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Travel the world!

Travel – some of us dream about it, some have had a taste and want more and others just can’t stop!

The world is full of amazing cities, landscapes, people and creatures all waiting to be discovered. There’s a quote that says ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ and as cliché as that sounds, we believe it is true. Being lucky enough to explore the world and being exposed to new and amazing experiences is truly life changing.

At Peregrine Travel Centre SA we’ve been fortunate to experience almost every corner of this amazing world. We want to use this knowledge to help you plan a trip you will never forget, visit a destination you thought only possible in your wildest dreams and make some amazing memories that will stay with you forever – we want you to experience Our Unforgettable World!

So we’ve created a travel portal, a way for us to share with you our tips, advice and stories. You’ll come on a journey with us to parts of the world you may have never considered visiting. You’ll discover that your dream destination may not actually have to be a dream, because it is affordable after all. You’ll learn new tips and gain insight into how to make the most of each destination you visit.

We want to let you in to ‘Our Unforgettable World’…and hopefully you’ll love travel, and all it brings to your life, as much as we do!

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Make the most of your next adventure with our travel tips and advice.

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WARNING: A side effect of clicking on this link is serious Wanderlust!

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Wildlife holidays, foodie tours, festival experiences and more await!

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