Cycle your way around the world!

Cycle your way around the world with Intrepid!

The world is at its best when there’s nothing between it and you. No big bus window. No iPhone screen. No maps or walls or guidebooks. Just the wind and the open road.

That’s the thinking behind Intrepid’s brand new cycling trips. There’s a nice simplicity to cycling. You start at A and slowly ride your way to B, powered by nothing but your own legs…and maybe some delicious treats along the way. This is cycling Intrepid-style. Which means it’s not the Tour de France. You don’t get prizes for coming in first, and the lycra is definitely optional. These trips are for people who really want to see a place, not just travel it. Ride on.

You can read more about the new Intrepid Cycling range for 2019 here.

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Here’s some of the great cycling trips available. Browse other Intrepid cycling tours here.

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