Ancient Lands of the Kimberley (Coral Discoverer)

Ancient Lands of the Kimberley (Coral Discoverer)

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Explore the Kimberley region on an unforgettable expedition through an ancient landscape where nature takes centre stage and Indigenous connections and exploration history abound. Coral Expeditions has over 24 years’ experience in the Kimberley, with an expert expedition team who love to share their passion and knowledge with you.

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Ancient Lands of the Kimberley (Coral Discoverer)
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition Length: 63 metres Passenger Capacity: 72 (in 36 rooms) Built: 2005 / Refurbished: 2016 Launched in 2005, Coral Discoverer set a new benchmark standard for small ship cruising in Australia. Refurbished in November 2016, she continues to raise the bar to new levels of sophistication in expedition cruising in the Southern Hemisphere. The 1800-tonne Coral Discoverer is the grand vision of Coral Expeditions, pioneers in expedition and adventure cruises around Australia, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia. Her shallow draught and manoeuvrability allow her to go where larger vessels cannot. Her tender vessel, Xplorer, can seat all 72 passengers for excursions to beaches and rivers. Coral Discoverer is equipped with latest technology active stabilisers to ensure comfortable cruising in open waters and is fitted with modern safety and navigation equipment and wireless internet facilities. Coral Discoverer was built to the exacting international SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) standards and specifications in Cairns, Australia, with one aim in mind; to create the ultimate small ship cruising experience. Australian flagged, and staffed entirely by an Australian and New Zealand crew, your experience aboard Coral Discoverer will be unique. After the refurbishment, the Sun Deck has evolved to become a new social space and the hub of on board community living. This area has been converted into an undercover deck area complete with round ‘Explorer Bar’ with bar stools and sun deck with lounges and an area for outdoor exercise equipment. Guest accommodation has also received a substantial upgrade with the addition of six Bridge Deck Balcony Staterooms providing coveted inside/outside living quarters. Each of our other Stateroom grades has also received a full upgrade with updated bathroom fixtures, soft furnishings and artwork making for an even more comfortable stay on board Coral Discoverer. The Coral Discoverer offers five different grades of staterooms, ranging from Bridge Deck Balcony Staterooms to Main Deck Staterooms. Bridge Deck Balcony Staterooms are on the top deck and have private balconies opening out from french windows. All rooms are furnished with contemporary flair and feature original artwork, a small private en-suite, individually-controlled air-conditioning, an iPod dock, ample storage and Australian toiletries. All staterooms are serviced daily. Each stateroom is spacious, sized between 15sqm (161 square feet) to 20 sqm (215 square feet) and has either a balcony, feature picture windows or porthole windows. Most staterooms can be configured to either junior king or twin bedding. FACILITIES ON BOARD > Sun Deck with undercover area, sun lounges and ample seating > Three fully stocked cocktail bars, including brand new round Explorer Bar on Sun Deck > Spacious, modern dining room, recently refurbished > Forward lounge > Reference library > Gift shop > Open bridge > Workout Area > Wireless internet available for laptops, mobile devices or via onboard guest computer > Limited laundry facilities available > SCUBA diving department (selected itineraries)


Board in Darwin at 8:00am for a 9:00am departure.Board in Broome at 4:00pm for a 5:00pm departure
KING GEORGE RIVER & FALLSKing George Falls are the highest twin falls in Western Australia at80 metres. Here, cruise through steep-sided gorges to reach thebase of the falls. In waterfall season, cruise under the mist of thefalls by Zodiac, while in later months view the honeycomb erosionpatterns of sandstone cliffs up close.VANSITTART BAYVansittart Bay is home to many cultural and historically significantsites like the remarkable Jar Island Gwion Gwion rock art galleriesestimated to be up to 20,000 years old. Nearby, explore thewreckage of a US Air Force C-53 Skytrooper aircraft.MITCHELL FALLS, WINYALKAN, & SWIFT BAYCarved through layers of sandstone, Mitchell Falls descends overfour tiers, creating pools of emerald green on each level. Anoptional helicopter flight will provide a breathtaking view overthe falls, or instead explore the sandstone caves of Hathway’sHideaway. Swift Bay reveals a series of fine rock art galleries.PRINCE FREDERICK HARBOURPrince Frederick Harbour is one of the Kimberley’s mostspectacular locations. The harbour is dotted with islands linedwith mangroves and monsoon rainforests, set against a backdropof ochre-hued escarpments. White-bellied sea eagles and otherbirds are often seen here, and at low tide mudflats reveal largepopulations of mud-skippers and mangrove crabs. Cruise upPorosus Creek to spot wildlife and later explore rock art sites.PRINCE REGENT RIVER & CAREENING BAYRunning along a straight fault line, Prince Regent River is a havenfor native species. Here we visit beautiful King Cascade, wherefalling water tumbles down a terrace of Kimberley sandstone,surrounded by grasses and ferns. Later, see the Heritage Listed‘Mermaid Tree’. It still bears the name carved by the carpenter ofHMS Mermaid when the ship was repaired here in 1820.MONTGOMERY REEFMontgomery Reef covers over 300 sq km. As the sea recedes inmammoth tides, the reef rises from the ocean in a cascade ofrushing water. Opportunistic birds take advantage of the marinelife left exposed in rock pools, while turtles and larger marine lifemay also be spotted. Get up close to witness the spectacle, as ourExpedition Team share their knowledge on the reef and wildlife.DOUBTFUL BAYRaft Point guards the entrance to sheltered Doubtful Bay, whichharbours significant sites such as the ancient Wandjina rock artgalleries. Visit Red Cone Creek and beautiful Ruby Falls and climbup the rock formations to reach the freshwater swimming hole.Other sites we may visit here are the Sale River and Steep Island.HORIZONTAL FALLS & BUCCANEER ARCHIPELAGODue to the mammoth tides the Kimberley is renowned for, theHorizontal Falls are created as the ocean thunders through anarrow gorge in the McLarty Ranges. Experience a heart-pumpingride through the rapids aboard our Zodiacs.THE LACEPEDESA Class-A nature reserve, these islands are a rookery for brownboobies and roseate terns as well as other species. The low-lyingislands are also an important habitat for green turtles, which areoften spotted. If conditions allow, explore the lagoon by Zodiac.
Disembark in Darwin at 8:30amDisembark in Broome at 8:00amA post cruise transfer to the city or airport is included.
Day 4 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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16-04-202126-04-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
16-04-202126-04-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
16-04-202126-04-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
16-04-202126-04-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
16-04-202126-04-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
03-05-202113-05-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
03-05-202113-05-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
03-05-202113-05-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
03-05-202113-05-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
03-05-202113-05-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
24-05-202103-06-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
24-05-202103-06-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
24-05-202103-06-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
24-05-202103-06-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
24-05-202103-06-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
04-06-202114-06-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
04-06-202114-06-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
04-06-202114-06-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
04-06-202114-06-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
04-06-202114-06-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
14-06-202124-06-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
14-06-202124-06-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
14-06-202124-06-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
14-06-202124-06-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
14-06-202124-06-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
25-06-202105-07-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
25-06-202105-07-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
25-06-202105-07-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
25-06-202105-07-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
25-06-202105-07-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
05-07-202115-07-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
05-07-202115-07-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
05-07-202115-07-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
05-07-202115-07-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
05-07-202115-07-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
26-07-202105-08-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
26-07-202105-08-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
26-07-202105-08-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
26-07-202105-08-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
26-07-202105-08-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
16-08-202126-08-2021AUD $12,990Main Deck B
16-08-202126-08-2021AUD $14,290Main Deck A
16-08-202126-08-2021AUD $16,890Promenade A
16-08-202126-08-2021AUD $19,490Bridge Deck Balcony
16-08-202126-08-2021AUD $23,385Promenade B Solo
15-04-202225-04-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
15-04-202225-04-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
15-04-202225-04-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
15-04-202225-04-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
15-04-202225-04-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
25-04-202205-05-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
25-04-202205-05-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
25-04-202205-05-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
25-04-202205-05-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
25-04-202205-05-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
06-05-202216-05-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
06-05-202216-05-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
06-05-202216-05-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
06-05-202216-05-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
06-05-202216-05-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
06-06-202216-06-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
06-06-202216-06-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
06-06-202216-06-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
06-06-202216-06-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
06-06-202216-06-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
17-06-202227-06-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
17-06-202227-06-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
17-06-202227-06-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
17-06-202227-06-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
17-06-202227-06-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
27-06-202207-07-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
27-06-202207-07-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
27-06-202207-07-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
27-06-202207-07-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
27-06-202207-07-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
08-07-202218-07-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
08-07-202218-07-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
08-07-202218-07-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
08-07-202218-07-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
08-07-202218-07-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
18-07-202228-07-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
18-07-202228-07-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
18-07-202228-07-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
18-07-202228-07-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
18-07-202228-07-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
29-07-202208-08-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
29-07-202208-08-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
29-07-202208-08-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
29-07-202208-08-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
29-07-202208-08-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
08-08-202218-08-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
08-08-202218-08-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
08-08-202218-08-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
08-08-202218-08-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
08-08-202218-08-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
19-08-202229-08-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
19-08-202229-08-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
19-08-202229-08-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
19-08-202229-08-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
19-08-202229-08-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
29-08-202208-09-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
29-08-202208-09-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
29-08-202208-09-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
29-08-202208-09-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
29-08-202208-09-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
09-09-202219-09-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
09-09-202219-09-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
09-09-202219-09-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
09-09-202219-09-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
09-09-202219-09-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo
19-09-202229-09-2022AUD $11,990Main Deck B
19-09-202229-09-2022AUD $12,550Main Deck A
19-09-202229-09-2022AUD $14,290Promenade A
19-09-202229-09-2022AUD $16,990Bridge Deck Balcony
19-09-202229-09-2022AUD $19,725Promenade B Solo


    • Experience the thrill of riding the tidal rapids through Horizontal Falls aboard a Zodiac
    • Marvel at King George River and get in close to the soaring 80m high King George Falls
    • Visit Indigenous rock art galleries and learn about ancient Wandjina and Gwion Gwion art
    • Spot crocodiles, tawny nurse sharks, sea turtles, humpback whales, and rock wallabies
    • Get up close to Montgomery Reef as it emerges from the sea and discover the tidal reef’s diverse marine life
    • Visit the Important Bird Area of the Lacepede Islands, and spot numerous bird species throughout your voyage, including Eastern Ospreys and White-breasted Sea Eagles
    • Follow in the wake of Phillip Parker King on a cruise up the Prince Regent River to King Cascade waterfall
    • View the Kimberley landscape from the air on an optional scenic helicopter flight to Mitchell Falls (additional cost)
    • Enjoy sunset canapes and drinks on the beach as dusk settles over the Kimberley