A diverse pot of culture and history

A variety of cultures, interesting history and unique landscapes makes up the diverse continent of Europe. From the white capped peaks of the Alps in Switzerland, to the beautiful beaches in Portugal, to the rugged landscapes of Ireland to the delicious local cuisine in Italy – no matter what you wish to see our expert consultants, along with our extensive range of operators, can help you put together the perfect tailor-made experience in Europe.

There are many options available when travelling through Europe, you can choose to explore by coach, by utilising Europe’s extensive rail system or while relaxing on a barge or small ship cruising the rivers and coasts.

Given the proximity between most destinations, it is quite easy to fit in multiple countries across one visit or you may choose to immerse yourself in one country and explore every corner the best you can. Europe is not a difficult continent to travel independently through, however there are numerous wonderful small group tours and options available for those who enjoy company when they travel!

The most amazing thing about Europe is you can wake up and enjoy a croissant for breakfast in Paris, hop on a train and have a stein and pork knuckle in Germany for lunch and then be in Amsterdam in time for some Stroopwaffle for dessert!

Europe truly is a mix of everything just waiting to be discovered.

Our team of expert consultants have explored almost every corner of this diverse continent. They have experience and firsthand knowledge in almost every country and are happy to have a chat with you about travel plans and help you put together an itinerary that will exceed all your expectations about these incredible destinations.

Visiting for the first time?

Here is our MUST DO list...

Explore the Amalfi Coast in Italy
Sail around the Greek Islands
Learn about the fascinating history of the UK
Discover the rugged landscapes of Scotland and Ireland
Improve your knowledge of beer throughout Germany

Returning to Europe?

You may want to revisit places and perhaps go further afield too...

Cruise the beautiful Croatian coast
Indulge in Tapas and tarts through Spain and Portugal
Delight in the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Witness the breathtaking scenery in Switzerland
Discover the endless canals in Amsterdam

Our Travel Tips

Consider travelling to Europe in April/May & September/October to beat the summer crowds you’ll find in June/ July and August. Another option is experiencing a white European Christmas and checking out some of the amazing Christmas Markets.

Learn the basics of the local language and have fun communicating! A lot of people will know some English, however they really will appreciate the extra effort if you know the basics and it will add that little bit extra to your experience as well.

The train network is extensive in Europe and one of the best ways to get around. Our consultants can help you purchase rail passes and determine the best option for your travels.

Try something different – tours that offer walking, cycling, canal barging, and cruises are all fantastic options. You’ll see the destination from a whole new perspective and have a lot of fun along the way.

Visit the local markets, try the regional specialties, or do a cooking class and experience new flavours. One of the best ways to learn about a destination and their culture is through tasting their food. Plus, coming home with some new cooking skills and recipes is a great travel souvenir!

Tours in Europe

Here's a few of our favourites...

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