Sulawesi to Australia (Makassar to Darwin)

Sulawesi to Australia (Makassar to Darwin)

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From the 16th century, and possibly even earlier, Makassan trepangers began to venture down from their homeland in South Sulawesi. Travelling through the Flores and Savu seas, they arrived at the shores of the Kimberley and Arnhem Land. Fishing for sea cucumber, the Makassans encountered the peoples of northern Australia and left an impact on the cultures that survives to this day. The Yolngu people of Arnhem Land in particular recount stories of the Makassan visitors and images of their boats are recorded in rock art.

Coral Adventurer will make her own journey from Darwin up through the straits of the Indonesian archipelago on her way to Makassar, and will return the same way. These two voyages explore the undiscovered paradise of Indonesia’s less visited islands. Traditional lifestyles continue in regions of astounding beauty, and this journey takes you into the heart of it all. Encounter traditional cultures from Pulau Alor, to Lamalera, Sagori, Torajaland and Tana Beru. Experience the dramatic beauty of Indonesia at Flores, Komodo, and Takabonerate. This journey through the archipelago is a feast for the senses.

Trip Name
Sulawesi to Australia (Makassar to Darwin)
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 93.4 meters Passenger Capacity: 120 (60 staterooms) Built: 2017 Our brand new ship is built to take you closer to unspoilt vistas in comfort, style and safety. A culmination of two years of design and three decades of passion for expedition cruising – Coral Expeditions is proud to invite you to experience the Coral Adventurer. BIGGER IS NOT BETTER At a time when cruise ships get larger and glitzier, we remain stubbornly compact and intimate. Our ships are designed to take you to unspoilt destinations not accessible to large ships.  We want you to have the luxury of space, dine with whom you please, or find your quiet corner on deck.  So we have limited the Coral Adventurer to 60 spacious cabins.  This preserves the intimate atmosphere we are known for without sacrificing the stability and comfort of a true ocean going vessel. BUILT FOR DISCOVERY The Coral Adventurer features our trademark dual ‘Xplorer’ tenders cradled on a hydraulic platform slung off the back of the ship, enabling our guests to go ashore in comfort and ease.  The shallow draft of the ship enables us to go closer to shore than larger ships. Together with our renowned expedition team, our new ship will offer the most advanced expedition capabilities of any small ship afloat. BUILT FOR COMFORT With active stabilisers dampening sea motion, mostly balcony cabins, and interiors designed with the colours and textures of tropical Queensland, the Coral Adventurer is a comfortable ship.  She features promenade decks, generous communal areas that accommodate all guests, a passenger elevator, and an open kitchen where you can observe our chefs whip up small batch cuisine from locally sourced ingredients. BUILT FOR PERSONAL SERVICE The Coral Adventurer will continue our proud tradition of Australian flagged vessels with friendly and professional Australian crew.  Our onboard atmosphere remains refreshingly informal and intimate.  Take your seat at our bridge lounge, chat with the captain at your leisure or accompany our chefs on a market tour. Food and wine features * Single seating dining area with communal ‘wine table’ finished with Australian stone; serving buffet breakfast and lunch, and multi-course table d’hote dinners * Showcase galley visible to guests for fresh small-batch cuisine featuring Australian produce * Multiple indoor and outdoor bars, including our Explorer bar on the sundeck for sunset drinks with 180 degree views * Curated wine cellar featuring modestly priced boutique wines for daily drinking and exceptional vintage Australian reds. Guest comfort * All outside guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms; majority have private balcony * Active stabilisers to dampen sea motion * Gym equipped with elliptical trainers and treadmills * Passenger elevator * Wi-Fi available in all guest areas


Included in your cruise is one night accommodation in Darwin, a welcome event, and coach transfers to your charter flight to Makassar.
Arrive in Makassar to embark at 4:30pm. Spend the afternoon relaxing as you are welcomed on board Coral Adventurer. Join our expedition staff as they introduce you to the journey and the many experiences you will enjoy. This evening join your fellow travellers to enjoy the Captain’s welcome drinks.
Day 3 - DAY 2: TANA BERU
This is is the famous place where Phinisi boats have been crafted by the Bugis boat builders since the 14th century. There are ceremonies involved in each stage of the boat building, and the boats are scattered along the coast in various stages of construction. Learn about the traditional construction methods, unchanged for centuries, and climb into a boat to explore its size and the craftsmanship of the boat-builders. Phinisi boats were used by the Makassans to travel as far as Australia and Madagascar.In the afternoon, enjoy a village visit and water activities at Liukang Island.
Disembark at Palopo for our overland trip to Tana Toraja. The drive is through an enchanting landscape of rice fields and local villages. As you limb into the highland enjoy marvelous views of pine trees, rainforests and plantations.During your time in Toraja, you will see the local lifestyle and traditional houses at Marante, visit the stone grave with Tau-tau effigies at Lemo, and visit the famous traditional stone and hanging burial sites of Bori Parinding. We will also visit a Torajan market, where buffalo and pigs are for sale to those who will purchase them for funerals or other ceremonies. W will also visit Kete Kesu, a quaint traditional village conceals in the mountains. The village is over 400 years old and functions as a living museum, where one can experience first-hand the culture and tradition of the ancient Torajan people.Overnight at the best hotel in the area, Misiliana Hotel, and enjoy a buffet dinner accompanied by local music and dancing.
Continue your time in Tana Toraja before making the overland trip back to the Coral Adventurer.
Sogori Island is one of the small islands located around Kabaena Island in Southwest Sulawesi. This island is populated by the Bajonese and Buginese people. The surrounding white sandy beaches as well as several shipwrecks make it good for water activities. Explore underwater with expedition style diving.
Selayar Island is the gateway to the extensive Taka Bonerate National Park. We have the option of village and cultural activities, or snorkelling and diving in the incredible Taka Bonerate atoll – the third largest atoll in the world. The biodiversity of the reef is very high, offering attractive spot dives, including drop off dives in some places. The waters inside the atoll are magnificently turquoise, surrounded by the deepest blue imaginable.
Arrive at Jinato Island to visit this peaceful village. A welcoming ceremony by the local Bajau and Bugis people leads us ashore. See the unique construction of the village, built on raised platforms, and enjoy cultural attractions and performances. Enjoy demonstrations of local music and hand-crafts. Enjoy insights into the cottage industry of the village with the making of coconut oil, traditional dishes, fishing nets, and boat building.Moving to Tinabo Besar, guests are invited to join conservationist activities such as planting a tree or coral transplantation, assisted by National Park staff. Each guest will have his or her name on it as foster parents of the plants!
Another walk, this time exploring Komodo Island. While both Rinca and Komodo Island are home to the Komodo Dragon, each island has a different landscape and its own beauty.Time permitting, we may follow with a visit to Komodo village to meet the people who live among these ancient creatures.In the afternoon, water activities may be available.
Enjoy a morning nature trek at Rinca Island (choices of short, medium or long treks available) to encounter the Komodo dragons.In the afternoon enjoy snorkelling off the famous Pink Beach on Komodo Island.
Day 11 - DAY 10: ENDE, FLORES
Go ashore at the city of Ende in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. We journey to the Kelimutu National Park, stopping along the way at an orphanage. After refreshments, we continue our journey into the mountains, enjoying the spectacular views of the valley below. A hike to the extraordinary tri-coloured crater lakes of Kelimutu is not complete without throwing a stone for good luck. Enjoy lunch at the Eco Lodge.
Day 12 - DAY 11: LAMALERA
Lamalera is one of the last two traditional whaling villages in Eastern Indonesia. Although slowly dying out. the ancient tradition of whaling is still the principal economic activity here – as the many whale bones in the village prove. Whaling boats are made entirely of wood with wooden pegs instead of nails, and sails are made of palm leaves. The patterns of the whale and the boats are often seen in Lamalera’s handwoven ikat textiles.Be welcomed by the villagers on the beach, enter the village and see traditional activities and dances. Depending on the sea conditions, there may be an opportunity to actually go on a “mock” whale hunt in the local boats, otherwise the villagers will bring their boats close to Coral Adventurer and will demonstrate how they hunt large marine creatures. The women will give a weaving/dying demonstrating and textiles are available for purchase.
Day 13 - DAY 12: PULAU ALOR
This very rugged island is home to around 50 different language or dialect groups. The traditional villages are very intriguing, and we will visit Kadelang Market and Takpala village. Enjoy cultural shows and the the famous handwoven Ikat textiles. Snorkelling and water activities are offered in the afternoon.
Day 14 - DAY 13: KUPANG
We clear out of Indonesia and take a tour to see the Old Harbour, the Colonial church and Tablolong Beach. A highlight is hearing the traditional ‘sasando‘ being played and enjoying the cultural performances and refreshments.
Day 15 - DAY 14: AT SEA
Cruise across the Arafura Sea, enjoying an expedition recap by our guest lecturers. This evening join your fellow travellers for the Captain’s farewell drinks.
Day 16 - DAY 15: DARWIN
Arrive in Darwin to disembark at 8:30am.
Day 17 - Please Note:
Throughout the expedition we may make changes to the itinerary as necessary to maximise your expeditionary experience. Allowances may be made for seasonal variations, weather, tidal conditions and any other event that may affect the operation of the vessel.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $11,990Coral Deck Stateroom
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $12,790Promenade Deck Stateroom
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $13,990Explorer Deck Balcony Stateroom
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $14,990Bridge Deck Balcony Stateroom
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $17,985Coral Deck Stateroom Sole
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $19,185Promenade Deck Stateroom Sole
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $20,985Explorer Deck Balcony Stateroom Sole
01-04-202015-04-2020AUD $20,990Bridge Deck Balcony Suite


    • Snorkel, dive, or kayak the turquoise waters of Taka Bonerate National Park.
    • Visit Komodo Island to see the prehistoric Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard in the world.
    • Witness the ancient ceremonies of the Toraja people on an included one night overland expedition.