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Home to the most populous countries in the world, the highest peak and the lowest point, Asia is a vast and interesting continent. It is the birthplace of all 10 of the world’s major religions and boasts 31 World Heritage Sites. A diverse mix of destinations offering a vast array of options for all travellers.

When thinking about travelling to Asia, just remember that it is the largest continent, so attempting to see Asia in a few weeks is not going to happen! Luckily it is pretty close to us here in Australia so it is easy to return to fit it all in. Because of this proximity, many holiday makers begin their love affair with travel right here! But it is not all about beaches and cheap souvenirs; or “same same but different” there is so much more. So much in fact that it needs to be divided into its own territories – north Asia, south Asia, south east Asia, central Asia and Indian sub-continent. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea and there are even polar bears in Asia – truly, in Siberia which technically is in Asia!

India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia – the opportunities are endless. Each destination in Asia offers its own unique landscapes, cuisine, culture and historical sites. Bustling cities, picturesque rainforests, unique wildlife, hidden temples and more, are on offer throughout these amazing countries. You can relax on the beaches of Indonesia, seek adventure in the snow fields of Japan or take your own pace wandering the streets of Singapore.

Whether you are horse riding over the Mongolian Steppes, exploring the Potala Palace in Tibet, being blinded by the neon of Tokyo, relaxing on the Irrawaddy in Myanmar or spying on tigers in Ranthambore NP, there is definitely a destination in Asia just for you.

Our team of expert consultants have travelled to all four corners of Asia. They have experience and firsthand knowledge in almost every region and are happy to have a chat with you about travel plans and help you put together an itinerary that will help you make the most of your Asia escape.

Visiting for the first time?

Here is our MUST DO list - The Jewels in the Crown...

Learn about pandas at a wildlife sanctuary in China
Witness the beautiful cherry blossom in bloom in Japan
Visit the majestic Taj Mahal in India
See the UNESCO listed Forbidden City in Beijing
Walk the Great Wall of China

Returning to Asia?

You may want to revisit places and perhaps go further afield too...

Cruise the Mekong in Laos
Be blessed by monks in Cambodia
Spend a day shopping in Singapore
Ride a tuk tuk in Thailand
Enjoy a delicious Laksa in Malaysia

Our Travel Tips

Pick a few countries or cities. It is easy to try and include too much, so much better to really enjoy a destination, get to know it, learn about the culture the food, the people.

Consider entry requirements – many Asian countries still require a visa to enter, and not all are easy to obtain. Your travel agent can help you with arranging all visa requirements.

Consider a special interest as the focus of your holiday. Food is an easy one, Asia is filled with flavourful, tasty delicacies; but what about yoga, hiking and trekking, volunteer tourism, wildlife, water sports, snow sports, cycling, cruising or shopping….The list is endless!

Make sure you are a responsible traveller – consider what you buy and from where. Is your fun activity contributing to the mistreatment of animals or the environment or even yourself?

Familiarise yourself with local customs and learn a few key words or phrases.

Tours in Asia

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