The Seychelles Sailing Cruise (November to April)

The Seychelles Sailing Cruise (November to April)

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Isolated in the Indian Ocean and the only mid-ocean islands of granite formation to be found on earth, the Seychelles archipelago is often mentioned in the same breath as the lost ‘Garden of Eden.’

The highest peaks of a submerged mountain range that broke apart from the supercontinent of Gondwana millions of years ago, the Seychelles’ inner islands are the most ancient islands on earth – no other mid-ocean isles of granite formation can be found anywhere else. This curious geological feature was one of several curiosities about the islands that led the famed British General, Charles Gordon, to declare Seychelles the site of the biblical Garden of Eden.

Situated some 1,500 kilometers east of mainland Africa, and northeast of the island of Madagascar, this tiny island group boasts a population of just 90,000 inhabitants, with a warm, tropical climate all year-round and some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the world.

Mahé, the largest island, is home to the majority of the population and represents the archipelago’s commercial and transportation hub, with the country’s only international airport linking the islands to the rest of the globe. The island is characterised by its towering granite peaks, lush mist forests and dozens of striking coves and beaches.

The second largest island, Praslin, is home to the legendary Vallée de Mai, the UNESCO World Heritage Site where the Coco de Mer grows in abundance. This double coconut, which curiously resembles the shape of a woman’s pelvis, was another facet of General Gordon’s theory about Seychelles as the Garden of Eden – he believed it to be the real forbidden fruit.

La Digue, the third-most populous island, moves at an even slower pace: bicycles remain the most common mode of transportation, for both its residents and visiting tourists. The huge granite boulders that adorn the coastline at Anse Source D’Argent have led some to believe that it could very well be the most photographed beach in the world.

While Mahé, Praslin and La Digue may be the principal islands, dozens of smaller ‘satellite’ isles nearby offer further opportunity to explore and admire. Every island has a character and charm all of its own, with colorful individual histories and unique natural features, some with steep granite cliffs and others comprising pristine coral atolls. Together, they make up a surprisingly diverse destination of great natural beauty, rare flora and fauna that have been cocooned in isolation for millions of years, and a friendly multi-cultural people eager to welcome you to their shores.

The cruise includes:-
• Accommodation on board
• Friendly service from a 8/9x crew complement including captain, engineer, deckhands, dive instructor and stewardesses
• Full board meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner) prepared by a dedicated chef. (Please note that table water and tea/coffee are included with all meals.) Bottled water, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits are all available on board. Price list available on request. We serve a combination of International and authentic Creole cuisine. Please contact us for special dietary needs.
• Snorkeling, kayaking and bottom-line fishing equipment

Trip Name
The Seychelles Sailing Cruise (November to April)
Vessel Type: Sail Ship Schooner Length: 35m Passenger Capacity: 20 Built: 1915  / Recent Refurbishment: 1997 / 1999 ACCOMMODATION Air-conditioned Dining Salon TV, DVD, stereo, ice-machine, washing machine, dryer Upper Sun Deck and Bow Net for sun bathing Covered Back Deck Lounge Fully air-conditioned cabins with wash basin: 6 Double-bed cabins +1 bunk (Category A) 2 Triple cabins with 3 bunk beds (Category B) 4 Showers - 3 Toilets - 1 Deck Shower CREW 1 Captain 1 Chef 1 Mechanic 2 Stewardesses 1 Dive instructor 2 Deckhands


Day 1 - Day 1 - Mahe, embarkation
Embarkation at the Inter-Island Quay at 1030hrs, followed bythe Captain's welcome briefing. Depart Port Victoria at1200hrs, sailing from Mahé to a late afternoon anchorage atRound Island, just off the isle of Praslin. In the evening,introduce yourself to Creole cuisine with a welcome barbecuedinner onboard.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Praslin
Sail to Praslin, Seychelles' second-largest inhabited island, fordisembarkation to the famous World Heritage Site, the Valleede Mai Nature Reserve. This ancient forest is home to thecuriously shaped double coconut, the coco de mer, as well asthe Black Parrot, unique to Praslin. Explore the valley's eeriepathways beneath its canopy of massive palms, beforereturning onboard for afternoon opportunities to dive, snorkelor enjoy other water sports
Day 3 - Day 3 - La Digue
A morning sail brings the vessel to La Digue, a sleepy islandcommunity where ox-carts and bicycles still remain the mostcommon mode of transportation throughout the island. LaDigue is home to the endemic Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher,and is perhaps most famous for its massive granite boulderformations at Anse Source d'Argent, which is thought to be themost photographed beach on earth. Explore the entire islandby bicycle, perhaps stopping by Union Estate, a sprawlingnetwork of traditional island activities, including a copra mill,vanilla plantation, and shipyard
Day 4 - Day 4 - Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur
In the morning the vessel sails toward Grande Soeur and PetiteSoeur (the Sisters) for excellent snorkelling and diving, and fora relaxing visit of these unique and completely uninhabitedtropical islands. In the afternoon, visit Coco Island, one ofSeychelles’ tiny granite jewels, a fantastic spot for snorkellingwithin a kaleidoscope of tropical fish.
Day 5 - Day 5 - Booby Island and Aride Island
Sail to Booby Island for a morning of diving and water sports.After lunch, sail to Aride Island, a globally important naturereserve with more native bird species than any other island,including five endemics and the world's largest population of 3species (Lesser Noddy, Audubon's Shearwater and SeychellesWarbler). The nature trail leads to a spectacular cliff-top viewwith the largest frigatebird roost outside of Aldabra. Aride isthe only natural location in the world for Wright's Gardenia and400 species of fish have been recorded around the island.
Day 6 - Day 6 - Curieuse
In the morning disembark at Curieuse for a visit of this virtuallyuninhabited island. Experience the island's vast mangroveforests and its giant tortoise farm, along with the historic ruinsof this former leper colony. After a barbecue lunch on theisland, enjoy an array of water sports or simply relax and enjoythe island's beautiful beach and turquoise waters.
Day 7 - Day 7 - Ile Seche
After breakfast, enjoy a leisurely sail back towards Mahé, witha last stop at Ile Seche for more snorkelling or diving, followedby a farewell barbecue. The vessel then sails into Port Victoriafor an overnight stay
Day 8 - Day 8 - Disembarkation
Disembarkation at the Inter-Island Quay at 08.30hrs
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
07-11-202014-11-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
07-11-202014-11-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
07-11-202014-11-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
07-11-202014-11-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
07-11-202014-11-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
14-11-202021-11-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
14-11-202021-11-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
14-11-202021-11-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
14-11-202021-11-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
14-11-202021-11-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
21-11-202028-11-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
21-11-202028-11-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
21-11-202028-11-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
21-11-202028-11-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
21-11-202028-11-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
28-11-202005-12-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
28-11-202005-12-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
28-11-202005-12-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
28-11-202005-12-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
28-11-202005-12-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
05-12-202012-12-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
05-12-202012-12-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
05-12-202012-12-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
05-12-202012-12-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
05-12-202012-12-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
12-12-202019-12-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
12-12-202019-12-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
12-12-202019-12-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
12-12-202019-12-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
12-12-202019-12-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
19-12-202026-12-2020EUR €1,713Category B Twin
19-12-202026-12-2020EUR €1,834Category A Triple
19-12-202026-12-2020EUR €1,989Category A Double
19-12-202026-12-2020EUR €2,228Category B Single
19-12-202026-12-2020EUR €2,983Category A Single
26-12-202002-01-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
26-12-202002-01-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
26-12-202002-01-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
26-12-202002-01-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
26-12-202002-01-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
02-01-202109-01-2021EUR €1,219Category B Twin
02-01-202109-01-2021EUR €1,305Category A Triple
02-01-202109-01-2021EUR €1,414Category A Double
02-01-202109-01-2021EUR €1,585Category B Single
02-01-202109-01-2021EUR €2,121Category A Single
09-01-202116-01-2021EUR €1,219Category B Twin
09-01-202116-01-2021EUR €1,305Category A Triple
09-01-202116-01-2021EUR €1,414Category A Double
09-01-202116-01-2021EUR €1,585Category B Single
09-01-202116-01-2021EUR €2,121Category A Single
16-01-202123-01-2021EUR €1,219Category B Twin
16-01-202123-01-2021EUR €1,305Category A Triple
16-01-202123-01-2021EUR €1,414Category A Double
16-01-202123-01-2021EUR €1,585Category B Single
16-01-202123-01-2021EUR €2,121Category A Single
23-01-202130-01-2021EUR €1,219Category B Twin
23-01-202130-01-2021EUR €1,305Category A Triple
23-01-202130-01-2021EUR €1,414Category A Double
23-01-202130-01-2021EUR €1,585Category B Single
23-01-202130-01-2021EUR €2,121Category A Single
30-01-202106-02-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
30-01-202106-02-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
30-01-202106-02-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
30-01-202106-02-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
30-01-202106-02-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
06-02-202113-02-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
06-02-202113-02-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
06-02-202113-02-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
06-02-202113-02-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
06-02-202113-02-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
13-02-202120-02-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
13-02-202120-02-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
13-02-202120-02-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
13-02-202120-02-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
13-02-202120-02-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
20-02-202127-02-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
20-02-202127-02-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
20-02-202127-02-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
20-02-202127-02-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
20-02-202127-02-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
27-02-202106-03-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
27-02-202106-03-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
27-02-202106-03-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
27-02-202106-03-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
27-02-202106-03-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
06-03-202113-03-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
06-03-202113-03-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
06-03-202113-03-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
06-03-202113-03-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
06-03-202113-03-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
13-03-202120-03-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
13-03-202120-03-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
13-03-202120-03-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
13-03-202120-03-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
13-03-202120-03-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
20-03-202127-03-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
20-03-202127-03-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
20-03-202127-03-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
20-03-202127-03-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
20-03-202127-03-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
27-03-202103-04-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
27-03-202103-04-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
27-03-202103-04-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
27-03-202103-04-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
27-03-202103-04-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
03-04-202110-04-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
03-04-202110-04-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
03-04-202110-04-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
03-04-202110-04-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
03-04-202110-04-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
10-04-202117-04-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
10-04-202117-04-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
10-04-202117-04-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
10-04-202117-04-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
10-04-202117-04-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
17-04-202124-04-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single
24-04-202101-05-2021EUR €1,713Category B Twin
24-04-202101-05-2021EUR €1,834Category A Triple
24-04-202101-05-2021EUR €1,989Category A Double
24-04-202101-05-2021EUR €2,228Category B Single
24-04-202101-05-2021EUR €2,983Category A Single


    • Diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles reveal the best of the magical underwater world that the Indian Ocean has to offer. Unique granite boulder formations, coral reefs and wrecks are home to colourful tropical fish, turtles, sharks, rays and many other species. Some of the best dive sites in Seychelles’ inner islands are easily accessible on our cruises. Each vessel is certified as a PADI dive resort, and has a dedicated PADI dive instructor onboard to accommodate the needs of both seasoned and novice divers alike.
    • All of our cruises include complimentary equipment for kayaking and snorkelling (masks and fins). We also offer the opportunity to enjoy traditional bottom-line fishing in certain areas, with our chef ready to prepare fresh Seychelles-style sashimi or grilled fish in the event of a successful catch.
    • For Sailing enthusiasts Sea Star and Sea Bird feature a modern furling system.
    • Each day onboard presents a new opportunity to explore isolated bays and coves, colourful marine parks, and protected nature reserves or uninhabited islands. Spotting the incredibly rare Magpie Robin and other endemic birds, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallee de Mai, or getting up close and personal with a giant tortoise, are just a few of the many special experiences that await on the islands we visit.