Philippines, Malaysia & Indonesia Cruise

Philippines, Malaysia & Indonesia Cruise

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Around 25,000 islands make up the combined nations of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Join us on board our 14-night Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia cruise and explore a handful of these least-visited isles. Along the way, we meet fascinating cultures and some of the friendliest people on earth. From gorgeous beaches and spectacular caves in The Philippines, we head to Malaysia and get a taste of Borneo’s tropical rainforests. Our journey then takes us across the Celebes sea to Sulawesi where we begin our adventure discovering Indonesia’s islands, where each shows a different side to the cultural melange that make up these southeast Asian islands. From Manila to Bali, come with us on board our boutique expedition ship, and see fascinating places in these far-flung island nations.

Trip Name
Philippines, Malaysia & Indonesia Cruise
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 115 meters Passenger Capacity: 152 Built: 2020-2021 Arriving in November 2021, our 5 star elegant Scandi-design boutique ship offers you an intimate setting from which you will be fully immersed in all the sights and scenery of your voyage. Introducing SH Minerva Our brand new ship has been designed to journey to off the beaten path destinations and remote polar regions in style and comfort. The ship incorporates a PC5 ice-strengthened hull combined with extra-large stabilisers to make your journey as smooth as possible. Sophisticated Elegance We know how important outdoor space is, so our spacious, relaxing public spaces provide wide open, unobstructed views throughout the ship. The destination will always be in view. Your Wellbeing  The safety & happiness of our guests is paramount to our 120-strong crew on board as well as our passionate expedition team who'll be serving up thrilling shore excursions and lasting memories. Cabin Types Our 76 cabins including 6 suites have all the amenities you will need to feel comfortable including dressing gowns, hairdryers, personal safes and minibars. Our stylish cabins all have desks, a dressing area and comfy seating. En suite bathrooms all feature glass-enclosed rain showers.


Day 1 - DAY 1 MANILA
In this teeming, sprawling metropolis, Manila, the capital of the Philippines buzzes with a creative, exciting energy, which infuses everything from art to food. Spend time in the city with so much to see and do: museums, the world’s oldest Chinatown and the Chinese Cemetery are a few highlights. And make time to explore Intramuros – the old Spanish walled town at the heart of the city with Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church.
Famed for its white-sand beaches, Boracay is an energetic hub packed with watersports operators, bars and souvenir shops. Dive boats head offshore to explore spectacular coral reefs, while kitesurfers catapult through the air and banana boats and jet skis ply the water below. If you fancy a quieter vibe, head north to find palm-fringed beaches ideal for a relaxing day of swimming and sipping icy-cold coconut water. Nearby, Ariel’s Point is a popular spot for cliff diving.
A namesake national park with spectacular limestone karst caves connected by Puerto Princesa Underground River is the main attraction at this coastal city on Palawan Island. Boat tours meander through shadowy caves bejewelled with stalagmites and stalactites, passing mysterious rock formations and resident bats, before emerging directly into the sea amid old-growth forest. Downtown, discover museums narrating local heritage and World War II, or stroll a palm-lined seaside promenade dotted with casual dining options.
Remote and undeveloped, Balabac Island offers a chance to disconnect from the modern world and bask in nature’s wonders. Relax on a secluded powder-sand beach in the shade of a palm tree, observe multi-hued fish and giant clams on a dive or snorkel trip to nearby coral reefs and amble along a deserted sandbar at low tide. Boat tours explore the surrounding islands, and on a clear day, you can gaze south to spot the Malaysian coast.
Sabah’s second-largest city, Sandakan is the gateway to Borneo’s tropical rainforests, mighty rivers and wildlife sanctuaries, where orangutans swing amongst the trees at a rehab centre in the jungle, and sun bears roam free at their own sanctuary nearby. Discover landmarks close to the port, like Agnes Keith House, with artefacts and exhibits about the 20th-century American author, or venture further afield to Sandakan Memorial Park, honouring World War II prisoners of war.
Day 6 - DAY 6 AT SEA
You can spend your day at sea enjoying the many facilities available. Head to the sauna, get in a workout in the state-of-the-art gym or relax in the jacuzzi whilst taking in incredible views along the way. If you prefer to learn a little more about your surroundings, listen to an informative talk or have a chat with one of our knowledgeable on-board experts.
In a wide bay on Central Sulawesi’s northern coast, this relaxed local capital offers golden beaches backed by jungle-cloaked mountains. Swim in the Celebes Sea, watch wooden fishing boats potter into the harbour and fill up on local seafood dishes. Or venture into the highlands on a rainforest trek to discover plunging waterfalls and boulder-strewn hot springs pools. Diving charters take intrepid explorers to sites in the Makassar Strait, where dugongs roam seagrass meadows and moray eels lurk in rock pilings.
Expect urban fun combined with nature escapes from this busy port city, a regional financial capital in East Kalimantan. Nearby, trekking tours explore the dense, untamed Bornean rainforest, home to endangered orangutans and sun bears that are now the focus of dedicated animal sanctuaries. Boat tours ply the Kapuas river and local mangrove swamps, where proboscis monkeys leap from branches and monitor lizards dart amid the rocky vegetation.
Day 9 - DAY 9 AT SEA
Today as you sail, you’ll bask in the endless comforts of your ship. From the deck, marvel at the dramatic sea views. Relax with a nurturing facial treatment or massage in the spa or delve into the ship’s learning resources. Or, simply take refuge in your cabin and enjoy the opportunity to rest.
A city defined by its waterways, Banjarmin lies in the Barito River basin, bisected by the Martapura River in South Kalimantan. As you meander along canals lined with traditional stilt houses in a colourful wooden longboat, you might glimpse children swimming and families preparing a meal. Explore Lok Baintan’s bustling floating market, where female traders sell their produce from canoes (junking), before browsing eye-catching clothes and accessories made with traditional sasirangan tie-dye fabric. Or head to nearby Martapura city, a famed diamond and gemstone hub.
Anchored by an extinct volcano, this remote but inhabited island in the Java Sea features white-sand beaches backed by rugged forested hills. Hike through jungle undergrowth to secluded Danau Kastoba, a sweeping crater lake ringed by ferns and mosses, before cooling down in a plunging waterfall or taking a dip in a hot springs pool. Or head to the windswept western coast, where craggy outcrops offer both cliff jumping and spectacular sunsets. Conservation efforts are underway to save the critically endangered Bawean deer.
Day 12 - DAY 12 SURABAYA
National history, local culture and modern aspirations merge at this lively, multi-layered port city in East Java where gleaming skyscrapers soar amid colonial Dutch buildings. Stroll through Old Town to discover grand Dutch-era landmarks, then cross Red Bridge, once the site of fierce independence battles, to the earthy bustle of the Arab Quarter, with its spice markets and a 15th-century mosque. Or head to Chinatown to explore Buddhist temples and sample local street food. South of the city, volcanic peaks like Mount Arjuna and Mount Bromo are laced with rugged hiking trails.
A tiny, undeveloped island off the East Javan coast, Gili Genteng offers long stretches of fine-sand beaches like Pantai Sembilan, with its calm swimming waters and romantic sunset views. Observe shoals of tropical fish darting around colourful coral reefs on a diving or snorkelling trip, or meander through tangled mangrove forests in a wooden longboat at neighbouring Madura Island.
Rolling mountains, wild tropical jungle and rugged volcanic landscapes – discover a tranquil side of Bali that’s rarely seen from this port city. Explore misty highlands and valleys carved with emerald green rice terraces, observe the rich marine life and tangled forests of West Bali National Park or take a dip in a bubbling hot springs pool. In Singaraja, once Bali’s bustling capital, centuries-old temples mingle with well-preserved Dutch colonial architecture.
Day 15 - DAY 15 BENOA
Benoa lies on the southern end of Bali, an island packed with sporting fun and cultural attractions. Dive or sea walk to discover coral reefs brimming with multi-hued fish, or stay dry on a glass-bottomed boat. Adventure seekers can zip across turquoise waters on a jet ski then fly the skies above with a parasail. Centuries-old Buddhist and Hindu temples offer calm and contemplation, while nearby Denpasar is dotted with history and art museums.
Day 16 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

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09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $29,885Oceanview D4
09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $31,302Oceanview M4
09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $34,452Balcony D5
09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $36,110Balcony M5
09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $39,795Balcony D6
09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $46,296Suite
09-06-202323-06-2023NZD $53,945Premium Suite


    • Soak up the beach culture on Boracay Island
    • Take a boat ride along Puerto Princesa Underground River through shadowy caves
    • Trek through rainforests to see endangered orangutans, clouded leopards and sun bears
    • Explore Lok Baintan floating market, where female traders sell their produce from canoes (junking)
    • Stroll the streets of Singaraja, once Bali’s bustling capital