The mysterious and stunning 7th continent

Breathtaking – that is the first word that comes to mind when we think of Antarctica. The vast scenic white landscapes of snow and incredible ice and some of the most amazing wildlife the world has to offer. Antarctica is definitely a bucket list holiday that must be ticked off your list!

Antarctica is home to some of the world’s most incredible species of wildlife, Humpback whales, Orcas and Minkes, Leopard Seals and a variety of penguins just to name a few. Of course, if you include South Georgia on your Antarctic itinerary there will be a whole lot of other wildlife to experience as well.

The best time to visit Antarctica is in the summer – between October to March – to make sure you get the best light and views. There are so many options for travelling to Antarctica and a wide variety of expedition ships and tours to choose from for a wide range of budgets – so making that dream a reality is closer than you think!

There’s a perception that Antarctica is a once in a lifetime trip that is almost a dream for some. It is not as expensive as you might think, if you book well in advance you can take advantage of some pretty fantastic earlybird savings. Similarly, if you’re prepared to book a last minute trip you can often save up to 50% off select departures and berths, We do believe that the experience is absolutely incredible, so much so that we think it needs to be experienced by travellers more than once!

Three of our consultants have made the trip to Antarctica and are more than happy to chat to you about their incredible experiences. Let us help you plan your unforgettable Antarctic experience, that we promise you will never forget!

Visiting for the first time?

Here is our MUST DO list...

Spend more time in South America beforehand, as your expedition will depart from South America.

Returning to Antarctica?

You may want to revisit places and perhaps go further afield too...

Include South Georgia to see even more amazing and diverse wildlife
Take a voyage to Snow Hill in the Weddell Sea – the only place to see Emperor Penguins in the wild!
Why not embark on a photography themed expedition, where you will learn from an expert whilst photographing one of the more beautiful parts of the world.

Our Travel Tips

Take part in the POLAR PLUNGE!  Jumping off a ship into the freezing water – sounds insane, but it’s all part of the polar experience!

Enjoy viewing wildlife and icebergs quietly from your own personal kayak or paddleboard, it’s a completely different perspective seeing everything at water level.

A magical experience is to camp overnight in a swag on the ice, on a clear night you will have a magical view of the stars!

There’s no need to outlay a lot of money for lots of clothing.  Thermals, waterproof pants, gloves and a good beanie are all you will need to buy, as a warm jacket is provided for you to keep and rubber boots loaned out to you for your shore excursions.

Seasickness pills are provided on-board for the famous Drake Passage crossing. Take them for a more enjoyable voyage and enjoy the plenty of lectures to listen to as the journey will take 1.5 days.

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