8 Day Cruise in the Seychelles

8 Day Cruise in the Seychelles

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The Seychelles Islands are the perfect destination for both summer and winter cruises due to their warm year round climate.

Discover the Seychelles the best way: By small ship! Hop from island to island in this unspoilt paradise and visit a variety islands renowned for their fauna and flora, and beaches. Snorkel or dive to see an amazing underwater world. Walk into centuries old rain forests with unique and endemic species of wildlife and spot the rare black parrots, the world famous Coco de Mer palm trees or the giant tortoise.

We hop from island to island, taking plenty of time for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on the amazing beaches. The pace of life here is slow, and why rush?

PLEASE NOTE: 3 and 4 night cruise options available – please get in touch for more information.

Trip Name
8 Day Cruise in the Seychelles
Vessel Type: Small Ship Length: 45 metres Passenger Capacity: 44 (in 21 cabins) Built / refurbished: 1992 / 1997 / 2016 Imagine a place far from home that feels just like home, where the borders are delineated by the golden shores of the sea; and home is wherever the anchors drop. Imagine 147 feet of comfort, beauty, and safety classified by the latest International “Safety of Life at Sea” (SOLAS) standards. Imagine your floating home on board the sleek, classic double hulled Mega Yacht that sails the seas under the name PEGASOS, waving her Greek flag through the wind. Discover the world by sea at 10 knots per hour, in her un-rushed pace, one island or seashore at a time. Pegasos loves to seduce her select 44 guests with her simple lines and comfortable lounges redefining what yachting was meant to be. A spacious lounge with ample space, dining areas decorated with warm colors, large windows offering pristine views of all destinations, shaded areas and outdoor bar and loungers are just some of the elements that define her essence. 360° views of unobstructed ocean are your eyes’ canvas painted with ocean blue and deep green mountains. Mingle with likeminded travelers in our public areas, enjoy a moment to yourself in our ample deck space, or retreat to one of our 21 ocean view cabin sanctuaries all offering windows or portholes connecting you with Mother Nature’s wonders. Pegasus’ experienced crew of 18 is trained with hospitality at heart to pamper her guests and guarantee the ultimate home away from home experience. Home at Sea Single seating dining Indoor & Outdoor Lounge - Bar, Indoor & Outodoor Restaurant, Audiovisual in Lounge, Mini library, Beach Towels, Snorkeling equipment, Kayak, Board Games, Swimming Platform, Wi-Fi Comfort Zone Windows: Sun, Upper & Main deck cabins, Triple Occupancy cabins: Category A, Flat-Screen TV, Mini Safe, Mini Fridge, Individually controlled A/C, En suite bathroom with shower, Hairdryers, Telephone for internal use, Central music.


Day 1 - Day 1 – Saturday Mahe Inter Island Quay - St Anne Island
Embarkation 15:00 to 16:00 pm. After the Welcome cocktail and safety drill, we leave Port Victoria and sail to nearby St Anne for a refreshing swim stop off the ship. Overnight at anchor near St Anne. Welcome dinner
Day 2 - Day 2 – Sunday St Anne Island - Curieuse
We leave St Anne Island early in the morning to reach Curieuse. This morning we visit this uninhabited island,once a leper colony and home to giant tortoises. Our walking excursion with a park guide will bring us to the farm, along mangrove forests. Later we return to the beach for a BBQ under the trees. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beach and sea activities. Overnight at anchor..
Day 3 - Day 3 – Monday Curieuse - Cousin Island - Anse Lazio
In the morning we sail for Cousin Island. Optional excursion to the Bird Sanctuary which is in the care Bird Life International. A quarter million birds breed on Cousin which also has several nesting beaches for turtles. Later in the afternoon we reach Anse Lazio. In the afternoon we sail to Anse Lazio, Praslin, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Time for water sports, snorkelling or optional diving. Evening at anchor.
Day 4 - Day 4 - Tuesday Anse Lazio – Aride - St Pierre - Baie St Anne, Praslin
In the morning we leave for Aride. Our optional excursion will take you all the way to the top of the island for an amazing view of the island. The island is home to the Wright's gardenia found nowhere else on earth and to bird species like the Audubon's shearwater, the Seychelles warbler. At noon we sail for St Pierre Island. We reach St Pierre after lunch for a 3 hour snorkeling and swimming stop. At sunset, we leave St Pierre to sail into Baie St Anne, Praslin. Overnight at dock. Creole Night.
Day 5 - Day 5 – Wednesday Baie St Anne, Praslin – Felicite – La Digue
Baie St. Anne, Praslin. Optional excursion to the famous Vallee de Mai Reserve, a World Heritage site. You will explore the pathways under tall palm trees which produce the famous Coco de Mer and you might sight a black parrot only found in Praslin. Afternoon sailing to Felicite for swimming, snorkelling or optional diving excursion on this uninhabited island. Evening sailing to La Digue. Evening arrival at La Digue. Anchor in front of the Port. Overnight.
Day 6 - Day 6 – Thursday La Digue - Moyenne Island
Half day excursion in La Digue, the most photographed and quaint community in the Seychelles. Our optional excursion will take us by bus to the Veuve Nature Reserve and through Union Plantation to l’ Anse Source d’ Argent beach. Arrival at L’ Union Estate and tour of the copra kiln, traditional coconut oil mill and the colonial plantation house. Time at Anse Source D’ Argent one of the most magnificent beaches in the world. Marvel at some of Seychelles most impressive rock formations – truly unique, whilst enjoying a refreshment. Time for hunting souvenirs at La Passe, the islands main village, before returning to the ship. Late afternoon sailing to Moyenne island, opposite Mahe. Evening arrival at Moyenne. Overnight at anchor.
Day 7 - Day 7 – Friday Moyenne Island – Mahe, Inter Island Quay
Short guiding around the island and time for swim. Beach BBQ on the island. This is a last opportunity for snorkelling and swimming. We leave Moyenne Island for Mahe's Victoria Port in the afternoon. Late afternoon, we reach the Inter island Quay, Mahe. Captain's Farewell Dinner with live music and dancing. Overnight in Mahe.
Day 8 - Day 8 - Saturday Mahe (Victoria)
Disembarkation 9:00 to 10.00 am
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries can be changed at the discretion of the Vessel's Captain in case of adverse weather conditions - winds of 6/7 beaufort or more depending on the vessel - on port authorities not allowing a vessel to leave port or in case of other extraordinary conditions.
Day 10 - Please Note:
3 and 4 night cruise options available - please get in touch to learn more.

Trip Dates

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24-02-202402-03-2024EUR €2,690Category C
24-02-202402-03-2024EUR €3,150Category B
24-02-202402-03-2024EUR €3,790Category A
24-02-202402-03-2024EUR €3,990Category P
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €2,690Category C
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €3,150Category B
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €3,790Category A
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €3,990Category P
09-03-202416-03-2024EUR €3,790Category A
09-03-202416-03-2024EUR €3,990Category P
09-03-202416-03-2024EUR €2,690Category C
09-03-202416-03-2024EUR €3,150Category B
20-04-202427-04-2024EUR €2,690Category C
20-04-202427-04-2024EUR €3,150Category B
20-04-202427-04-2024EUR €3,790Category A
20-04-202427-04-2024EUR €3,990Category P
27-04-202404-05-2024EUR €2,690Category C
27-04-202404-05-2024EUR €3,150Category B
27-04-202404-05-2024EUR €3,790Category A
27-04-202404-05-2024EUR €3,990Category P
04-05-202411-05-2024EUR €2,690Category C
04-05-202411-05-2024EUR €3,150Category B
04-05-202411-05-2024EUR €3,790Category A
04-05-202411-05-2024EUR €3,990Category P
11-05-202418-05-2024EUR €2,690Category C
11-05-202418-05-2024EUR €3,150Category B
11-05-202418-05-2024EUR €3,790Category A
11-05-202418-05-2024EUR €3,990Category P
18-05-202425-05-2024EUR €2,690Category C
18-05-202425-05-2024EUR €3,150Category B
18-05-202425-05-2024EUR €3,790Category A
18-05-202425-05-2024EUR €3,990Category P
25-05-202401-06-2024EUR €2,690Category C
25-05-202401-06-2024EUR €3,150Category B
25-05-202401-06-2024EUR €3,790Category A
25-05-202401-06-2024EUR €3,990Category P
01-06-202408-06-2024EUR €2,690Category C
01-06-202408-06-2024EUR €3,150Category B
01-06-202408-06-2024EUR €3,790Category A
01-06-202408-06-2024EUR €3,990Category P
08-06-202415-06-2024EUR €2,690Category C
08-06-202415-06-2024EUR €3,150Category B
08-06-202415-06-2024EUR €3,790Category A
08-06-202415-06-2024EUR €3,990Category P
15-06-202422-06-2024EUR €2,690Category C
15-06-202422-06-2024EUR €3,150Category B
15-06-202422-06-2024EUR €3,790Category A
15-06-202422-06-2024EUR €3,990Category P
22-06-202429-06-2024EUR €2,690Category C
22-06-202429-06-2024EUR €3,150Category B
22-06-202429-06-2024EUR €3,790Category A
22-06-202429-06-2024EUR €3,990Category P
29-06-202406-07-2024EUR €2,690Category C
29-06-202406-07-2024EUR €3,150Category B
29-06-202406-07-2024EUR €3,790Category A
29-06-202406-07-2024EUR €3,990Category P
06-07-202413-07-2024EUR €2,690Category C
06-07-202413-07-2024EUR €3,150Category B
06-07-202413-07-2024EUR €3,790Category A
06-07-202413-07-2024EUR €3,990Category P
17-08-202424-08-2024EUR €2,690Category C
17-08-202424-08-2024EUR €3,150Category B
17-08-202424-08-2024EUR €3,790Category A
17-08-202424-08-2024EUR €3,990Category P
24-08-202431-08-2024EUR €2,690Category C
24-08-202431-08-2024EUR €3,150Category B
24-08-202431-08-2024EUR €3,790Category A
24-08-202431-08-2024EUR €3,990Category P
24-08-202431-08-2024EUR €0LGBTQ+ Cruise
31-08-202407-09-2024EUR €2,690Category C
31-08-202407-09-2024EUR €3,150Category B
31-08-202407-09-2024EUR €3,790Category A
31-08-202407-09-2024EUR €3,990Category P
07-09-202414-09-2024EUR €2,690Category C
07-09-202414-09-2024EUR €3,150Category B
07-09-202414-09-2024EUR €3,790Category A
07-09-202414-09-2024EUR €3,990Category P
14-09-202421-09-2024EUR €2,690Category C
14-09-202421-09-2024EUR €3,150Category B
14-09-202421-09-2024EUR €3,790Category A
14-09-202421-09-2024EUR €3,990Category P
21-09-202428-09-2024EUR €2,690Category C
21-09-202428-09-2024EUR €3,150Category B
21-09-202428-09-2024EUR €3,790Category A
21-09-202428-09-2024EUR €3,990Category P
28-09-202405-10-2024EUR €2,690Category C
28-09-202405-10-2024EUR €3,150Category B
28-09-202405-10-2024EUR €3,790Category A
28-09-202405-10-2024EUR €3,990Category P
05-10-202412-10-2024EUR €2,690Category C
05-10-202412-10-2024EUR €3,150Category B
05-10-202412-10-2024EUR €3,790Category A
05-10-202412-10-2024EUR €3,990Category P
12-10-202419-10-2024EUR €2,690Category C
12-10-202419-10-2024EUR €3,150Category B
12-10-202419-10-2024EUR €3,790Category A
12-10-202419-10-2024EUR €3,990Category P
19-10-202426-10-2024EUR €3,990Category P
19-10-202426-10-2024EUR €2,690Category C
19-10-202426-10-2024EUR €3,150Category B
19-10-202426-10-2024EUR €3,790Category A
26-10-202402-11-2024EUR €2,690Category C
26-10-202402-11-2024EUR €3,150Category B
26-10-202402-11-2024EUR €3,790Category A
26-10-202402-11-2024EUR €3,990Category P
09-11-202416-11-2024EUR €2,690Category C
09-11-202416-11-2024EUR €3,150Category B
09-11-202416-11-2024EUR €3,790Category A
09-11-202416-11-2024EUR €3,990Category P
16-11-202423-11-2024EUR €2,690Category C
16-11-202423-11-2024EUR €3,150Category B
16-11-202423-11-2024EUR €3,790Category A
16-11-202423-11-2024EUR €3,990Category P
23-11-202430-11-2024EUR €2,690Category C
23-11-202430-11-2024EUR €3,150Category B
23-11-202430-11-2024EUR €3,790Category A
23-11-202430-11-2024EUR €3,990Category P
30-11-202407-12-2024EUR €2,690Category C
30-11-202407-12-2024EUR €3,150Category B
30-11-202407-12-2024EUR €3,790Category A
30-11-202407-12-2024EUR €3,990Category P
21-12-202428-12-2024EUR €2,690Category C
21-12-202428-12-2024EUR €3,150Category B
21-12-202428-12-2024EUR €3,790Category A
21-12-202428-12-2024EUR €3,990Category P
28-12-202404-01-2025EUR €2,690Category C
28-12-202404-01-2025EUR €3,150Category B
28-12-202404-01-2025EUR €3,790Category A
28-12-202404-01-2025EUR €3,990Category P


    • Visit Curieuse
    • the uninhabited island, once a leper colony and home to giant tortoises
    • Enjoy water sports
    • snorkelling or diving
    • Sail to Anse Lazio, Praslin, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world