets, ones you’ve been dreaming of for months. Tucking in to a feast for dinner, fish so fresh it would’ve been caught that day… Europe’s islands offer […]

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The Instagram worthy village in Switzerland – that will also feed your inner adventure seeker!

For anyone who has ever been to Switzerland, or seen photos of it while scrolling through social media, you will know that it is the definition of picturesque scenery. Just when you think this amazing country couldn’t get any prettier, you stumble across a small village that takes your breath away. The name of this […]

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