Pagan and the Upper Irrawaddy (Downstream)

Pagan and the Upper Irrawaddy (Downstream)

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Our new programme enables relaxed exploration of the magnificent temples of Pagan, the highlights of Mandalay and the scenic and remote Upper Irrawaddy. We journey off the beaten track for 10-nights all the way to Katha, nearly 1000 miles from Rangoon and once home to George Orwell and the setting for Burmese days. Other highlights will be passage through the 3rd and 2nd defiles, not to mention visits to enchanting local towns and villages.

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Trip Name
Pagan and the Upper Irrawaddy (Downstream)
Vessel Type: River Boat Length: 28.7 metres Passenger Capacity: 10 Built / refurbished: 2013 The Kalay Pandaw was built in Mandalay in 2013 for private friend and family charters with just six staterooms including once huge ‘Owner’s Suite’ on the upper deck. Most passengers prefer to eat on the open deck though when cold up river in winter it is possible to sit everyone down in the little saloon. With her very light draft the Kalay has these past years been on the Upper Chindwin. ACCOMMODATION 1 upper deck owners suite, 4 main deck staterooms - 180 square feet (17sqm), finished in teak and brass - Premium mattresses - Convertible bed configuration WINING & DINING Local master chef heading an experienced international culinary team - Personalized meal services - Daily lean & light menu options - Complimentary coffee, water, tea, soft drinks, local beer, local spirits, juices - Extensive wine list with premium wines - Welcome drink on arrival - Welcome cocktail - Farewell reception - Theme dinners ON EXCURSIONS Admissions - Shoe cleaning after excursions - Bottled drinking water - We give away aluminium water bottles - Cold towel service after excursions - Refreshing drink following excursions - Private guide and transportation for all excursions - Quality mountain bikes available for independent exploration SAFETY & SECURITY All onboard crew is trained and certified as per international marine standards - Fire alarm system in all cabins, public areas and back areas - Firefighting system in all ship areas - Expert marine superintendant - 24 hrs watch on duty


We start our Mandalay tour with a visit to the Mahamuni Pagoda with one of the country’s most venerated Buddha images. Continue to a gold leaf and tapestry work shop and walk along the marble & stone carver’s street. Visit a silk and cotton weaving work shop. Travel by bus to the famous “U Bein” bridge, it is about 1.2 km long and is said to be the world’s longest teak wood bridge. It has been built in 1784. With small boats we sail over the Taungthaman Lake and enjoy the sunset.
Morning cruising. Afternoon visit the spectacular potteries near Kyauk-myoung where the famous 50 gallon water pots are handmade. We see all stages of manufacture from the throwing of the pots to the weeklong firing in huge kilns. We then third defile of the Irrawaddy.
Stop at Khan-nyat village with its many Buddhist monasteries and visit the former head teacher's house, which also includes his small museum collections. Later we go ashore and climb the Pagoda Hill at Tigyang with its stunning views of the Irrawaddy.
Day 4 - DAY 4 KATHA
Arrive at the enchanting colonial town of Katha, setting for George Orwell’s Burmese Days. Little has changed since then. Of interested are the fire station’s collections of Irrawaddy Flotilla Company ship’s bells taken from sunken ships in the Second War. Katha was the final resting place of the old flotilla and here over a hundred ships were scuppered in 1942 in an Act of Denial before the advancing Japanese. We continue to an elephant logging camp at Katha in the hardwood forests of the hills that surround the town and further upstream.
Transfer by local boat to visit Kyun Daw village where we visit countless small Pagodas.
Cruise through the 2nd Defile, the most dramatic of the three gorges with cliffs towering over the narrow channel. Sail downstream.
We explore by foot the ancient city of Tagaung viewing the fortifications, a famous nat or spirit shrine and the archaeological area.
Day 8 - DAY 8 MINGUN
We cast off early in the morning and stop at Mingun to see the largest working bell in the world and the unfinished pagoda that is the largest single mass of brick building in the world. We also visit the Mingun Old People’s Home originally established with the assistance of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company in the 1930s. Drive through the beautiful Sagaing Hill to the hilltop to enjoy an amazing view over the region and Irrawaddy.
Day 9 - DAY 9 AVA
Morning visit to Ava and explore the ruins, visiting Bagaya Kyaung, a 200-year-old royal monastery made of teak with elaborate woodcarvings. In the afternoon arrive at Yandabo village, famous for its production of terracotta pottery from the riverbank clay.
Day 10 - DAY 10 PAGAN
Full day’s exploration of the 3000 plus Pagan monuments by coach.
Day 11 - DAY 11 PAGAN
Disembark after breakfast.
Day 12 - Please Note:
The itinerary for this expedition is indicative only. As we travel to remote areas, changes to the itinerary will inevitably occur. A flexible approach is required if you book this cruise.

Trip Dates

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13-11-201923-11-2019USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
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23-12-201902-01-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
23-12-201902-01-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
12-01-202022-01-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
12-01-202022-01-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
01-02-202011-02-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
01-02-202011-02-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
21-02-202002-03-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
21-02-202002-03-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
12-03-202022-03-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
12-03-202022-03-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
14-09-202024-09-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
14-09-202024-09-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
04-10-202014-10-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
04-10-202014-10-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
24-10-202003-11-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
24-10-202003-11-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
13-11-202023-11-2020USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
13-11-202023-11-2020USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From
23-12-202002-01-2021USD $5,040Main Deck Twin Sharing. From
23-12-202002-01-2021USD $6,300Owner Suite Double Sharing. From


    • Visit Yandabo village, famous for its production of terracotta pottery from the riverbank clay
    • Discover Ava and explore the ruins, visiting Bagaya Kyaung, a 200-year-old royal monastery made of teak with elaborate woodcarvings
    • Stop at Khan-nyat village with its many Buddhist monasteries and visit the former head teacher's house, which also includes his small museum collections
    • Enjoy walking tour of the ancient city of Tagaung