The Rivers of West Africa: Dakar to Dakar

The Rivers of West Africa: Dakar to Dakar

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Dakar to Dakar on the Saloun and Gambia Rivers – 8 day cruise.

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The Rivers of West Africa: Dakar to Dakar
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Day 1 - Day 1 | Saturday: Dakar/Senegal
Late afternoon embarkation at 14:00-18:00. After dinner, we set sail southward towards the Saloun River Delta.Overnight at sea, south along the coast.
Day 2 - Day 2 | Sunday: Djiffere/Senegal – Banjul/the Gambia
This morning we reach the Sine – Saloun Delta in Senegal, an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and also an ImportantBirding Area, as designated by Birdlife International and natural habitat for many bird species but also such aquaticanimals as marine turtles, dolphins, West African manatees and crocodiles. Our Joal Fadiout optional excursionstarts at the fishing village of Djiffere from where we reach the village of Joal Fadiouth, set on an island of clam shellsthat also are used in local buildings and crafts. In the afternoon, we leave Senegal and the Saloun Delta and sail southto Gambia to reach Banjul, the capital of Gambia and gateway to the 700-mile Gambia River.Fishermen Night - Overnight in Banjul.
Day 3 - Day 3 | Monday: Banjul - Abuko Nature Reserves/the Gambia
The morning in Banjul will give you the opportunity to take the optional 1/2 day excursions offered to Bakau with itscrocodile "katchikaly", its Botanic Garden and a short Banjul Tour. Mid-afternoon, we leave Banjul and sail upstream toTendaba. We reach Tendaba late into the evening.Mediterranean Night in Africa - Overnight at dock in Tendaba.
Day 4 - Day 4 | Tuesday: Tendaba/the Gambia
From the ship we take motor pirogues in order to reach Tendaba, located on the South Bank in the Lower RiverDivision, our starting point of our Tendaba morning optional excursion. It is a small fishing village of mainly Muslimfaith with approximately 600 inhabitants whose main occupation is fishing. From there we will walk through to Batelling,a small village at the entrance to Kiang West National Park. The area boasts of over 250 species of birds; many of whichare difficult to observe anywhere else. Other residents include Guinea baboons, bushbuck, warthogs, Senegal bushbabyand marsh mongoose. After a refreshing stop in Batelling, we will board an open safari truck which brings us back toTendaba. On the way we pass again local villages where you get an impression of local life in The Gambia. In theafternoon, we are picked-up from the ship by motor pirogues for the afternoon Tendaba optional excursion to theBao Bolong Wetland Reserve. This reserve, lying across from Kiang West National Park features six major bolongs(creeks) that provide great birding and boating opportunities. Numerous rare and migratory birds also reside hereincluding the Pel’s fishing owl, African fin foot and brown-necked parrot. Overnight docked in Tendaba.
Day 5 - Day 5 | Wednesday: Gambia River – Kuntaur - River Gambia National Park/the Gambia
Early morning we leave Tendaba and sail upstream on the Gambia River all morning to reach Kuntaur. Early afternoonarrival to the bustling Gambian port town of Kuntaur, the last inland stop along the river that is navigable for oceangoingships. Later in the afternoon we board a large motor pirogue for a 3 hours optional excursion cruise on TheGambia River. First we head to the southernmost tip of Baboon Island, one of the five islands of The Gambia NationalPark. There a local national park ranger is joining us onboard in order to give more information about the park and itsfauna & flora. Then we turn, the motor pirogue slows down and sails slowly back to Kuntaur following closely the shoresof Baboon Island. This island is home of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project. If we are lucky from our motor piroguewe can closely observe the chimps with minimal intrusion. There is also the possibility of seeing hippos, crocodiles, RedColobus, Green Vervet monkeys and also The Gambia’s famous birdlife.We return to Kuntaur where we are met by the “Kankurang” and a local dance group on the pier. Believed to havespiritual powers the “Kankurang” dispenses justice and wards off evil spirits.Overnight docked in Kuntaur.
Day 6 - Day 6 | Thursday: Kuntaur – Janjanbureh- Kaur/the Gambia
This morning, our optional excursion by bus takes us to the ferry station of Janjanbureh. There we board thelocal ferry for a short cruise over The Gambia River to Janjanbureh. We continue our excursion with a visit of one of theoldest towns of The Gambia, formerly called Georgetown. During the walk you get an impression of this laidback townand see the residence of the governor, the market and the Methodist church with its school. Afterwards we take theferry back and re board the bus to reach Lamin Koto. Through the generosity of Variety Cruises and of many of itsclients, a new school building is being built. Later in the morning we stop at the mysterious stone circles in Wassu, amegalithic site believed to be a burial ground thousands of years ago. You will visit the little museum of thisarchaeological site, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. In the afternoon, after lunch, we sail downstream to Kaur asmall fishing village on the banks of the Gambia. You will have the opportunity to walk around this small community andsee how Gambians live today. In the evening we leave Kaur and sail downstream towards Banjul.Captains Farewell Dinner
Day 7 - Day 7 | Friday: Kunta Kinteh Island - Banjul/the Gambia
This morning we anchor at St. James Island in the middle of the Gambia River, which was an important slave tradingpost under the British rule in The Gambia. In 1976 James Island became famous due to the author Alex Haley and itsbestseller book "Roots" and the story of a slave, called Kunta Kinteh. The island is now called and is a UNESCO WorldCultural Heritage Site. Optional walking tour: After disembarking by local tenders your local guide will tell you moreabout the history of James Island and afterwards you will have some time to explore this island by yourself. After lunch,we leave "Kunta Kinteh" to reach Banjul around 4pm. After formalities, later in the evening, we will sail out of theGambia estuary into the Atlantic Ocean northwards to Dakar.Gambian Night with Kora instrument Concert - Overnight at sea to Dakar.
Day 8 - Day 8 | Saturday: Dakar/Senegal
Early morning arrival in Dakar. Disembarkation after breakfast.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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    • Enjoy Dakar (Senegal)
    • the most western city of the African Continent
    • Explore the Saloun and Gambia Rivers
    • Discover the Djiffere fishing village, Tendaba Nature reserve, Banjul and the Abuko and Makasutu Nature Reserves