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5 experiences that prove Sri Lanka is an adventurer’s paradise

Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid, by Ryan Bolton. Let’s start here: Sri Lanka has it all, adventure-seekers. Remarkable landscapes that take a while for you to register all that you’re seeing. Rich, succulent foods with exotic flavours that dance in the sea breeze. Vast multi-cultural and multi-religious roots. Fun-loving, curious locals. […]

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7 experiences that prove the Galapagos Islands are the definition of bucket list-worthy

Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel, by Georgina Lawton. For many travellers, the idea of exploring Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands is one drenched in folklore. Most have heard about the out-of-this-world display of incredible animals and fauna which, after a five-week visit in 1835, inspired Charles Darwins’ On The Origin Of Species. […]

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Trip or Treat? Spookiest Adventures from Around the World

Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel. It’s that time of year: Halloween. To celebrate, Intrepid Travel have come up with a list of their most terrifying trips that take travellers to the world’s spookiest events and destinations. Read on – IF YOU DARE! Bran Castle This isn’t a fortification built of […]

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11 foods to try in Germany that aren’t schnitzels

Original blog post featured on Geckos Tales, by Millie Lester. Believe it or not, there’s more to Germany than crumbed pieces of pounded pork fried in oil. Germany is one twelve-paged, double-sided, laminated food menu just waiting to be perused by hoards of hungry travellers, and while Deutschland is globally celebrated for its iconic schnitzel, […]

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10 Experiences Every Traveller Should Have in Morocco

Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel, by Rebecca Shapiro. Morocco is simply mesmerizing. It’s a country we could explore for months and never tire of. How could you, when it encompasses the vastness of the Sahara, the most ancient medinas, countless epic mountain ranges, and more? And that’s without even taking […]

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